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Highways Improvement Schemes


The Parish Council submitted proposals for improvements to highways, cycleways and footpaths in 2021.  In January 2022 it was confirmed by West Sussex County Council (WSCC) that a number of the highway schemes would be implemented by WSCC.  Some of these are being delivered 2023/2024 financial year and some are still in the pipeline.  The following table gives an update on each scheme:



High Street: New Inn Loading Bays

Change the hours for the loading bays to 06:00 to 18:00 (currently 06:00 to 12:00).  This will provide more time for delivery vehicles to park in bays rather than on double yellow lines and keep lines of sight open for through traffic.
High Street: Shoe Shop and Chemist Parking Bays

Retain disabled parking bay outside chemist and remove two parking bays outside shoe shop and widen pavement to granite setts that mark the land title boundary.  This widens the carriageway to allow greater space for west bound traffic and east bound traffic should not need to mount the north side pavement.  Cycle racks to be placed on wider pavement.

High Street: Opposite Players Theatre

Remove double yellow lines for approx. 5 metres to provide one additional parking space.

South AvenueTwo additional parking spaces will be created between the High Street and South Lane to replace spaces lost outside the show shop.
Pitt Lane

Traffic Regulation Order required to enforce parking on double yellow lines.

Cuckfield Road: North Move the 30mph sign further north to align with the village gateway and slow vehicles travelling south sooner when entering the village.
Cuckfield Road: Junction with Chalkers Lane

To design junction improvements to slow traffic travelling south on Cuckfield Road, so that vehicles can exit Chalkers Lane more safely.  In addition, extend and improve the surface of footpath on Chalkers Lane to Hurst College.

Cuckfield Road: Junction with Iden Hurst

 Infomation to follow

Cuckfield Road: Junction with Marchants Road

 Information to follow

Brighton Road

Create an area for vehicles to pull into on east side of Brighton Road, so that south bound vehicles do not have to pass so long a stretch of parked cars.

Albourne Road

40 mph

Residents have submitted a request (supported by the Parish Council) for the national speed limit to be removed on the Albourne Road so that from the 30mph sign at Langton Lane it would remain 40mph up till the Albourne traffic lights.  

Extend 20 mph

To extend the 20mph zone currently between Village Garden to Players Theatre on the High Street.  Extend west to Western Road and east to Wickham Hill and include School zone up Cuckfield Road to Manor Road and Trinity Road to Marchants Road.

Sayers Common London Road Crossing

To provide safer pedestrian crossing over London Road e.g. a central island, north of Dunlop Close.

Sayers Common Village Shop Parking Restrictions

The Village Shop has submitted a request (supported by the Parish Council) for restricted parking times outside the shop, to avoid vehicles parking all day and blocking spaces that could be used by customers.

Reeds Lane junction with London Road

Extend double yellow lines at London Road end for 20metres to improve slight lines and access off roundabout.  Actual design to ensure objectives are met.

Parking around war memorial mini-roundabout

Raised at our annual parish meeting on 22 May, a resident suggested that Cuckfield Road/High Street Roundabout needs a crossing.  In response, the Chairman agreed that the location was difficult to cross and the Parish Council had agreed to submit an extended village centre 20 mph plan to WSCC Highways for consideration.

High Street: speeding out to the east

A resident has requested that the parish council looks at the speed traffic leaves the High Street east bound.  Once vehicles have navigated their way through the high Street, some do put their foot down.  This will be considered later this year.

Hassocks to Sayers Common Cycle Way

The cycleway from Stonepound Crossroads to Hurstpierpoint will travel down College Lane to Highfield Drive and around the edge of Hurst Meadows to come out on Trinity Road.  This work is currently underway.  The London Road, Sayers Common scheme is scheduled for 2024.