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Annual Parish Meeting 2015

May 5, 2015


The current Chairman of Council will be Chairman of the Meeting until the conclusion item 1.   

  1. 1. Election of the Chairman of the Parish Council for the year 2015/2016, declaration and acceptance of office.   Completed and signed Nomination Forms should be handed to the Clerk any time up to the start of the meeting.  The agreement of the nominee must be confirmed at the time of the nomination.  Voting will be by ballot and the candidate with the greatest number of votes will be elected Chairman.  (Ref:  Form of Nomination – election of Chairman or  Vice-chairman  ATTACHED) 
  1. 2. Apologies for absence and declarations of interest:  To receive and accept apologies for absence and to record any declarations of interest.   
  1. 3. Election of the Vice-Chairman of the Parish Council for the year 2015/2016   Completed and signed Nomination Forms should be handed to the Clerk any time up to the start of the meeting.  The agreement of the nominee must be confirmed at the time of the nomination.  Voting will be by ballot and the candidate with the greatest number of votes will be elected Chairman.  (Ref:  Form of Nomination – election of Chairman  or  Vice-chairman  ATTACHED) 
  1. 4. Councillors’ Register of Interest:    Council Members are asked to note that they have a duty to register any interests that they may have with the Monitoring Officer of the District Council (Mid Sussex). Copies of the Forms were distributed with the New Councillor Pack to all Members.  (Ref:  Form of Notice of Members Registrable Interests,  May 2015) 
  1. 5. Committees :  Structure, Terms of Reference  and Appointments:   
  2. (1) Committee Structure and Terms of Reference:  The Council is asked to resolved to adopt the revised structure and Terms of Reference for the composition and membership of standing Committees and Working Groups for the Year 2015/16, as detailed in the Briefing Note – Committees 2015/16.  (Ref:  Briefing Note – Committees Terms of Reference  2015/16  – 13 May 2015  ATTACHED) 

RECOMMENDATION:  The Council RESOLVES to adopt the Committee Structure and Terms of Reference for 2015/16 

  1. (2) Membership of Committees, Working Groups and Panels:  The Council is asked to confirm the membership of the standing Committees, Working Groups and Panels.  It is established practice that a councillor will normally sit on two of the three standing committees.  Councillors are invited to indicate their committee preference to the Clerk in advance of the Meeting to enable proposed lists to be tabled.  (Ref:  Committee preference form  2015/16 – ATTACHED)   

RECOMMENDATION:  The Council RESOLVES to confirm the membership of the  Committees, Panel and Working Groups for 2015/16. 

(NOTE:  the Committees will meet in turn immediately after the Council Meeting, to elect their Chairmen and Vice Chairmen.) 

  1. 6. Appointment of representatives to other organisations for 2015/16:  The Council is asked to confirm the 

appointment of its representatives on other organisations as detailed on the Briefing Note – Representatives 2015/16.  (Ref:  Clerk 

Briefing Note:  Council Representatives 2015/16  25 April  2015 – ATTACHED)   

RECOMMENDATION:  The Council RESOLVES to confirm the representatives on external organisations.  

  1. 7. Minutes of the Meeting of the Council held on 16 April 2015:  To receive and accept the Minutes.   
  1. 8. Matters arising from the Minutes of the Council held on 16 April 2015:  To consider matters arising from the Minutes which are not covered elsewhere on this agenda.  

(1)  High Street Improvements Scheme – temporary carparking  (Minute C722.2):  Following the decision of Council investigations were made into providing temporary carparking spaces  at the eastern end of the High Street during the construction works.   WSCC Highways advised that they would only agree to two areas, totalling 8 spaces, and would charge £1,900 in TRO fees.  In addition the Parish Council would incur  consultant’s fees of £1,220.  Following consultation with the Chairman and VC of Council it was agreed that this did not represent good value for money, by providing 8 spaces for 4 weeks and a total cost of £3,120, and this would not be pursued.  It was further agreed that investigations would be made into providing temporary parking on the Cemetery access road (owned by the Parish Council) providing about 10 spaces.  It is now suggested that further investigations are made into the provision of permanent short-term parking around the eastern end of the High Street.  (Ref:  

WSCC Highways email – 5 May 2015 – Temporary carparking) 

RECOMMENDATION:  The Council notes the decisions made regarding temporary carparking and agrees that further investigations are made into the provision of permanent carparking at the eastern end of the High Street.  

