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Hurstpierpoint & Sayers Common
Parish Council

Dear Councillor,

Members are summoned to attend the Meeting of the Council to be held on Thursday 25 January 2024 at 7.30pm in the Village Centre Conference Room.  Members of the public have a right to and are invited to attend the meeting.

Sarah Groom, Clerk to the Council                                                                                                       Friday 19 January 2024


  1. Apologies for absence: To receive and accept apologies for absence.
  • Declarations of interest: To receive and record declarations of interest.
  • Minutes of the Previous Meeting of the Council: To receive and adopt the minutes of the 14 December 2023 Council meeting.
  • Councillor Co-option:  To consider applications to co-opt one councillor to fill the final ordinary vacancy following the 4 May 2023 uncontested local election.  The deadline for applications was 12 noon on Thursday 18 January 2024.  Two applications have been received and have been circulated confidentially to members of the Parish Council prior to the meeting.  Please note, the Parish Council is not obliged to select any candidate.  The following procedure should be followed:
  1. Candidates will be sent a full agenda for the meeting at which they are to be considered for appointment.  They may speak for up to three minutes about their application during the co-option item on the agenda.
  2. Voting takes place in public by a written ballot.  After the voting has concluded the Chairman will declare the successful candidate duly elected. 
  3. The successful candidate will sign their Declaration of Acceptance of Office form before they can act as a councillor.  The Register of Interests form must be completed within 28 days.

RECOMMENDATION:  That the Council ELECTS one candidate to serve as a Councillor on the Hurstpierpoint ward and to agrees their Committee membership.

  • Adjournment for Questions from the Public: To consider adjourning the meeting to receive questions from members of the public in accordance with Standing Orders.

6.        Reports from Other Authorities: To receive reports from representatives of other authorities:

6.1      West Sussex County Council

6.2      Mid Sussex District Council

7.        Committee Minutes: To receive and where appropriate, consider the recommendations of the:

7.1      Planning Committee (8 January 2024) There was one recommendation for Council:

MINUTE P23/24.067(10): DM/23/3182: Reserved matters application pursuant to outline application DM/21/3279, to consider access, appearance, landscaping, layout and scale with respect to the provision of a Centre for Community Sport.   The Committee support the application in principle. There is a lack of diversity of activities, an insufficient number of different sporting activities will benefit from the facility and use of the pitches. The site is located within Hurstpierpoint & Sayers Common Parish area. While many of the potential users might live within Burgess Hill, it was erroneous for the Hurstpierpoint and Sayers Common Parish Council/Councillors to have been excluded from the initial early phase of the planning/consultation. This is an issue that the Council will be taking up separately with MSDC. Provision should be made to ensure there is a safe cycle route to the facility from Hurstpierpoint, and it was: RESOLVED: That the Committee recommend to Council that a letter is drafted to MSDC Planning to highlight the lack consultation during early planning stages of the Centre for Community Sport.

RECOMMENDATION: That Council write to Mid Sussex District Council, the Local Planning Authority to highlight the lack consultation during early planning stages of the Centre for Community Sport.

7.2      Staff Panel (15 January 2024) There were two recommendations for Council set out separately on the agenda below.

7.3      Finance, Governance & Estates Committee (18 January 2024) There were no recommendations for Council.

RECOMMENDATION:  That the Council RECEIVES the minutes of the following Committees and AGREES the above recommendations:

  1. Planning Committee (8 January 2024)
  2. Staff Panel (15 January 2024)
  3. Finance, Governance & Estates Committee (18 January 2024)
  • Local Government Pension Scheme Discretions Policy: To consider a recommendation from the Staff Panel to agree a LGPS Discretions Policy.
  • Job Evaluation Policy:  To consider a recommendation from the Staff Panel to agree a Job Evaluation Policy.
  1. South Downs National Park Authority: Draft Settlements Facilities Assessment:  To consider a letter from the SDNPA asking the Parish Council to consider the draft Settlement Facilities Assessment, to assist their understanding of the relative sustainability of settlements based on the availability of facilities and services residents can access daily.
  1. Reports from Representative on Outside Bodies: To receive reports from Representative on Outside Bodies.

12.      The Council is asked to note any information items, correspondence received or requests:

12.1    To consider the letter received from Andrew Griffith MP of 8 January 2024.

Council is asked to RESOLVE that in view of the confidential nature of the following items, the press and public be excluded under section 1(2) of the Public Bodies (Admission to Meetings) Act 1960.

Confidential Matters:

  1. Mid Sussex District Plan Review 2021-2039:  To consider and agree the Parish Council’s response to the Mid Sussex District Council’s Regulation 19 consultation.

Protocol for filming and recording at public meetings:  The Council has a protocol for public filming, recording and photography at its meetings, which is available on the Council’s website or on request at the Parish Office.