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Hurstpierpoint & Sayers Common
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Lower Churchyard Cemetery

This was opened in 1875 as an extension to the Holy Trinity Churchyard but was operated as a civil cemetery. Apart from a few burials in family graves, it is now unused.

South Avenue Cemetery

The current parish cemetery is at South Avenue, off the High Street, and was first used in 1907. Located in a rural location at the foot of the downs, the cemetery is a tranquil and peaceful area and in additional to traditional grave sites there is a garden of rest for ashes plots. In addition, there is a small, serene Edwardian chapel at the cemetery for families who may find it more appropriate to use a smaller building for their funeral than the Holy Trinity parish church in the centre of the village. The cemetery is almost at capacity, we anticipate there being around 3 years of space left for future burials (January 2020)



Purchase of New Adult Grave Plot* 

(19 years and over, to include one interment fee paid at the time of purchase)  

9’ x 4’ (Single Width): Resident £400  

9’ x 8’ (Double Width): Resident £750  

(Additional interment fee charged at prevailing rate.) 

Adult Interment fee* (Age 19 years and over) 

Resident: £200   

Parishioner/resident – Where the person to be interred, or in respect of whom the right is granted, is an inhabitant of the parish of Hurstpierpoint & Sayers Common. 


Purchase of New Garden of Rest Plot* 

(19 years and over, to include one interment fee paid at time of purchase) 

Double Plot, Resident: £150



Cremated Remains* (19 years and over)  

 Ashes interred into an existing pre-purchased grave plot* : Resident £100

Ashes scattered on existing grave*: Resident £100 

Ashes interred in Garden of Rest*: Resident £100  

Ashes scattered in Garden of Rest*: Resident £100  

*Non-parishioners – A 5x fees multiplier will be applied; in certain circumstances this can be reduced at the discretion of the Clerk.  


No charge will be made to purchase Grave, Garden of Rest Plot or Interment of resident child 16 years and under  


Purchase of Grave, Garden of Rest Plot or Interment non-resident child        

(Child 18 or under) Non-Resident : £200  

For the right to – Installation of Monuments** 

Headstone, Tablet not exceeding 3ft in height including inscription : Resident £150 

Kerbstones: Resident £150  

Additional inscription to existing stone: Resident £50   

Garden of Rest Tablet or vase: Resident £65   

**Charges to remain the same for parishioners and non-parishioners  


Other Fees 

Burial Record Search, Grant amendment: Resident £45        

Use of Cemetery Chapel: Resident £100


Rules & Regulations for South Avenue Cemetery

Burial Fees – from 1st April 2021

New Burgess Hill Cemetery

This is actually situated in Hurstpierpoint parish, just west of the A273 and residents of Hurstpierpoint who wish to purchase plots in the cemetery may do so at the same rate as the residents of Burgess Hill.