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September 27, 2016

MINUTES of the meeting of the Community Affairs Committee on Tuesday 27 September 2016 at 8:00 pm in the Village Centre, Hurstpierpoint. 

Members Present: Bob Sampson (Committee Chairman) 

  David Evans  

  Tony Lank 

  Pam Mitchell         

Also Present: Amanda Geel, Parish Councillor  

  1 member of the public        

  Roberta Taylor (Assistant Clerk) 

CA16/021.  Apologies for absence and declarations of interest: The following apologies for absence were received prior to the meeting and accepted:  Steve Whitehead.   

Bob Sampson declared a personal interest in item CA16/030.2 – Albourne Road Allotments. 

CA16/022.  Minutes of the Community Affairs Committee Meeting held on 21 July 2016: The Committee received and accepted the minutes which were then signed by the Chairman.    

CA16/023.  Matters arising from Community Affairs Meeting held on 21 July 2016There were no matters arising.    

CA16/024.  Adjournment for questions from the public:  There was one member of the public present; however the Committee was not required to adjourn the meeting in accordance with Clause 1(d) of Standing Orders.  

CA16/025.  Police issues and information:   

CA16/025.1.   Crime figures:  The Committee reviewed the crime figures for the Parish.  PCSO Joel Havicon was not able to be at the meeting. 

CA16/025.2.   Update:  Sussex Police have replaced the old ‘Community Messaging System’ with a new system that allows members of the community to sign up online and manage their own account and the content they receive.  To sign up, the website is:

CA16/026.  Short Presentation by Ian Jury, Community Coffee.  The talk did not take place as Mr Jury was not able to attend. 

CA16/027. Parish Council Small Grant Applications:  Small Grants applications are considered at every Community Affairs Committee meeting.  £4000 is available for the current year 2016/17.  See attached list of past grants. 

(Ref: List of Community Grants Awarded by Parish Council in 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and requests for Sept 2016) 

September 2016 requests.   Budget for Grants 2016/17:   £4000.  Amount remaining:  £3470. 

Organisation Amount Granted Grant Request for: 
North Hurst Tenants and Residents Association   £192.98 (£192.98 requested) To support the activities of the Association through providing an insurance policy covering public liability and an element of personal liability (from any advice given). Total cost of project: £4500 – £2700 for Paultons Park family day out and £1800 for Family Fun Day at Court Bushes. 
St Georges Millennium  Garden Trust   £500 (£500 requested) To create a tree sculpture from the remaining trunks of the large Monterey Pine which had to be felled for safety reasons.  Theme of sculpture will be ‘wildlife’ – possibly 3 birds with one on top of each bough.  Total cost of project:  £1000 – 1250.  Remainder of cost will be financed from the Trust’s own funds or voluntary donations.  Website of sculptor: .  
Outset Youth Action   £350 (£350 requested) To enable the Youth Advisory to continue to support and encourage young people to volunteer in their community.  Total cost of project:  £3500, with monies requested from various Parish councils in West Sussex (have requested more info).  Currently 10 young people volunteering at places such as library and springboard (have requested more info).    [Ref:  £50 grant Nov 2012] 
St Catherine’s Hospice   £200 (£200 requested) To support the Community Nurses in the community, whose services are provided free of charge. Total cost of project: £6105 based on apportionment of community nurses costs as per the number of patients from our Parish. Typically 5 – 10 residents from Parish are seen each year. (Ref:  £200 grant  Nov 2015, Nov 2014, Nov 2013, Nov 2011) 

The Committee agreed to grant each of the groups the amount that they requested.  It is noted that St Catherine’s Hospice is able to put in another grant request this year to be considered and that they might wish to consider requesting a higher amount for their grant request next year.  Amount remaining for 2016/17: £ 2,227.02. 

RESOLVED:  that the Committee agreed to grant each group the amount that they requested. 

CA16/028.  Community Affairs Pre-Budget talks and CA activities for 2017/18:  The Committee will review its draft 2017/18 budget at its meeting on 17 November 2016.  The Committee was asked to discuss activities that the Committee wishes to work on in 2017/18, in preparation for setting the 2017/18 budget in the coming months.   

The current 2016/17 budget for Community Affairs was discussed and members were asked to think about the budget for next year and those projects for which they wished monies to be allotted.  (Ref:  2016/17 Community Affairs Committee budget) 

CA16/029.  Winter Maintenance Plan 2016/17 update:  The Plan has been updated with minor changes made.    We currently have 10 hippo bags at Ernest Doe left over from previous years; this has been told to WSCC and we have asked them to check the salt/grit for quality and to replace the bags themselves because they have deteriorated.  Mr Harvey has agreed to help us clear the secondary roads at the same cost as previous years, i.e. £50/hour for a 4 hour maximum per snow event, with £35/hr being paid by WSCC and £15/hr being paid by the Parish Council. 

CA16/030.  Albourne Road Allotments.   

CA16/030.1  Update:  There are no vacancies on the allotments. The waiting list has 19 people listed on it.  Letters and invoices (2016/17) will be posted shortly to all allotment tenants.  

CA16/030.2  Plot 42A:   Plot 42A has had a problem with marestail weed for years and although there have been chemical treatments made in the past, the current tenants are struggling with the weed.  They have asked to switch plots when a vacant plot becomes available.  When that happens, the Hurst Allotment Association (HAA) has asked to take that plot on, trying different methods such as planting intensively with crops such as potatoes or other.  It is suggested that if the HAA helps by taking over the plot, that the cost of the plot rental be waived for a one year trial. 

RESOLVED:  The Committee agreed that if allotment plot 42A is taken by the Hurst Allotment Association for a one year trial, that the rental/water fees are waived for that period. 

CA16/031.  Hanging Baskets update.  Martin Dean, Greenscene Landscapes, has been maintaining the baskets over the summer.  Some of the baskets were not watered or suffered from the summer heat; these were removed and replaced if possible. 

CA16/032.  Older Persons’ Event update:  Two events took place in August; one tea party at a residents’ home and a second event at Rushfield Garden Centre.  Both events went very well and were much enjoyed.  The minibuses were supplied by Dignity and Hurst College.  The people on the minibus to Rushfield Garden Centre were first taken for a short ride up to Devils Dyke where we had a stop to enjoy the view; although it was an overcast day, the sun was out at Devils Dyke allowing great views. 

The tea party in September took place at Danny House, where Richard Burrows provided a delicious spread of sandwiches and cakes.  Members of the local Poetry Group read several of their favourite poems, both interesting and varied for all residents that attended from our tea party and Danny House.  

A leaflet is being created to help find other people in the Parish to attend the tea parties.  Contact has also been made to reach people in the Willow Way area. 

CA16/033.  Operation Watershed update:   The work has now been completed on Brighton Road, Hurstpierpoint, at the land opposite Washbrooks Farm.  A galvanised wire cage was constructed and placed to stop debris from gathering at the inlet of the culvert.  The area was dug out and cleared.  Our WSCC Highways Officer has been at the site to check the work. 

CA16/034.  Information Items and Correspondence Received:  the committee noted the receipt of the items below (all items available to be seen in the Parish Council Office).  

CA16/034.1  Letter from Amanda Geel, Hon Treasurer of Hurstpierpoint Historical and Geographical Society, 30 July 2016 giving thanks for the Parish Council donation of £230. 

CA16/034.2  Email and Litter Picking Report Summer 2016, provided by Amanda Geel, written by Leader Hilary Pulham, Hurstpierpoint Woodland, Flora & Fauna Group, 15 September 2016. 

There being no further business, the meeting closed at 9:07 pm.   

 _______________________     Chairman 

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