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Hurstpierpoint & Sayers Common
Parish Council

Dear Members of the Council,

Council Members are summoned to attend the MEETING of the Council to be held on Tuesday 27 September 2022 at 7.30pm at the Sayers Common Village Hall.  Members of the public have a right to and are invited to attend the meeting.

Sarah Groom, Clerk to the Council                                                                              Wednesday 21 September 2022


  1. Apologies for Absence: To receive and accept apologies for absence.
  • Declarations of Interest: To receive and record any declarations of interest.
  • Minutes of the Previous Meeting of the Council: To receive and adopt the minutes of the 28 July 2022 Council meeting.

4.      Adjournment for Questions from the Public: To consider adjourning the meeting, to receive questions from members of the public in accordance with Standing Orders.

5.      Reports from Other Authorities: To receive reports from representatives of other authorities:

5.1   West Sussex County Council

5.2   Mid Sussex District Council

5.3   West Sussex Association of Local Councils

5.4   Mid Sussex Association of Local Councils

6.         Committee Minutes: To receive and where appropriate, consider the recommendations of the:

6.1   Planning & Environment Committee (4 August & 1 September 2022) No recommendations for Council.

6.2   Community Engagement Committee (11 August 2022) No recommendations for Council.

6.3   Estates & Facilities Management Committee (8 September 2022) No recommendations for Council.

6.4   Finance & Governance Committee (18 August) One recommendations for Council is on the main agenda to appoint internal auditors.

  • Councillor Co-option:  To consider applications to co-opt a councillor to fill the vacancy on the Hurstpierpoint ward.  Following the publication of the notice of vacancy back in February 2022, no electors called for a by-election within the legally specified time period (10 electors are required) therefore applications to fill the post by co-opted were invited.  This was the third call for applications and the deadline for this round was 12 noon on Friday 12 August 2022.   One application was received and has been circulated to Members of the Parish Council prior to the meeting.  Please note, the Parish Council is not obliged to select any candidate.  As a reminder the following procedure should be followed:
  1. Applicants complete a short application form confirming their eligibility for the role within the statutory rules and including a description of their interest in becoming a councillor and any skills or qualifications they have, which may benefit the Parish Council.
  2. Copies of the application forms are circulated to all Members at least three clear days prior to the Council meeting when the co-option will be considered.  These will be treated as strictly confidential.
  3. Candidates will be sent a full agenda for the meeting at which they are to be considered for appointment.  They may speak for up to three minutes about their application during the co-option item on the agenda.
  4. Voting: Voting takes place in public by a written ballot.  Where there are more than two candidates for the vacancy and none of those person have received an absolute majority in their favour, the name of the person having the least number of votes shall be struck off the list and a fresh vote taken.  This process continues until a majority of votes is given in favour of one person.  Any tie may be settled by the Chairman’s casting vote.  After the voting has concluded the Chairman will declare the successful candidate duly elected. 
  5. The successful candidate will sign their Declaration of Acceptance of Office before they can act as a councillor.  The Register of Interests form must be completed within 28 days.

RECOMMENDATION:  That the Council ELECTS to co-opt a Councillor to serve on the Hurstpierpoint ward.

  • Sustainability Strategy Working Group:  To consider forming a Sustainability Strategy Working Group as recommended at the 28 July 2022 Council meeting, and to agree the Terms of Reference, elect three Councillors to serve upon the Working Group and to elect a Chair.
  • St Lawrence Fair:  To appoint a Council representative to the St Lawrence Fair committee for 2022/23.
  1. Appointment of Internal Auditors:  To consider the recommendation from the Finance & Governance Committee of 18 August 2022 to appoint Mulberry & Co as the Parish Council’s Internal Auditor for 2022/2023:

F22/23.032 Internal Auditors 2022/2023:  The Committee considered the letter of engagement which proposed appointing Mulberry & Co as the Parish Council’s Internal Auditor for 2022/2023, and it was: RESOLVED:  That the Committee agreed to RECOMMEND to Council that Mulberry & Co be appointed as the Parish Council’s Internal Auditor for 2022/2023.

RECOMMENDATION:  That the Council AGREES to appoint Mulberry & Co as the Parish Council’s Internal Auditor for 2022/2023.

  1. Appointment of External Auditors:  To consider whether to appoint our own External Auditors or continue being allocated an external auditor via the Smaller Authorities Audit Appointments.

12.      WSCC Learning and Development Gateway:  To consider signing all councillors up to the free training offered by WSCC to all who provide a service to residents in West Sussex, and agree a list of mandatory training for councillors.

  1. Councillor Representatives on Outside Bodies: To receive updates from representatives on external organisations.

14.      To note any further information items, correspondence received or requests:

14.1    MSDC Community Governance Review:  To note the final recommendations in the report to MSDC’s 28 September 2022 MSDC’s Scrutiny Committee for Community Leisure and Parking, on the outcome of the community governance review which will be finally considered by Mid Sussex District Council on 12 October 2022.

Protocol for filming and recording at public meetings:  The Council has a protocol for public filming, recording and photography at its meetings, which is available on the Council’s website or on request at the Parish Office.