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November 17, 2016

MINUTES of the meeting of the Community Affairs Committee on Thursday 17 November 2016 at 8:00 pm in the Village Centre, Hurstpierpoint. 

Members Present: Bob Sampson (Committee Chairman)    

  Rosemary Burns 

  David Evans  

  Tony Lank 

  Steve Whitehead           

Also Present: Rodney Jackson (Parish Councillor)  

  2 members of the public        

  Roberta Taylor (Assistant Clerk) 

CA16/035.  Apologies for absence and declarations of interest: The following apologies for absence were received prior to the meeting and accepted:  Pam Mitchell. 

Bob Sampson and Steve Whitehead declared a personal interest in item CA16/044.2 – Albourne Road Allotments. 

CA16/036.  Minutes of the Community Affairs Committee Meeting held on 27 September 2016: The Committee received and accepted the minutes which were then signed by the Chairman.    

CA16/037.  Matters arising from Community Affairs Meeting held on 27 September 2016There were no matters arising.    

CA16/038.  Adjournment for questions from the public:  There were two members of the public present; however the Committee was not required to adjourn the meeting in accordance with Clause 1(d) of Standing Orders.  

CA16/039.  Police issues and information:   

CA16/039.1.   Crime figures:  The crime data was not received by the Parish Council in advance of the meeting. 

CA16/040.  Short Presentation by Ian Jury, Community Coffee.  The talk did not take place as Mr Jury was not able to attend. 

CA16/041. Parish Council Small Grant Applications:  Parish Council Small Grant Applications:  Small Grants applications are considered at every Community Affairs Committee meeting.  £4000 is available for the current year 

2016/17. (Ref: List of Community Grants Awarded by Parish Council in 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and requests for Sept 2016) 

November 2016  Budget for Grants 2016/17: £4000.  Amount remaining in 2016/17: £2227.02. 

Organisation Amount Granted (Requested) Grant Request for: 
The Woodland, Flora & Fauna  Group   £399 (£399) To purchase ragwort removal forks for working party volunteers to eliminate recent spread at Pond Lye SNC1.  Cost = £33.25 x 12 forks = £399.00.  (Ref:  £500 June  2015, £500 grant May 2013) 

The Committee agreed to grant the amount that The Woodland, Flora & Fauna Group requested.  Amount remaining for 2016/17:  £1828.02. 

RESOLVED:  that the Committee agreed to grant The Woodland, Flora & Fauna Group the amount that they requested. 

CA16/042.  Community Affairs Committee Budget 2017/18:  The Committee reviewed the Working Draft Budget for its sector (showing the Budget for 2016/17 and the initial proposals for 2017/18 and the Parish Action Plan 2016 – 21.  

(Ref:  Community Affairs Committee Budget 2017/18 draft; Briefing Note, Budget 2017/18 – Parish Action Plan 2016 – 21) 

The Committee members discussed the budget for next year, reviewing each item on the current 2016/17 budget and deciding whether the amounts should remain the same or be increased/decreased, and what items they would like to add.  A 2017/18 budget for Community Affairs was drafted and will be presented to Finance & General Purposes Committee at its meeting of 8 December 2016. 

RECOMMENDATION to Finance & General Purposes Committee:  The Finance & General Purposes Committee is asked to consider the Community Affairs Budget proposals for 2017/18. 

CA16/043.  Parish Councillor Surgeries:  Action Plan, Communications (2), Parish Community Life Plan 2016 – 2021, states:  Develop a programme of Councillor Surgeries in locations around the 

Parish.  The Committee reviewed the Briefing Note on Parish Councillor Surgeries.  The following decisions were made:  monthly surgeries (pattern of 2 months in Hurstpierpoint at the Village Centre and 1 month in Sayers Common at the 

Church Hall); on Saturdays from 10 – 12 am; rota of all Parish Councillors;  2 Councillors being present at one time, if possible male and female pairs; publicity at all available places including noticeboards and Parish Council newsletters; to start in March/April 2017 after Parish Council newsletter is distributed; one-year trial with a review taken after 6 months; to be led by Assistant Clerk. (Ref:  Briefing Note on Councillor Surgeries, Action Plan, Communications (2), DATE, written by Mrs R 

Taylor, Assistant Clerk, 08.11.16)  

RECOMMENDATION to Council:  that a one-year trial of Parish Councillor Surgeries be started in March/April 2017 with all Parish Councillors to take part in the rota. 

