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Parish Action Plan

Parish Action Plan 2016-21

  • This Parish Action Plan is produced following the publication of the Parish Council’s Parish Community Life Plan 2016-21, in June 2016. At its meeting 28 July 2016 (Minute C16/034.4) the Council agreed to adopt the Parish Community Life Plan and to then produce this Action Plan. The purpose of this Plan is to distil the themes and aspirations of the Community Life Plan into specific tasks, with appropriate timescales and cost projections, and to identify the necessary resources.
  • The Parish Council has other projects and aspirations, which have emerged through the Neighbourhood Plan (March 2015), the Council’s Infrastructure Programme, and Committee decisions. It is intended that this Parish Action Plan captures all these initiatives and becomes the Council’s definitive document for the period 2016-21.
  • It is intended that this revised Parish Action Plan which is an amalgamation of outstanding items from this plan and the Action List 2018/19 rev34 will be approved by Council and published.
  • This action plan shows details at 9 January 2020, following review at the Finance & Governance Committee Meeting.