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January 25, 2018

MINUTES of the meeting of the Community Affairs Committee on Thursday 25 January 2018 at 8:00 pm in the Village Centre Library, Hurstpierpoint. 

Members Present: Bob Sampson (Chairman)  
 Allan Brown 
 David Evans 
 Amanda Geel 
 Tony Lank 
 Claire Majsai 
   Steve Whitehead 
Also Present:  Roberta Taylor, Assistant Clerk 
 5 members of the public      

CA17/057.  Apologies for absence and declarations of interest:  The following apologies for absence were received prior to the meeting: Rosemary Burns, Peter Griffiths. 

CA17/058.  Minutes of the Community Affairs Committee Meeting held on 16 November 2017:  The Committee received and accepted the minutes which were then signed by the Chairman.    

CA17/059.  Matters arising from Community Affairs Meeting held on 16 November 2017to consider matters arising from the Minutes, which are not covered elsewhere on this agenda:  There were no matters arising to consider. 

CA17/060.  Adjournment for questions from the public:  The Committee considered whether to adjourn the 

Meeting in accordance with clause 70 of Standing Orders in order to receive questions and presentations.   RESOLVED:  The Council meeting was adjourned. 

Mr S Jee, a member of the Sayers Common Village Society, asked a question about funding for tree planting in Sayers Common.  Mr Jee was advised that his request would go to Council and then to the Finance Committee for agreement and funds would come from 2018/19 budget. 

CA17/061.  Short Presentation by Bec Hanley and Astrid Stubbs, HKD Transition Group.  The Councillors received a presentation by Bec Hanley and Astrid Stubbs about HKD Transition Group activities.  HKD Transition stands for Hurst, Hassocks, Keymer and Ditchling Transition group; this group focusses on encouraging people to live more sustainably.  There is a management committee of 9 people and a mailing list of over 400 people.   

HKD Transition is working on a number of projects including Better Biking (improve conditions for cyclists in Hurst, Hassocks, Keymer and Ditchling, considering possible cycle routes), Floods and SuDs (rain gardens, natural flood management, stream surveys, rainbox planters), Community Energy ( to increase the amount of renewable energy generated in our area and to deliver benefits to the local community by demonstrating that community energy works), Ditchling Orchard (helped set up orchard in Ditchling) and Ditchling Eco Village (exploring the possibility of Ditchling becoming an Eco Village).   

Councillors suggested that the Parish Council liaise with HKD Transition as they are both working on common projects, e.g. cycling route, community orchard.  HKD Transition would like to work on Flooding issues in Hurstpierpoint after working in Hassocks; two possible areas to be looked at, together with the Parish Council, are Sayers Common and Chalkers Lane with new developments having been built in that area. 

CA17/062.  Police issues and information:  The Committee received the crime figures for the Parish, which was provided by our PCSO Joel Havicon.  Joel was not available to attend the meeting. 

CA17/063.  Parish Council Grant Applications:  In the current year 2017/18, a budget of £4000 was made available for small grants and a budget of £3000 was made available for a large grant from local community groups.  The Councillors reviewed the grant requests and decided which applications they wished to grant and the amount of each grant. 

CA17/063.1  Small Grants.  Small Grants applications are considered at every Community Affairs Committee meeting.  See attached list of past grants. (Ref:  List of PC Small Grants 2015, 2016, 2017 and requests for Jan 2018, 12.01.18) 

Budget for Small Grants 2017/18: £4000.  £144 granted in November 2017.  £2956 remaining for 2017/18. 

