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July 21, 2016

MINUTES of the meeting of the Community Affairs Committee on Thursday 21 July 2016 at 8:00 pm in the Village Centre, Hurstpierpoint. 

Members Present: Bob Sampson (Committee Chairman)  Tony Lank 

  David Evans   Rosemary Burns  

  Pam Mitchell    

Also Present:     Charlotte Kempson (Assistant Clerk) 

        Amanda Geel         

CA16/004.  Apologies for absence and declarations of interest: The following apologies for absence were received prior to the meeting and accepted: Steve Whitehead.   

Tony Lank declared a personal interest in item CA505 – Grant Applications.  Bob Sampson declared a personal interest in item CA507.1 – Albourne Road Allotments. 

CA16/005.  Minutes of the Community Affairs Committee Meetings held on 19 and 26 May 2016: The Committee received and accepted the minutes which were then signed by the Chairman.    

CA16/006.  Matters arising from Community Affairs Meetings held on 19 and 26 May 2016There were no matters arising.    

CA16/007.  Adjournment for questions from the public:  There being no members of the public present the Committee was not required to adjourn the meeting in accordance with Clause 1(d) of Standing Orders.  

CA16/008.  Police issues and information:   

CA16/008.1.   Crime figures:  The Committee was asked to receive the crime figures for the Parish.   

CA16/008.2.   Update:  PCSOs started their new roles in Sussex on 4 July 2016.  In future, PCSOs will work as part of a larger team solving local problems, carrying out basic investigations, working alongside partners and directly with witnesses and victims to respond to community issues.  They will have new powers to deal with a wide range of local problems, acting to resolve issues such as alcohol fuelled anti-social behaviour.  Patrols will be continued but they will be targeted to areas where they know they can make a difference. 

CA16/009. Parish Council Small Grant Applications:  Small Grants applications are considered at every Community Affairs Committee meeting.  £4000 is available for the current year 2016/17. (Ref: List of PC Small Grants 2013, 

2014, 2015, May 2016 and requests for July 2016, 11.07.16) 

July 2016 requests.   Budget for Grants 2016/17:   £4000.  Amount remaining:  £3700. 

Organisation Amount Requested Grant Request for: 
Hurstpierpoint  Historical and  Geographical Society  (HHGS)   £250.00 To replace their projector screen, purchase a new A4 laminator and laminator pouches.  The HHGS hosts a winter talks’ programme at the Guide HQ, Trinity Road, Hurstpierpoint.  Their current projector screen is 10 years old and showing wear and tear.  Projector screen is ceiling mounted, 180cm x 180cm = £120 (plus £30 delivery and installation charge).  Laminator is Leitz iLam Easy A4 = £80. Pack of 100 pouches = £20. 

The Committee agreed to grant £230 towards the Projector Screen and Laminator. Amount remaining for 2016/17: £3,470. 

CA16/010. Christmas Lighting on Village Garden.  The Committee was asked to consider three options of 

Christmas lighting on the Village Garden:  a real Christmas tree, a column-mounted display on the flag pole or a feature 

8m LED Cone Tree on the flag pole. (Ref:  Briefing Note, Christmas lighting on Village Garden, 14.07.16) 

An updated briefing note was taken to the meeting advising the Committee that the Real Christmas Tree would need a concrete base to support the tree; this will need to be hired each year if the concrete pit was not installed. Also the cost of additional lights for 2 of the smaller trees in the Village Green (Ref: Briefing Note – Christmas Lights on Village Garden 


RESOLVED:  The Committee agreed that for 2016, the normal Christmas Lights in the High Street are installed and removed. Also, a Real Christmas Tree, including hire of a concrete base, is installed and removed on the Village Green at a cost of £3,055. No additional lights to be included. 

CA16/011.  Albourne Road Allotments. 

CA16/011.1.  Rent/water fees review for 2017/18.  The current rent/water fees (2015/16) are £3.57 per rod.  The fees will go up to £4.00 per rod in October 2016, as agreed by Community Affairs on 20 August 2015.  The Committee was asked to decide whether the fees should be increased for 2017/18 and if so, what amount.  (Briefing Note, Review of rent/water fees, 12.07.16) 

RESOLVED:  The Committee decided not to increase the rent/water fees for 2017/18; it is to be kept at £4.00 per rod.  

CA16/011.2.  Update.  There are no vacancies on the allotments. The waiting list is quite short and to date, there are 

12 people on the waiting list.  One person who was on the waiting list has taken a plot at the Gatehouse Lane allotments; managed by Burgess Hill Town Council (8 of the 40 plots are available for our residents because the allotments are in our Parish). 

CA16/012.  Parish Emergency Plan Review.  The Emergency Plan and Contacts Directory was last reviewed and updated in March 2015.  The Committee was asked to review the Emergency Plan on an annual basis and make any comments.   The Contacts Directory will be reviewed by the Council staff every three years, with the next review in July 

2018.  (Ref:  Emergency Plan, March 2015) 

The Committee reviewed the Emergency Plan and a couple of amendments were suggested, once these had been completed the Plan could be adopted.  

