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August 7, 2015

MINUTES of the meeting of the Parish Plan Working Group on Thursday 7 August 2015 at 7:30 pm in the Village Centre, Hurstpierpoint. 

Members Present: Bob Sampson (Committee Chairman) 

  Rodney Jackson 

  Steve Whitehead  

Also Present: Pam Mitchell (Parish Councillor) 

  Roberta Taylor, Assistant Clerk 

PPLN15/005.  Election of the Chairman:  The Working Group was asked to elect its chairman for the Council Year from 16 July 2015.  Cllr B Sampson was nominated and elected as Chairman of the Working Group. 

PPLN15/006.  Apologies for absence and declarations of interest:  The following apology for absence was received from Cllr M Stokes.  There were no declarations of interest in accordance with the Code of Conduct. 

PPLN15/007.  Brainstorming event and Questionnaire:  The Committee discussed the Brainstorming event that took place on 4 August 2015, the process for the Parish Plan and the questionnaires/questions. 

The following points were noted:   


  • • Suggested using SurveyMonkey, an online tool for surveys.  This is free but it is limited what you can ask. 
  • • Use a simplified introduction for the questionnaire. 
  • • Obtain a copy of the 2011 Census for demographic data. (Mrs Taylor) 
  • • Topics:  Community Life (#7, 8, 9, 10, 19, 20 on Brainstorming Information Sheet), The Community – Young, Old, Isolated (#15, 16, 17), Environment & Countryside (#11, 12, 13, 14), Housing – more housing for low cost houses for rent (#4, 5, 6), Sports, Recreation & other activities (#1, 2, 3), Communication (#19 group cohesion – website for local groups, for ex., 22), Traffic & Parking, Community Safety/Policing (#21), Shops & Businesses, Parish Council operation
  • • Include a question on car parking in the car park and nearby roads. 
  • • Questionnaires for local groups – to be taken individually by Councillors to local groups, possibly to their committee meetings. 

Parish Plan 2011-16 questionnaires to residents and local groups are to be sent to all WG members. (Mrs Taylor) 

Aldwick Business Plan to be sent to all WG members. (Mrs Taylor) 

Aim – All WG members should work on questions and send to Mrs Taylor for compilation by 20 August 2015.  Mrs Taylor will send list of compiled questions to WG members before next WG meeting.  Discuss questions at WG meeting on 27 August 2015.  Take first draft of questionnaire to Community Affairs Committee meeting on 17 September 2015 to discuss.  Take revised first draft of questionnaire to Council meeting on 24 September 2015 for review.  

Need to find out costs for printing and distribution of questionnaires.  Find out where in budget for these and other project costs. Find out about Surveymonkey. (Mrs Taylor) 

PPLN15/008.  Date of next meeting:  Thursday 27 August at 7:30pm in the Conference Room. 

There being no other business, the Chairman closed the Meeting at   10.05 pm.    



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