  1. 9. Adjournment for questions from the public:  The Council shall consider whether to adjourn the Meeting in accordance with clause 70 of Standing Orders, in order to receive questions from members of the public in attendance.   
  1. 10. Reports from other authorities:  To receive verbal reports from representatives of other Authorities:  
    1. 10.1 Mid Sussex District Council   (MSDC) 
    2. 10.2 West Sussex County Council County Local Committee   (WSCC/CLC)  
    3. 10.3 Mid Sussex Association of Local Councils (MSALC)  
  1. 11. Accounts and finance 
  2. 11.1 Accounts:  The Council is asked to RESOLVE to approve payment of accounts totalling £21,099.18  for month 2  (May), and note receipts of £124,482.56 (which includes the half-year precept receipt and the PWLB loan, for month 1 (April) as detailed in the schedules.  (Ref: Schedules    TO FOLLOW) 

RECOMMENDATION:  the Council RESOLVES to approve the schedule of payments of  £21,099.18   for May 2015.  

  1. 12. Committee and Working Group minutes:  The Council is asked to receive the minutes and where appropriate, consider the RECOMMENDATIONS: :  
  2. (1) Planning & Environment Committee  (23 April 2015)   
  1. (2) Neighbourhood Plan Working Group (6 May 2015)  

Minute 3 (1)  MSDC District Plan 2015:  The Working Group noted the programme for the Examination and adoption of the District Plan.  It was agreed that the Council’s Planning consultant should be retained to submit formal representations to the Public Examination, based on the representations made by the Parish Council in January 2015.  (Ref:  MSDC website District Plan – 8 April 2015;  HP&SCPC response – email 15 January 2015) 

RECOMMENDATION to COUNCIL:  The Council retains its Planning Consultant and makes formal representations at the pre-Submission and Examination stages.   

Minute 4.  PARISH 2031 Neighbourhood Plan –  SAYERS COMMON – Housing Sites Appraisal:  The Working 

Group reviewed the work undertaken to date in appraising potential housing sites in Sayers Common.  The new Neighbourhood Plan  provides for 30 to 40 new dwellings (Policy HurstH3) but no specific sites have yet been identified.  Paragraph 5.2 of the Plan  describes the basis of housing sites selection and, in particular, the constraints within Sayers Common.  Part of the conditions for any new housing development is the requirement for a comprehensive scheme to address the surface water drainage issues in the village.  The Parish Council’s Appraisal has produced a list of 8 sites, based on the known work of the MSDC SHLAA schedule.  Of these  site HP30 – Kingsland Laines is currently the subject of a planning application for 40 houses  (MSDC ref:  15/1467).  Since the Working Group meeting it is understood, but no formal notification has been received, that the previous Kingsland Laines refused planning application for 120 houses has received a judicial review judgement and th eSectretary of State (DCLG) is required to review his decision to refuse.  The ‘suitability ‘ sections of the Appraisal had not yet been completed and the Council’s Planning Consultant  had been engaged to undertake an independent Sustainability Appraisal of the available sites.  The Working Group offered comments for correction and clarification on the WORKING DRAFT document.  It was noted that other sites might still come forward for consideration.  It was agreed that, the WORKING DRAFT of the  Appraisal would be presented to Council with a RECOMMENDATION that it is published for further comment.   Since the Working Group meeting an additional site, Land north of Kings Centre, has been added to the list for appraisal at the request of the owner.   (Ref:  HP&SCPC:  Housing Supply 

Document   –   Appraisal of known potential housing sites  13 May 2015 WORKING DRAFT – ATTACHED)) 

RECOMMENDATION to COUNCIL:  The Council notes the Sayers Common Housing Sites Appraisal long-list (WORKING DRAFT) and agrees for it to be published for further comment.   

(3)  Governance + Audit Panel (14 April 2015)  

Minute 7.  Annual Financial Risk Management Review  2015/16:  The Panel reviewed the Financial Risk Management of the Council’s income and funds and agreed that the Review was in order and would be RECOMMENDED to Council for adoption.  

(Ref:  .  BRIEFING NOTE  –  Annual Financial Risk Management Review  2015/16,  7 April 2015 ATTACHED) 

RECOMMENDATION to Council:  The Council RESOLVES to receive and adopt the Financial Risk Management Review for 2015/16.   

  1. 13. Financial Regulations:  The Council last reviewed the Regulations at its meeting 11 September 2014 (Minute C634.5).  

The Council is now asked to approve the revised form which authorises the Finance + General Purposes Committee  to undertake certain functions, as detailed in clause 2.2 and  Section 5.  (Ref:  HP&SCPC Financial Regulations 8 May 2015 ATTACHED)   RECOMMENDATION:  The council approves the Financial Regulations  8 May 2015.   

  1. 14. Annual Report and Accounts  2014/15:  The Council is asked to RESOLVE to adopt the Annual Report and to note the Draft Accounts for the Year 2014/15 for presentation to the Annual Parish Meeting on 26 May 2015, with copies made available to the public.  The Accounts will be reviewed by Finance + General Purposes Committee at its meeting 11 June 2015 and referred to the next meeting of Council for approval.   (Ref:  DRAFT Annual Report and DRAFT Accounts 2014/15  ATTACHED.  Full paper copies will be tabled at the meeting.) 

