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May 30, 2019

MINUTES of the meeting of the COMMUNTY AFFAIRS Committee on Thursday 30 May 2019 held at 8.00 pm in the Village Centre, Trinity Road, Hurstpierpoint.  

Committee Members Present 

Claire Majsai (Chair) Seth Jee 

Michael Avery Duncan Ranger 

Rodney Jackson Bob Sampson  

Also Present:   

Stephen Hoyles Clerk to the Council 

Barbara Scorer Assistant Clerk to the Council 

Helen Olsen Bedford 

The Chairman welcomed the new Committee and guest speaker Helen Olsen Bedford  

CAP19/004. Apologies for absence and declarations of interest: the Committee received the following apologies for absence prior to the meeting which were accepted:  David Evans.  Seth Jee declared a personal interest in item CAP19/010:  Community initiatives and projects:  (2)  Reeds Lane Play Area.  There were no other  declarations of interest. 

CAP19/005. Minutes of the Community Affairs Committee Meeting held on 21 March 2019 and 16 May 

2019: the Committee received and accepted the minutes which were then signed by the Chairman.   

CAP19/006. Matters arising from Community Affairs Meeting held on 21 March 2019There were no other matters which were not covered elsewhere on this agenda.  

CAP 19/007. Adjournment for questions from the publicThere being no members of the public present the 

Committee was not required to consider whether to adjourn the Meeting in accordance with clause 1(d) of Standing Orders. 

CAP19/008. Community pilot in social care – presentation: The Committee received a brief presentation from Helen Olsen Bedford on the issues of hospital admissions prevention, with a particular focus on falls and cold home matters.   Helen explained her work in health and social care for the elderly, how it can be integrated and how to make best use of technology.  She explained the effects of loneliness on the elderly, of living in cold homes and having falls.  Helen is working with Manchester City Council, and looking at how they are addressing these issues.  One idea is the use of ‘Alexa’ or similar as a companion to the elderly.  Manchester CC has merged health and social care, and some interesting developments are being assessed, such as improving communication between patients and family.  More locally, other issues had been noted, including assisting putting out waste bins and other household services, but they were not always well advertised.   A possible proposal:  support from major IT companies, including Microsoft, for a pilot project for 2 – 3 years.      

In discussion the Committee considered ways of reaching the target elderly people, who are frequently the hardest to identify and reach.  The opening of Court Bushes Community Hub and the Dementia Café could provide a means of contact, as well as the afternoon tea parties which had been introduced by the Council and were working well.  There was a suggestion of a clinical trial, although it is unlikely the Parish Council could provide the resource for this, and questions were raised about the Council’s relevance in any pilot scheme.  It was agreed that the next stage would be explored and the Parish Council would consider how they can be involved.  

CAP19/009.  Parish Council Grant Applications: Thanks had been received from Victim Support  (£150 ltr 16 May 

2019) and St Catherine’s  Hospice (£500  ltr 14 May 2019).  The Committee was asked to consider and where appropriate approve Council grants to local groups. In the current year 2019/20, a budget of £4000 (Code 4108) is available for small grants, £2,500 (Code 4108) for Hurst Festival 2018 and £4,800 for Hurst Community Charity making a total of £11,300.  (REF:  BRIEFING NOTE   GRANTS 2019/20  22 May 2019;  Grant applications) 

Ref   Organisation Amount  Requested Grant Request for: Date received Grant approved Date approved 
Know Dementia 500 Support opening and running monthly Memory Moments Cafe 15.05.19 500 30.04.2019 
Hurst  Community Charity 4800 Rebate contribution to rent of £9,600 for  Chantry Stables.  As agreed by Council 22 May 2014  (Minute C598.1)  14.04.2014 4800   30.04.2019 

RESOLVED:  The grants (1) and (2) are approved. 

