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Open Spaces

Footpaths and bridleways criss-cross the countryside within and around the parish – from the village to the South Downs Way and through the woods and fields to the north.

The proximity of open countryside provides the parish with important recreational facilities for walking, riding, jogging, cycling & fishing. The sports of football, cricket, tennis and bowls are played at the many open space areas in the parish.

Details of the public rights of way and permissive paths within the Parish, can be found online using the WSCC iMap. Copies of the hand drawn Hurstpierpoint Society footpath map can be purchased from the Parish Council offices for £5.


South Avenue Recreation Ground

This area houses a large children’s playground, tennis club and courts and bowls club and green. The play area was completely renewed in 2016 following extensive planning by the Parish Council and engagement with the local community.

The large open space is also home to the annual St. Lawrence Fair, held in July almost every year since 1313. The event attracts a visiting funfair, parade of decorated floats, children’s fancy dress competition and many other arena events, craft stalls, flower marquee, refreshments of all kinds and many other side-shows.

Reeds Lane Recreation Ground

This recreation ground is split in to two halves and straddles Reeds Lane in Sayers Common. The north side contains 2 goalposts for informal kickabout, and the south side contains adult gym and play equipment aimed at younger children.

A new path and play equipment for 6 to 12 year olds was installed in February 2022. The new equipment includes a basket swing, a swing board, stepping stones, double trapeze swing, parallel bars, log traverse, cross rope walk and scramble net. This project has been possible following the release of funding from the Linden Homes development. 

Other Play Areas

There are a number of other play areas in the Parish that are not managed by the Parish Council. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Fairfield Recreation Ground and Playground
  • Court Bushes Recreation Ground and Playground
  • Nursery Close Playground


Sayers Common

  • Berrylands Recreation Ground and Play Area
  • The Acorns Playground


Village Garden

Situated on the northern side of Hurstpierpoint High Street, the Village Garden is the main focal point of the area and hosts many events throughout the year during St Lawrence Fair, Remembrance Day, Hurst Festival and the Christmas Fair.

As well as the open space, the Garden offers an array of plants, daffodils, trees and shrubs, with benches to sit and watch the world go by. The brick and glass bus shelter situated at the front of the Garden is the most poular in the Parish and a number of years ago some residents even requested that it was made a heritage site.


War Memorial Garden

The war memorial is situated at the crossroads where Brighton Road and Cuckfield Road meet the High Street. It has a prime spot next to Holy Trinity Church and has many names of local residents who gave their lives or went missing in the first and second world wars.

The garden is maintained in the same way as the Village Green opposite and also sites a matching bus shelter.


‘Happy to Chat’ Benches

You will notice that a number of benches around the parish have been designated as ‘Happy to Chat benches’. Please do sit on them if you don’t mind someone stopping to say hello.

Village Garden, High Street, Hurstpierpoint

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The aim is to combat loneliness, social isolation and improve mental health and wellbeing within our local communities by encouraging people to chat together, who otherwise may not have the opportunity to have a conversation.

South Avenue Recreation Ground, Hurstpierpoint

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Health Centre, Hurstpierpoint

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London Road, Sayers Common

The idea was the creation of a local resident who approached the Parish Council to help expand the scheme that is fast expanding world wide.

Sitting on benches allows people to spend longer outside, which is beneficial for mental health and helps connects people within communities. This connection is particularly important for people who might find social venues like cafes too expensive or too busy.

Remember not everyone has people to talk to in their lives and a brief, pleasant conversation may brighten someone’s day.



Events and Road Closures

If you are interested in holding a formal or organised event on Parish Council managed land then please read the Guidance Notes. Please contact the Parish Council Office at or by calling 01273 833264

Some events require closing of the High Street such as, the St Lawrence Fair, Hurst Festival Super Sunday and the Christmas Fair. Please find the relevant information on Road Closures for these events on the MSDC Website.