RECOMMENDATION:  the Council RESOLVES to adopt the Annual Report and to note the DRAFT Accounts  2014/15.   

  1. 15. Highfield Drive development s106 Agreement:  The Council has signed the s106 Agreement which provides for, amongst other matters, the transfer of land to the Parish Council and the payment of a commuted sum for its conversion to Country Open Space and subsequent maintenance.  The Agreement had not been signed by all parties and the Developer has now raised the matter that the Agreement requires the Country Open Space (COS) conversion to be completed prior to the completion of the development.  However, there is no specific requirement on the Parish Council to complete the work within a time limit.  The Developer has therefore requested an addition the Agreement  placing a 12 month limit on the Council to carry out the works.  The Clerk is consulting the Council’s solicitor on the matter and will report further to the meeting.  However, it would appear to be a reasonable request and, subject to the confirmation of the solicitor, it is proposed that the Council agrees to this change.  (Ref:  Planning Application – Land north of Highfield Drive – MSDC ref 14/01515;  s106 Agreement V3 08.01.15;  Rydon Homes email  

11 May 2015) 

RECOMMENDATION:  the Council agrees to a modification to the s106 Agreement (Highfield Drive development) to include a requirement that the Country Open space works are completed within 12 months of the land being transferred to its ownership.    

  1. 16. General Power of Competence:  Under the provisions of the Local ism Act 2011, the General Power of Competence (GPC) can be adopted by qualifying councils, which enable them to exercise more powers than conventional councils.  In broad terms  a GPC council ‘may do anything that an individual may generally do’.  Examples are the purchase and operation of a local shop or providing affordable housing.   At this stage there are no specific projects on which the Council might wish to embark, but such projects may emerge over the coming years.  The Clerk has recently added to his CiLCA qualification, by gaining  a Section 7  pass,  and together with other criteria, Council meets the necessary requirements to adopt the GPC.  (Ref:  General Power of Competence – LGA  July 2013)   

RECOMMENDATION:  The Council confirms that it meets the qualifying criteria and agrees to adopt the General Power of Competence. 

  1. 17. Annual Reviews (various): 

17.1  Annual Risk Assessment and Insurance Review:  The Council is asked to note the update of the Risk Assessment and to approve the appointment of insurers for the year from 1 June 2015.  The annual risk assessment of the Council’s property and activities was undertaken in April 2015 and the procedures updated.  The Parish Office undertook a comprehensive review of  the Council’s insurance arrangements in April 2010 and, as a result of three quotations received, it is proposed to retain Zurich Insurance for a three-year term at £2,125.97 per annum.  The renewal is due 1 June 2015. (Ref:  HP&SCPC Risk Assessment and 

Inspection Records   22 April 2015;  BRIEFING NOTE Insurance renewal – 14 May 2015)   

RECOMMENDATION:  that the Council is asked to note that the risk assessment review has been undertaken and to RESOLVE to obtain its insurance cover for three years 2015/16 from Zurich Insurance at a cost of £2,125.97 pa.    

17.3  Council calendar  2015/16:  The Council is asked to note the proposed calendar.  (Ref:  PC Calendar 2015/16  ATTACHED)   

  1. 18. Council vacancy:  The Council is asked to note that following the Parish Council elections on 7 May 2015 there remains 

one vacancy in Hurstpierpoint ward.  The Council is now required to fill that position by co-option.  The process is for advertisements to be placed, inviting applications which would be considered by the Governance + Staff Panel.  Suitable candidates would be interviewed and a proposal brought to Council for approval.  (Ref:  Local Government Act 1972 s87(1)) 

  1. 19. Information items, correspondence received and requests: 

The Council is asked to note the following:   

  1. (1) SALC Newsletter – March/April 2015:  (ATTACHED) 
  2. (2) WSCC Surface Water newsletter (April 2015)  (ATTACHED) 
  3. (3) SDNPA newsletter March 2015 (ATTACHED):  Members are asked to note that nominations are being invited for Parish Members of the National Park Authority, with a closing date of 16 June 2015.   

PLEASE NOTE:  the Council Meeting will be followed by meetings of the following committees, in this order, to elect Chairman and Vice-chairman: 

  1. Planning & Environment committee  A  (Agenda ATTACHED) 
  2. Planning & Environment committee  B (Agenda ATTACHED) 
  3. Finance + General Purposes committee (Agenda ATTACHED) 
  4. Community Affairs committee (Agenda ATTACHED) 

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