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D-Day 80th Anniversary

June 6, 2024

Today, 6 June 2024, the nation marks 80 years since the largest known amphibious invasion in the history of warfare, known as D-Day.  D-Day (6 June 1944) signalled the start of naval, air and land forces being launched over Nazi-occupied France in the Second World War.  It marked the beginning of the liberation of France and western Europe.

Allied Forces not only included British and American troops but also Canadian, Australian, Belgian, Czech, Dutch, French, Greek, New Zealand, Norwegian, Rhodesian and Polish.  The Allies used more than 5,000 ships and landing craft during the operation and more than 150,000 troops landed on five beaches in Normandy (Utah, Omaha, Gold, Juno and Sword).  By the end of D-Day there were more than 10,000 Allied casualties.

We honour the service and sacrifice of the D-Day generation.

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