CAP19/010.  Community initiatives and projects:   

  1. (1) Dementia Awareness update: The Committee noted that a meeting took place on 16 May 2019 with representatives of the local Know Dementia group, confirming their proposals to operate a ‘memory moments café’ at the new Court Bushes Hub  starting 20 June 2019 with an opening event.  Morning sessions had been booked monthly, with the intention of moving to twice-monthly in due course.   
  2. (2) Reeds Lane Play Area: The Committee was asked to note that initial proposals had now been received from two suppliers and a third from Sayers Common Village Society. It was intended that these would be considered in detail by the   Reeds Lane Play Area Working Group at a meeting to be arranged in early June 2019.   
  1. (3) Defibrillators:  It has come to the attention of the Council that there are three defibrillators in Hurstpierpoint and one in Sayers Common. However, concern had been raised that they were not all centrally registered with the NHS and cannot be readily accessed by the public. Each defibrillator has an access code and location which is given to the public if requested on a 999 call, but only if registered. The Parish Office was alerting the owners of the existing units to advise them to register. It was further suggested that new units should be installed at the Village Centre and Court Bushes Hub, now that they were both under the management of the Parish Council. The Committee was asked to agree that investigations are made into installing these additional units.  

RESOLVED:  The Council investigates the installation of a defibrillator at the Village Centre and Court Bushes Community Hub.   

CAP19/011:  St Lawrence Fair 6 July 2019:  For a number of years the Council had held a stall at the Fair, providing an information point about its projects and activities. It had been generally arranged and manned by the Clerk with support from some Councillors, running from about 12.30pm to 5.30pm. However, due to the retirement of the Clerk he would not be available this year and the replacement was not yet in place. Parish Council staff could set up and dismantle the stall but were not available either to prepare any presentations or attend during the day. The Committee considered whether Council Members should take on this responsibility, and agreed that Cllrs Bob Sampson and Julia Shorrocks had offered and would organise the stall.   

RESOLVED:  The Council confirms its stall at the St Lawrence Fair 2019.   

CAP19/012:   Parish Action Plan 2016-21: Further to Council meeting 16 May 2019 (minute C19/015.3) the 

Committee was asked to consider the Plan and agree which items can be updated and propose those which might be added.  Projects and tasks would be added to the Plan only when they have been considered by Council in terms of viability, funding, and public support. (Ref:  Parish Action Plan 2016-21 Rev 6   7 May 2019).  

RESOLVED: The Committee agreed that the following are added to the  Parish Action Plan: 

  1. (1) New bus shelter at Sayers Common 
  2. (2) Provision of affordable homes through the Neighbourhood Plan  policies 
  3. (3) Health and wellbeing projects for all age groups 
  4. (4) A parent and toddler group at Court Bushes Community Hub. 

CAP19/013:  Co-option to Committee:  An opportunity had arisen to co-opt an additional member to the Community Affairs Committee.  Helen Olsen Bedford (who previously presented to the Committee) had expressed an interest in involvement in the Parish Council and community initiatives in particular.  The Council has the power to co-opt (REF:  Local Gov and Housing Act 1989 s13 and Parish & Community Councils Regulations 1990 SI 1990/2476) and the coopted member would attend and contribute to the Committee but would not have the powers of a councillor.   RECOMMENDATION to Council:  Helen Olsen Bedford  is co-opted to Community Affairs Committee for the current Council year 2019/20.   

CAP19/014:  Publicity: The Committee noted the following: 

  1. (1) Newsletter – The Spring 2019 issue was published in May 2019 and new distributors used, which proved satisfactory.  
  2. (2) Website  – The Council had been advised that the current website support service will  cease in May 2020.   There had been no further action on the redesign of the website. (REF:  Briefing Note: DRAFT Terms of reference New website   10 July 2018;  Pythononline email 19 March 2019)) 
  3. (3) Social Media – The Parish Office was working to increase Facebook posts, with an aim of 3/4 per week going out. The page is also being monitored regularly for any comments/shares.   

CAP19/015:  Information  Items and Correspondence Received: The Committee noted the receipt of the items below (all items available to be seen in the Parish Council Office).   

(1) WSCC Adult Social Care Vision and Strategy Launch Event:  2.00pm 6 June 2019   K2 Leisure Centre, Crawley.  (REF:  WSCC email 17 May 2019)    

There being no other business the meeting closed at 9.24pm       


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