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Hurstpierpoint & Sayers Common
Parish Council

Street Lights

Street Lights owned and managed by the Parish Council

The Parish Council owns and manage several street lights in Hurstpierpoint and Sayers Common which are outlined in the spreadsheet and maps below.

If there is a problem with one of these street lights please notify the Parish Office on 01273 833264 or email

All other street lights in Hurstpierpoint and Sayers Common are owned and managed by West Sussex Council and SSE.

If there is a problem with one of these street lights please take a note of the reference number on the column and road name and report directly to West Sussex Street Lighting Services | Report a fault with an item (

Sayers CommonOakhurst1Outside Church
Sayers CommonOakhurst2Outside No. 1 Oakhurst
Sayers CommonOakhurst3By play area
Sayers CommonOakhurst4Outside no. 24 Oakhurst
Sayers CommonOakhurst5Outside No. 19
Sayers CommonFurzeland way1Outside No.12 Furzeland way
Sayers CommonFurzeland way2Outside No. 5 Furzeland way
Sayers CommonFurzeland way3Outside No 20 Furzeland Way
HurstpierpointAlbourne Road1Outside spotted cow cottage
HurstpierpointAlbourne Road2Outside Flinthurst
HurstpierpointAlbourne Road3Outside Flinthurst
HurstpierpointAlbourne Road4Outside No. 3 Filbert close
HurstpierpointAlbourne Road5West corner of Orchard Way
HurstpierpointAlbourne Road6Outside allotments
HurstpierpointOrchard Way1Outside No, 9 Orchard Way
HurstpierpointOrchard Way2Outside No. 21 Orchard Way
HurstpierpointOrchard Way3Outside No. 29 Orchard Way
HurstpierpointOrchard Way4Outside no. 47 Orchard Way
HurstpierpointOrchard Way5Outside No. 35 Orchard way
HurstpierpointWeald Close1Outside  No. 49 Weald Close
HurstpierpointWeald Close2Outside no. 14 Weald Close
HurstpierpointWeald Close3Outside No. 24 Weald Close
HurstpierpointWeald Close4Outside No. 41 Weald close
HurstpierpointKemps1Outside No. 52 Kemps
HurstpierpointKemps2Outside No. 48 Kemps
HurstpierpointKemps3Outside No. 38 Kemps
HurstpierpointKemps4Outside no. 32 Kemps
HurstpierpointKemps5Outside No. 17 Kemps
HurstpierpointHurst Gardens1Outside No. 1 Hurst Gardens
HurstpierpointHurst Gardens2Outside No. 9 Hurst Gardens
HurstpierpointHurst Gardens3Outside No.17 Hurst Gardens
HurstpierpointChestnut Grove1Outside No.1 Chestnut Grove
HurstpierpointChestnut Grove2Outside No.9 Chestnut Grove
HurstpierpointChestnut Grove3Outside No.12 Chestnut Grove
HurstpierpointDanworth Lane1Corner of Danworth Lane and Chalkers Lane
HurstpierpointWest Furlong Lane1Outside Yeomans
HurstpierpointSouth Avenue1Outside No. 1 South Avenue
HurstpierpointSouth Avenue2Outside No. 5 South Avenue
HurstpierpointSouth Avenue3Outside No. 8 South Avenue
HurstpierpointSt Georges Lane1Outside Russells Farm House
HurstpierpointSt Georges Lane2Outside Cepea
HurstpierpointSt George’s Place1Outside Fordham
HurstpierpointSt George’s Place2Outside No. 1 St George’s Place
HurstpierpointSt George’s Place3Outside No. 15 St George’s Place
HurstpierpointSt George’s Place4Outside No. 10 St George’s Place
HurstpierpointSt George’s Place5Outside No. 7 (Michenda) St George’s Place
HurstpierpointSt George’s Place6Outside Fairmount
HurstpierpointWickham Drive1Outside No. 5 Wickham Drive
HurstpierpointWickham Drive2Outside No.11 Wickham Drive
HurstpierpointWickham Drive3Outside No. 15 Wickham Drive
HurstpierpointSpinney Close1Outside No.5 Spinney Close
HurstpierpointSpinney Close2Outside No. 8 Spinney Close
HurstpierpointSpinney Close3Outside No.21 Spinney Close
HurstpierpointSpinney Close4Outside No.45 Spinney Close
HurstpierpointHighfield Drive1Opposite No. 53 Highfield Drive
HurstpierpointHighfield Drive2Outside No. 51 Highfield Drive
HurstpierpointHighfield Drive3Opposite Pine tree close
HurstpierpointHighfield Drive4Outside No. 43 Highfield Drive
HurstpierpointHighfield Drive5Outside No. 64 Highfield Drive
HurstpierpointHighfield Drive6Outside No. 27 Highfield Drive
HurstpierpointHighfield Drive7Outside No. 40a Highfield Drive
HurstpierpointHighfield Drive8Outside No. 32 Highfield Drive
HurstpierpointHighfield Drive9Outside No. 13 Highfield Drive
HurstpierpointHighfield Drive10Outside No. 20 Highfield Drive
HurstpierpointHighfield Drive11Outside No. 12 Highfield Drive
HurstpierpointHighfield Drive12Outside NO. 4 Highfield Drive
HurstpierpointPine Tree Close1Outside Number 5 Pine Tree Close
HurstpierpointWolstonbury Close1Outside Number 1 Wolstonbury Close
HurstpierpointWolstonbury Close2Outside Number 3 Wolstonbury Close
HurstpierpointWolstonbury Close3Outside Number 7 Wolstonbury Close
HurstpierpointCherrington Close1Outside No.1 Cherrington Close
HurstpierpointCherrington Close2Outside No.6 Cherrington Close
HurstpierpointHassocks Road1Outside No. 7 Hassocks Road
HurstpierpointHassocks Road2Outside St George’s House
HurstpierpointHassocks Road3Outside No. 23 Hassocks Road
HurstpierpointHassocks Road4On the corner of Hassocks Road and St George’s  lane
HurstpierpointHassocks Road5Outside No. 31 Hassocks Road
HurstpierpointHassocks Road6Outside No. 37 Hassocks Road
HurstpierpointHassocks Road7Outside No. 39 Hassocks Road
HurstpierpointHassocks Road8Outside No. 47 Hassocks Road
HurstpierpointHassocks Road9Outside No. 55 Hassocks Road
HurstpierpointHassocks Road10Rear of 11 Wolstonbury Close
HurstpierpointWickham Hill1Opposite College Lane
HurstpierpointWickham Hill2Outside 100 Wickham Hill
HurstpierpointWickham Hill3Outside No. 84 Wickham Hill
HurstpierpointWickham Hill4Outside No. 78 Wickham Hill
HurstpierpointWickham Hill5Outside No. 70 Wickham Hill
HurstpierpointWickham Hill6Outside No. 64 Wickham Hill
HurstpierpointWickham Hill7Outside No. 58 Wickham Hill
HurstpierpointBrighton Road1Outside No.4 Brighton Road
HurstpierpointBrighton Road2By PROW North West of Road
HurstpierpointBrighton Road3North West of Washbrooks Farm
HurstpierpointBrighton Road4End of Washbrooks Farm
HurstpierpointBrighton Road5Outside Little Washbrook cottages
HurstpierpointBrighton Road6Opposite Heathland
HurstpierpointBrighton Road7Opposite Erskine Cottage
HurstpierpointBrighton Road8Opposite Lacroma
HurstpierpointBrighton Road9Opposite Bedlam Street