Organisation Amount Granted (Requested) Grant Request for: 
St Catherine’s Hospice £500 (£500) To support the Hospice by enabling their nurses, doctors, therapists, counsellors and advisors to offer expert care and support to people in their own homes.  (Ref:  2016/17: £400;  £200:  2015/16, 2014/15, 2013/14, 2011/12)   
Christ Church, Sayers  Common   £500 (£500) Contribution towards the annual maintenance of the churchyard at Christ Church, Sayers Common.  In 2017, the expenditure for the churchyard will be in excess of £2000.  Annual grants are received from Albourne and Twineham Parish Councils, as well as donations and church collections from parishioners.  The churchyard is open for all parishioners and anyone living in Sayers Common can be eligible for burial in the churchyard.  (Ref:  Money given in past:  2015/16: £467; 2014/15: £467; 2013/14: £495) 
Hurst Society   £300 (£300) To contribute towards the cost and planting of 2 Chestnut trees in Chestnut Grove and 2 Almond trees in Lynton Close.  Total cost of trees and planting by WSCC is £600; £150 per tree.  They are asking for PC to pay half of costs and will get balance from Hurst Society funds.  Part of tree programme in village. (Ref:  Money given in past:  2016/17: £1000; 2015/16: £1000; 2014/15: £1000) 
Cycling Without Age  Hurstpierpoint &  Hassocks £500 (£500) Funds to be released when total cost of project has been met. To purchase a specially designed Trishaw and insurance so DBS volunteers can take elderly residents out on rides and bring happiness not loneliness.  [They are a newly formed chapter of Cycling Without Age, a voluntary community initiative which was founded in Copenhagen in 2012.]  Total cost of project: £7000; have applied to Hurst Charity Shop but not a specified amount; will crowdfund from 22 Jan – 19 Feb with support from the Central team at Cycling Without Age and a Crowdfunding Coach. 

Total amount granted in Jan 2018:  £1800; 2017/18 budget remaining:  £1156. 

CA17/063.2  Larger Grants.  A larger grant (up to £3000) can be selected in this budget year for a local community group. 

Budget for Local Community Groups’ Larger Grant (2017/18): £3000 

Organisation Amount Granted (Requested) Grant Request for: 
Hurstpierpoint Methodist Church £3000 (£3000) Funds to be released when total cost of project has been met. To modernise and upgrade the Church premises to support the community of Church members, the Public and other organisations that use the facility.  Work on new Accessible toilet and existing toilets; installation of a kitchenette and coffee bar and conversion of storage area into small office.  Total cost of project:  £84,000.  Who will benefit from the project:  members of the Church and organisations that hire the premises; the Coffee Bar will be open to the public providing light refreshments initially.  75% of those who will benefit will be parishioners. 

The Councillors asked that the following be checked for the grants agreed for Cycling Without Age and Hurstpierpoint Methodist Church:  that the grant can be agreed in this financial year (2017/18) and released in the following financial year (2018/19), if needed. 

RESOLVED:  that the Committee agreed to the following small grant requests: St Catherine’s Hospice 

(£500), Christ Church, Sayers Common (£500), Hurst Society (£300), and Cycling Without Age, Hurstpierpoint & Hassocks (£500).  The Committee also agreed to the larger community grant for Hurstpierpoint Methodist Church (£3000). 

CA17/064.  Parish Councillor Surgery Review.  The Councillors received the following information and decided on the future of the Surgeries.   Parish Councillor Surgeries took place from April – October 2017.  At the Community Affairs Committee of 21 September 2017, it was suggested that the Surgeries be stopped due to poor attendance from the public.  This was discussed at the Council meeting of 23 November 2017 and it was noted that there was some interest from the public and that timing and location of the surgeries should be reviewed before a final decision on cancellation was made.  

Councillors are asked to discuss the future of the Parish Council Surgeries.  [Note:  Many of the issues raised at the PC Surgeries were ones that could be taken to the PC office for action.] 

An option was explored by the PC staff.  Joy Dennis, County Councillor (CC) and the 3 District Councillors (DC) are holding a joint Clinic several times/year at the New Inn.  They have agreed that one of the Parish Councillors could join them at this Clinic.  The next proposed joint Clinic will be on Sat 24 Feb 2018 at 11 am at the New Inn, HPP.  This would allow members of the public to ask questions and raise concerns with the matter being considered at all 3 levels of local government.  It is also a good opportunity for the CC/DCs and Parish Councillor to spend time together and network in an informal manner.  Councillors agreed to join the CC/DCs at their joint Clinic in February 2018. 