RESOLVED:  The Committee agreed to the amendments and once these are completed the Parish Emergency Plan is adopted from July 2016. 

CA16/013.  MSDC Community Service Award.  The Committee was asked to decide on the nominations to be made for the MSDC Community Service Award 2016, for which two nominations can be made.  Three nominations were made by Councillors and after much discussion, it was decided to nominate Judy Leech and Margaret Gaughan for the award.   

RESOLVED:  The Committee agreed to nominate Judy Leech and Margaret Gaughan for the MSDC Community Service Award. 

CA16/014.  Parish Plan – Community Life 2016 – 21 update:  The Parish Plan 2016 – 21 finished its public consultation on 17 June 2016; there were no comments made by members of the public.  The Committee was asked to approve the Plan and recommend that it be approved by Council at its meeting on 28 July 2016. 

The Strategic Policy Working Group at its meeting on 5 July discussed the Parish Plan.  They noted that there were some concerns that the Plan is insufficiently precise and could raise aspirations amongst the public which the Council could not fulfil.  It was suggested that the Parish Council office prepare an Action Plan of specific costed and programmed events which arise from the Parish Plan, for consideration by the Strategic Policy Working Group.  This Action Plan would subsequently be published as the Parish Plan Action List and this list will be considered by Council for comments.  This suggestion will be going to Council for approval at its meeting on 28 July 2016.  [The work done by the Parish Plan Working Group, having completed the preparation of the Parish Plan, will no longer be active.]  (Ref:  Community Life Plan 

2016-21 Draft Final, July 2016) 

RECOMMENDATION TO COUNCIL:  that the Parish Community Life Plan 2016 – 21 be approved by Council at its meeting on 28 July 2016. 

CA16/015.  Garden Scheme, Pitt Lane Toilet.  In May 2016, a resident mentioned that the small flowerbed beside the Pitt Lane toilets could benefit from some care and attention.  The Parish Council Maintenance Officer clears the ground around the toilets a few times per year but does not have the time during the summer to do this task more often.  Therefore a letter was sent out to a few homes in Pitt Lane asking if they would like to help us by taking care of this small piece of land.  A resident responded saying that she has spoken to some of the residents in the area and they have all agreed to try and keep the bed tidy.  Mulch, bark and plants have been purchased by the Parish Council for the residents’ use – and thus the small flowerbed looks really lovely.  Cost expected to be about £60 – 70 for this year. 

CA16/016.  Hanging Baskets update.  Martin Dean, Greenscene Landscapes, has prepared and put up the hanging baskets for the High Street and Sayers Common Community Shop at the end of May 2016.  35 baskets were prepared but only space for 34 baskets were found, with the extra basket being nurtured to replace any basket that looks poorly during the summer. 

CA16/017.  Older Persons’ Event update:  Two tea parties, in June and July 2016, at homes on Wickham Hill went very well.  Transport was again provided free by Hurst College.  The July tea party had about 12 residents attending (with 3 people not attending due to illness).  Games, such as Bingo, were to be played but this did not happen as everyone seemed to be having a nice time talking.  The July tea party marked the 12th tea, i.e. one year – as a result, the tea party Committee will meet to discuss how the project has done, what has been learned and whether changes are needed.  The Committee requested the office look into how the Council could further advertise these events. It was suggested an article is put in the next newsletter; a leaflet is produced and left at appropriate locations around the village including the Health Centre, Post Office. It is also suggested that this project is included in the Action Plan to be produced as a result of the Parish Plan.   

CA16/018.  MSOPC Queen’s birthday tea celebration.  On 10 June 2016, the Mid Sussex Older Person’s Council (MSOPC) held a free celebration for the Queen’s birthday for older people in Mid Sussex at the Copthorne Hotel 

Effingham.   From our Parish, about 20 residents attended, having their transport provided free by Hurst College – with all arrangements made by the Parish Council office.  A lovely tea and music was provided, enjoyed by all.   

CA16/019.  Operation Watershed update:  An Operation Watershed project was undertaken last year at 

Washbrooks Farm, on both sides of the road.  Further works has been identified to finish up the project.  Because of the additional money (£319) needed to finish the project, another Operation Watershed application form was completed and submitted by the Assistant Clerk (18.04.16).  This application was successful and the cheque for £319 has now been received by the Parish Council office; the contractor has been advised. 

CA16/020.  Information Items and Correspondence Received:  the committee noted the receipt of the items below (all items available to be seen in the Parish Council Office).  

CA16/020.1.  Letter from Mrs Sue Bartlett, Victim Support, 21 June 2016 giving thanks for the Parish Council donation of £100. 

CA16/020.2.  Letter from Nick Handley, West Sussex Mediation Service, 21 June 2016 giving thanks for the Parish Council donation of £200. 

There being no further business, the meeting closed at 9:12 pm.   

 _______________________     Chairman 

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