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Neighbourhood Plan Working Group

September 4, 2012

NOTES of a Meeting held at 7.30 pm. Tuesday 4 September 2012 at the Village Centre,
John Lowman (Chairman) Rosemary Burns Greg Driver David Evans
Judith Marsh Rodney Jackson Neil Milton John Wilkinson
In attendance:
Stephen Hoyles (CLERK to the COUNCIL)

  1. Apologies for absence and declarations of interest: The following apologies were received prior to
    the meeting and accepted : Stephen Hand. There were no declarations of interest.
  2. Minutes of the Meeting of the Neighbourhood Plan Working Group (Sub-committee) 7
    August 2012 and matters arising:
    2.1 The minutes were accepted as a true record and signed by the Chairman.
  3. Review of information: The Group noted the following:
    3.1 Meetings held: The Working Group noted that the following had taken place:
    (1) Council Chairman, Working Group Chairman and the Clerk met District Ward councillors Colin Trumble and
    Simon Banham, and County Councillor Peter Griffiths on 8 August 2012, to explain the Parish Council’s work so far
    on the Neighbourhood Plan.
    (2) The Clerk met the Clerks of Burgess Hill town council and Hassocks Parish Council on 9 August 2012, and
    explained the Parish Council’s work so far on the Neighbourhood Plan.
    (3) Council Chairman and the Clerk met the Headmaster and Administrator of Hurstpierpoint College on 14 August
    2012, to explain the Parish Council’s work so far on the Neighbourhood Plan.
    (4) Council Chairman and Vice-Chairman and the Clerk met Daryl Hemmings (WSCC officer) and County Councillor
    Peter Griffiths on 17 August 2012, to explain the Council’s opposition to the proposed allocation of a site at Goddards
    Green for a built waste facility.
    (5) The Chairman and Vice-chairman of Council and the Clerk met representatives of residents of Iden Hurst,
    Hurstpierpoint, on 29 August 2012 to discuss the Working Draft Proposals Maps – August 2012. It was reported that
    the representatives had said that they opposed the development, and they would prefer highway access from Chalkers
    Lane, and would want the Wilderness woodland to be protected from possible future development.
    The Working Group suggested that a meeting should be planned for St Lawrence School.
    3.2 Development proposals: The following proposals had been received:
    (1) Housing Site HP05: Housebuilders Thakeham Homes have distributed leaflets and proposed to hold a public
    exhibition on 31 August 2012 for a proposed 92-house development at College Lane (Site HP05). The Chairman had
    written and arranged for the distribution of a letter to local residents, explaining that this proposal is not part of the
    Neighbourhood Plan. It was reported that the exhibition had been well attended but that many residents were very
    concerned about development at this site. (Ref: Chairman of Council letter 28 August 2012)
    (2) Burgess Hill Football Club: Developers Glenbeigh have re-submitted proposals for the relocation of Burgess Hill
    FC to the site north-west of the A2300/cuckfield Road roundabout (‘Flintstones’) . (Ref: Glenbeigh Email 28 August
    2012 and letter 12 February 2012)
    (3) Chalkers Lane housing site HP14: A planning application had been received for 38 homes and would be
    considered by the Council’s Planning and Environment Committee on 20 September 2012.
    3.3 Other matters:
    (1) Ashdown Forest special protection: Mid Sussex DC had received advice from Natural England regarding their
    draft District Plan. An Ashdown Forest Special Protection Area is designated for a distance 7km from the Forest
    boundary, in which extra consideration has to be taken account of the impact of new development on the Forest. (Ref:
    MSDC email LDF Alerts 15 August 2012)
    (2) DCLG Factsheets – Neighbourhood Plans (Ref: DCLG Factsheets – Neighbourhood Plans – August 2012)
  4. Parish 2031 – Draft Policies: The Working Group considered the Working Draft text and policies as a
    starting position for further work. The Group also took consideration of the current draft MSDC District Plan and its
    policies, to agree which policies should be specifically adopted into the Neighbourhood Plan. It was suggested that
    members of the Working Group agree to take responsibility, with other designated Council members, for developing
    their respective chapters as follows:
    1. Introduction (the Clerk)
    2. Background and general policies (the Clerk)
    3. Countryside, landscape and conservation (Neil Milton, David Evans)
    4. Amenities (Matthew Stokes, Julia Shorrocks)
    5. housing (John Lowman, Greg Driver, Clerk)
    6. Economy and employment (Stephen Hand)
    7. Transport (Rosemary Burns, John Wilkinson)
  5. In due course the Clerk would assemble the inputs to produce a draft document for consideration by the Group and
    approval by Council for formal public comment. (Ref: NP text Draft Policies 29 August 2012; MSDC Draft District
    Plan (updated June 2012) )
    (1) The Working Group agrees to use the Draft Policies and text as a basis for further work in
    producing a draft Neighbourhood Plan.
    (2) The Working Group agrees to distribute responsibility for the development of policies
    and text to Council members.
  6. Consultation arrangements: Following Minute 8 of the Meeting of 7 August 2012, the Working Group
    noted that the Working Draft Proposals Maps and explanatory text and ‘Questions and Answers’ had been published on
    the Council’s website from 29 August 2012. The same information was emailed to over 50 local interest groups,
    neighbouring Councils, MSDC and District and County ward councillors. The explanatory text was approved by
    Chairman and Vice-chairman of Council, and Chairman of the Working Group, prior to publication.
    The Group was asked to agree to the arrangements for the public exhibition to be held 12 – 15 October 2012
    (Hurstpierpoint) and 19 and 20 October 2012 (Sayers Common) as detailed in the BRIEFING NOTE. It was agreed
    that the Hurstpierpoint exhibition should include a slot for the evening of Friday 12 October 2012. The Group also
    considered proposals by Calico marketing for the provision of 3 free-standing display frames, 8 A1 posters, and the
    provision of graphic design services for a price of £974 plus VAT. It was suggested that a budget of £2,000 should be
    made available , from the Neighbourhood Plan Frontrunner fund, to meet the cost of the exhibition. The Group
    considered the merits of retaining professional advice to guide the presentation of the exhibition and accompanying
    questionnaire, but concluded that it was not appropriate. It was agreed that a small sub-group would preview the
    exhibition material. (Ref: BRIEFING NOTE 30 August 2012: – Parish 2031 Public Exhibition October 2012; Calico
    Marketing estimate 31 August 2012)
    A sub-group comprising Chairman of Council, Judith Marsh and the Clerk, is authorised to
    preview and approve the exhibition material.
    RECOMMENDATION to Council:
    (1) The Council agrees to the public exhibition arrangements and to Council Members
    covering attendance at the event on a rota basis. The schedule shall include the evening of
    Friday 12 October 2012.
    (2) The Council agrees to a budget of £2,000 from the Neighbourhood Plan Frontrunner fund
    for the exhibition and that the Council purchases the display stands and graphic design
    services from Calico at a price of £974.
  7. Next meeting of the Working Group: 7.30pm Tuesday 9 October 2012

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