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The MINUTES of the Meeting of the COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT COMMITTEE held at 7.30pm on Thursday 13th June 2024 at The Village Centre, Hurstpierpoint.

Members present:Claire Majsai (Chair) Lyndsay Thompson Duncan Ranger Michael Avery    Bob Sampson (Vice Chair) Helen Bedford Annette Street Susan Dyke

Also present:                         Viv Aloy, Assistant Clerk, Cllr Mark Froud and 1 member of the public

CE24/25.001. Election of the Chair of the Committee. To elect the Chair of the Community Engagement Committee for the ensuing year, and it was:

RESOLVED that the Community Engagement Committee elects Cllr Claire Majsai as Chair for the ensuing year

CE24/25.002. Elect the Vice Chair of the Committee: To elect the Vice Chair of the Community Engagement Committee for the ensuing year and it was:

RESOLVED that the Community Engagement Committee elects Cllr Bob Sampson as the Vice Chair for the ensuing year

CE24/25.003.  Apologies for Absence: Apologies were received and accepted for Cllr Sarah Baldey.          

CE24/25.044. To receive and accept the minutes of the Community Engagement Committee meeting held on 11th April 2024: Members reviewed the minutes, and it was:

RESOLVED: That the Committee AGREED the minutes of 11th April meeting

CE24/25.004. Adjournment for Questions from the Public:

RESOLVED: That the Committee AGREED to carry on the meeting as the member of the public was in attendance to discuss their grant application.

CE24/25.005 Members reviewed Version 1 of the 2024/2025 action plan, and it was:

RESOLVED: That the Committee AGREED:

i)             to Version 1 of the 2024/25 Action Plan

ii)            for the Assistant Clerk to update Version 1 of the 2024/25 Action Plan as per the committee discussions and bring it to the next meeting as Version 2 of the 2024/25 Action Plan.

CE24/25.006. Budget Monitoring: Members reviewed the budget monitoring report for the Committee, noting:

  1. The Nominal Ledger (Year to Date) and
  2. Detailed Income & Expenditure as of 31 May 2024, and it was:

RESOLVED That the Committee NOTED the budget monitoring report for the Committee including:

a)            the Nominal Ledger (year to date)

b)            the Detailed Income & Expenditure as of 31May 2024

CE24/25.007.1 New Small Grant Applications to be considered 2024/25: Members noted the Grants Budget 2024/25 was £4,500 with £4,150 remaining.

                There were no Small Grant Applications received.

CE24/25.007.2 Community Events Grant Applications to be considered 2024/25 Members noted the Community Events Budget was £4,000 with £2,000 remaining.

Organisation  Grant Request ForAmount RequestedAmount Awarded
St Lawrence FairTowards first aid cover for the weekend£750£750
Santa’s Fun SundayTowards Santa gifts for children, insurance, gazebo and road closure signs£1,000£638
HurstFolkTo cover costs for 3 x free events and 10% loss for free tickets for low-income households for other events£1,662£579

The Committee noted that there were not enough funds available to cover all grant requests received.  Each application was discussed in detail.  It was noted that the quality of the applications and supporting documents was very high following the revision of the process and all three events were thought to be of great community value.

A representative from Hurstfolk spoke about their application.  Members expressed particular interest in the proposed Sayers Common event, but Hurstfolk had difficulty getting engagement from Sayers Common Village Hall, having only just found out the venue is only available Saturday, not Sunday as hoped.  This would put the event in direct competition with other free events in Hurstpierpoint.  Details of a free lunchtime event at the New Inn, showcasing youth bands, were outlined to the Committee including £315 to put in a high quality PA system and the opportunity to work with a top professional sound crew.  Members noted that this was in line with the Committee’s current focus on Youth Services.

Cllr Majsai suggested the Committee consider the following division of funds:

  • £750 as requested by St Lawrence Fair towards first aid, noting costs were higher this year and full cover was required for the whole weekend, including evenings.
  • £638 for the Santa Fun Sunday to cover the gifts, insurance, and gazebo with the Parish Council to investigate options as regards road closure signs as it is believed that many local organisations have these.  Office staff to do an inventory of Parish Council owned signs and approach other organisations about theirs.  Cllr Bedford expressed concern that the event should not be left without road closure signs at the last minute. If suitable provision cannot be found with what is available locally, consideration to be given to recommending purchase of a full set of Parish Council owned signs.
  • £579 towards Hurst Folk to cover public liability insurance and for a free event, ideally the one in Sayers Common, but otherwise towards another free event, such as the lunchtime youth band showcase.