RESOLVED:  the Committee agreed that a Parish Councillor join the County Councillor/District Councillors at their joint Clinics. 

CA17/065.  Streetscene Improvement Project.  Councillors reviewed the Briefing Note, giving an update on the 

Streetscene Improvement project, 11 Jan 2018. (Ref:  Briefing Note, Streetscene Improvement Project, Paul Mayne, Asst Clerk, 11 Jan 2018) 

CA17/066.  Hanging Baskets update.  Councillors received the following update:  Martin Dean, Greenscene 

Landscapes, is in the third year of a 3 year contract.  35 hanging baskets will be provided.  In 2017, 30 venues were found and the extra baskets were maintained in the event of baskets being damaged, taken or dying.  This will be repeated for Summer 2018.  When the Streetscene Improvement project begins, the hanging baskets scheme will be reviewed for 2019. 

CA17/067.  Sayers Common Community Shop update.  Councillors received an update fromCllr Sampson on the Sayers Common Community Shop:  The Sayers Common Community Shop has been very successful and has been running for about 4 years.  Extension building works has now been completed.  There is a full-time Manager and 3 parttime staff.  Grants have been given to a number of local groups; grants are open to Sayers Common, Hurstpierpoint and Albourne groups and are considered at every monthly Committee meeting. 

CA17/068.  Albourne Road Allotments update.  Councillors received the following update:  The Albourne Road allotment has about 100 plots, ranging in size from 2 – 10 rods; 5 rod plots are the largest currently being given to new tenants.  There are currently three vacancies, including plot 42A which has been treated for mares tail weed; this plot will be reviewed in the spring and offered to someone on the waiting list.  The PC letters and invoices were sent out in September for payment on 1 October 2017; some of the people paying fees did not pay in a timely fashion but all fees have now been collected.  The waiting list is short, with 8 people on the list at this time. 

CA17/069.   Dementia Awareness project update.  The Councillors received an update by the Assistant Clerk on the Dementia Awareness project:  The Dementia meeting on 14 December 2017 identified five areas that Councillors wished to concentrate on:  deciding on whether to form our own Dementia Action Alliance, Safe Havens, Training and Awareness, Dementia Café and Carer Support.  A Briefing Note and supporting information will be given to Council at its 

February meeting asking for Council to decide whether to form a Hurstpierpoint & Sayers Common Dementia Action Alliance group.  It was requested that the Briefing Note contain a schedule of dates for future actions/meetings to take place.  Councillors also said that they would like the Parish Council (as a key player) to decide on specific tasks it can take, e.g. signs inside/outside toilets.  

CA17/070.  Older Persons’ Tea Parties 2017 update.  The Councillors received the following update:  The December tea party took place on 12 December 2017 at the Torch Holiday and Retreat Centre, HPP.  The Centre provided a lovely spread of sandwiches, cakes and tea for those people that attended; it took place in the Chapel.  The entertainment was provided by J Rogers playing the piano and a small group from Holy Trinity Church leading the singing.   

The January 2018 tea party took place on 16 January; the venue was really lovely and everyone enjoyed the food and tea.  A local artist, P Holmes, came to talk about stained glass and how it is made. 

CA17/071.  Information Items and Correspondence Received:  to note the receipt of the items below (all items available to be seen in the Parish Council Office).  

CA17/071.1   Letter from, 2 Oct 2017, giving information about a local heating oil club in our area.  

They are internet based and members must have access to the internet in order to join.  The service is free and the aim is to save money for the members by purchasing the oil in bulk from local suppliers.  For more information, see . 

CA17/071.2   Article in Mid Sussex Times, 7 Dec 2017, Report names Mid Sussex as social mobility ‘hotspot’. 

There being no further business, the meeting closed at 9:45 pm.     

_______________________________     Chairman 

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