CA16/044.  Albourne Road Allotments.   

CA16/044.1  Update:  There are currently 6 vacant plots on the allotments. The waiting list has 18 people listed; however this will reduce when all vacant plots are taken.  Payments have been made in September/October with a few still outstanding.  The Hurst Allotment Association (HAA) had its AGM on Wed 2 Nov 2016.   The previous Chairman, Sue Harwood, was in office for a number of years and helped the Assistant Clerk with a wide variety of tasks; Sue stood down at the HAA AGM and two new co-Chairs were selected:  Richard Milton and John Schofield.   

CA16/044.2  Plot 42A:  The Committee was asked to review the letter from the HAA co-Chairmen about plot 42A and decide on the action to be taken.  Plot 42A has had a history of horsetail weed, a plant that is very difficult to control and almost impossible to eradicate.  Horsetail weed exists on other plots in the allotments but plot 42A has a particularly bad problem at the moment.  The HAA have been given permission to take over the plot and try to control the further spread of the weed, without having to pay the annual fees.  (Ref:  Letter from Richard Milton and John Schofield, co-Chairs of Hurst Allotment Association, 09.11.16, options for allotment plot 42A) 

The Committee heard a suggestion that the plot be sprayed by Greenscene Landscapes with a strong version of Roundup 

1 time as soon as possible and 4 times during the next growing season in 2017.  The plot would then be left fallow until Spring 2018 when the plot could be worked.  It was suggested that the plot which is 4 rods be split into 2 two-rod plots, making it easier for the weed to be controlled if appearing again.  The cost per spray is £29.50 + VAT. 

RESOLVED:  that the Committee agreed to the spraying of plot 42A by Greenscene Landscapes as necessary to control the spread of horse tail weed. 

CA16/045.  Older Persons’ Event update:  Older Persons’ Event update:  MSDC invited our residents that normally attend our tea parties to a Silver Sunday celebration at Clair Hall, Haywards Heath on Sunday 16 October.  There were about 13 residents attending; we had the use of the Hurst College minibus and driver, and a private vehicle to transport everyone to Clair Hall.  The afternoon was really enjoyable, with a singer and a musician to entertain all present, and the residents mentioned that they really had a lovely time.  This is a national event and MSDC said that they hope that this will be held on an annual basis. 

The tea party in December will be at the Torch Holiday & Retreat Centre, a charity for people with sight problems.  The Committee agreed that the donation for the tea party could be paid from the Older Persons’ Initiative budget. 

A leaflet has been created about the Tea Party Scheme to help us reach more into the community.  The leaflet was reviewed and one change suggested.  The Assistant Clerk has made contact with a member of the WSCC Prevention Assessment Team (PAT) asking them to help us locate local residents.  They will discuss it with the Team Leader and hope to attend one of our tea parties so that they will be able to better describe the scheme with local residents they meet.  The next places to be contacted will be the local GP Surgery and care services in the village.  (Ref:  Hurstpierpoint Tea Party Scheme leaflet, Oct 2016) 

CA16/046.  Information Items and Correspondence Received:  the committee noted the receipt of the items below 

(all items available to be seen in the Parish Council Office).  

CA16/046.1  NHS Horsham and Mid Sussex Clinical Commissioning Group quarterly newsletter, Summer 2016. CA16/046.2  Letter from Andy Perry, St Catherine’s Hospice, 20 Oct 2016, giving thanks for the Parish Council grant of £200. 

CA16/046.3  Email from David Brown, Millennium Garden Trust, 26 Oct 2016, giving thanks for the Parish Council grant of £500. 

CA16/046.4  Letter from Roger Foxwell, Outset Youth Action, 27 Oct 2016, giving thanks for the Parish Council grant of £350. 

There being no further business, the meeting closed at 9:43 pm.   

 _______________________     Chairman 

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