It was:

RESOLVED: That the Committee AGREED to

                a)            AWARD St Lawrence Fair £750 towards first aid cover for the weekend

b)            AWARD Santa Fun Sunday £638 towards the Santa gifts, insurance and gazebo on the understanding the Parish Council assists with road closure signs as discussed above

c)            AWARD HurstFolk £579 to cover their public liability insurance and towards a free event, as discussed above

1 member of the public left at 20:05

CE24/25.007.3 Health & Wellbeing Grants application to be considered 2024/25 Members noted the Health & Wellbeing Grants Budget was £1,000 with £1,000 remaining.

There were no Health & Wellbeing Grant Applications received.

CE24/25.007.4 Sustainable Communities Grants applications to be considered. Members noted the Sustainable Communities Grants budget was £1,000 with £1,000 remaining.

There were no Sustainable Communities Grant applications received.

CE24/25.007.5 Health & Wellbeing Projects Budget 2024/2025.  Members noted the Health & Wellbeing Projects Budget was £1,000 with £748 remaining.

There were no Health & Wellbeing Projects discussed.

CE24/25.008 Events Working Group update: Members noted the minutes from the 23 May reviewing this year’s APM, possible themes for 2025 and the St Lawrence Fair.  The APM was reviewed in detail with many suggestions for 2025 which were all noted by Assistant Clerk Aloy and will feed back into the Events Working Group.

CE24/25.009 Information Items, Correspondence Received and Requests:

CE24/25.009.1 Parish Strategy Working Group: The Committee received a briefing paper and a verbal update from Cllr Mark Froud regarding proposals for a parish wide consultation. 

Discussions on consultation with the public centred primarily on how this would be distributed, most likely via in insert into Hurst Life and online option, and on ways to encourage a high response rate.

Discussions on consultation with clubs and societies centred around the types of organisations targeted and how best to collate a contact database. Assistant Clerk Aloy to investigate collating a spreadsheet, which may then go to Councillors for suggestions of additional clubs and societies. 

It was:

RESOLVED that the Committee AGREED that the consultation process should proceed, with a detailed report going to Council on 25th July.

CE24/25.009.2 Request for a Christmas Tree in Sayers Common Members noted that Sayers Common Village Society had put in a formal request for a Christmas “Tree”. Broadly members were very positive about the suggestion but require more specific detail about what is being requested, an actual tree or lights over a flagpole as per Hurstpierpoint, where would this be located and the logistics such as power for any lights.

RESOLVED that the Committee AGREED for Cllr Thompson to go back to the Sayers Common Village Society with the questions as discussed by members.

CE24/25.009.3 Sayers Common Tea Parties: Members noted that the first of the tea parties in Sayers Common being funded by the grant awarded to MSOPC will take place on 5th July in Sayers Common Village Hall.  The event has been publicised in July Hurst Life. Assistant Clerk Aloy will follow up with MSOPC for costs and photographs of the event.  Office staff also to publicise the event via the Sayers Common Village Group Facebook page and ask again regarding posters to print for the Sayers Common notice board.

CE24/25.009.4 High Street Update:  A verbal update was received from Cllr Bedford and Cllr Thompson, the consultation over parking has gone down well and businesses are engaging with the process.  It was noted that the poor weather has had a big impact on takings.  Members suggested further “support your high street” posts on social media to encourage footfall.  Cllr Dyke highlighted that Hurstpierpoint Society are launching a new website based on historical artwork of the High Street.  Visitors to the site can click on individual buildings within the artwork to show the current business.  This will be promoted by the Parish Council via the usual channels once live, and potentially a specific page linking to it on our own website.

CE24/25.009.5 External Communication: A verbal update was given by Cllr Majsai, including the Breakthrough Communication webinar attended by Cllr Majsai and Viv Aloy, with an emphasis on looking at positive and “evergreen” content on social media channels.

There being no other business the Chair closed the meeting at 21:50