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DRAFT MINUTES of the Meeting of THE ESTATES & FACILITIES MANAGEMENT Committee held at 7.30pm on Thursday 8th July 2021 at Court Bushes Community Centre.

Members present:

Allan Brown (Chair) Malcolm Llewellyn Claire Majsai Rodney Jackson Bob Sampson Duncan Ranger

Also present: Stephen Witchell, Estates and Facilities Manager. Cllr Seth Jee was also present.

EF21/22.001 Apologies for absence: Apologies for absence were received from Cllr John Lowman & Cllr David Evans.

RESOLVED: That the Committee ACCEPTS the apologies for absence from Cllr John Lowman & Cllr David Evans.

EF21/22.002 Declarations of interest:

· Sayers common Village Society – Cllr Jee was in attendance to discuss various issues related to the Reeds Lane playground in Sayers Common.

· Rodney Jackson – Hurst meadow backing properties.

EF21/22.003 Election of new Vice Chair of the Estates & Facilities Management Committee: Cllr Rodney Jackson was proposed, seconded and elected the Vice Chair of the Estates and Facilities Management committee.

RESOLVED: That the Committee accepts Cllr Rodney Jackson as the new Vice Chair for the Estates & Facilities Management Committee

EF21/22.004 Minutes of the previous meeting of the Estates & Facilities Management Committee: The minutes of 4th May 2021 committee meeting were received and accepted and would be signed by the Chair at the next available opportunity.

RESOLVED: That the Committee AGREES the minutes of the previous meeting held on 4th May 2021.

EF21/22.005 Adjournment for questions from the public: No Members of the Public Present

EF21/22.006 Review of Action Plan: The Committee reviewed Version 16 of the Action Plan and made the following observations:

· Reeds Lane Play Area – The play area upgrade will be subject to Section 106 monies becoming available. Initial ditch clearing will be undertaken in 2021 with a view to assessing what additional drainage will be required for the area. Funding for this initial work will utilise general Council funds.

· Item 34 (AV equipment) – No quote has been received at this time, Lorna is chasing the company for feedback and will be checking the 5k is not time sensitive ahead of the Trustees meeting on 23rd July.

RESOLVED: That the Committee AGREED that the Action Plan be updated and recommended to the Council on 22nd July 2021 for adoption.

EF21/22.007 Monthly Budget Monitoring: The Committee considered the budget monitoring report and made the following observations:

201 – No Queries.

202 – No Queries.

203 – No queries.

204 – No Queries.

205 – No Queries

206 – No Queries.

207 – No Queries.

208 – No Queries.

209 – No Queries.

210 – Hurst Meadows. It was noted that there was a considerable overspend on 5720 (Projects). It was explained that amount of £8300 represented costs associated with the installation of a post and rail fence along the southern border of the Wilderness, and drainage and footpath rework across Hovel Field. As this requirement arose after the budget for 2021 was set, it was considered as an infrastructure requirement. A transfer from the EMR for Hurst Meadows to cover this cost will be considered at the next Finance Committee meeting.

211 – No Queries.

212 – it was noted that following the insurance settlement for damage to the maintenance van, a sum of £2500 was received and will be added to the Vehicle Maintenance code, 5480.

213 – No Queries.

Following a discussion of the above items it was:

RESOLVED: That the Committee NOTED the budget monitoring report.

EF21/22.008 Estate & Facilities Update: The Committee considered the update report and noted the contents.

· George Judd has reported that the Butterfly surveys are going very well, with good volunteer attendance. There has been a significant quantity and variety of butterflies, which has exceeded expectations. The Data collected will be submitted to the Butterfly Conservation Group.

Malcolm Llewellyn also noted:

· Meeting with Linden Homes at the Kingsland Laines development in Sayers Common on 25th June. The Boundaries are to be confirmed, with the general foliage coverage being left, they are to confirm Native species planting on their boundary. Drainage issues were established including the covered drain. Linden homes have acknowledged the closure of the of the track through Reeds Lane Recreation grounds, the pillars and gates are to be removed and designs changed.

· Meeting with Paul Taylor from Vistry Homes in relation to outstanding works in Bramble Park in Hurstpierpoint. This development has been delayed possibly to Oct/Nov 2021. Most ditches have been cut back but larger branches missed, The Boardwalk in presently with the MSDC Planning department and there is a possible 15-week delay on materials, Bovis will be carrying out trial digs to establish the root protection zones in Tilley’s Copse, Fencing on Iden Hurst and the Southern boundary of Tilley’s copse was missing from his plans and this will be followed up. The New Play area has no final design for drainage, and this will be followed up.

Future reports will be forward looking and include known meetings and actions that are upcoming.

RESOLVED: That the Committee NOTED the contents of the update report.

EF21/22.009 Hurst Meadow Grass cutting 2021: The Committee considered the briefing paper and noted that Greenscene Landscapes has been appointed to complete the Autumn Meadow cutting in September 2021 at a cost of £2,313 plus VAT.

Stephen Witchell to investigate the cutting of PROW in Hurst Meadow

RESOLVED: That the committee has noted that Greenscene Landscapes have been awarded the Hurst Meadow autumn cut in September 2021.

EF21/22.010 Reeds Lane Play Area: The Committee considered the briefing paper and noted that Grasstex has been appointed to complete the Ditch Clearance at Reeds Lane Recreation Grounds in August 2021 at a cost of £1,950 plus VAT. It is noted that the works will be phased, Ditch works, access path raised and seating, approved equipment from the previous consultation. The ground conditions will be monitored before the new equipment is installed in the field. Residents to be contacted ahead of ditch works.

The success of the initial ditch clearing, and any subsequent work required to make the area usable throughout the year, will be assessed early in the spring of 2022. Any additional drainage work that is required will be funded by S106 monies. The balance of the S106 funds, after the any necessary drainage work is completed, will be assessed to add or compliment the play equipment and seats etc that have been previously defined.

RESOLVED: That the Committee have noted that Grasstex have been awarded the ditch clearance works.

EF21/22.011 Tree Surveying Proposal: The Committee considered the briefing note and Agreed the Tree risk assessments will be carried out over two years, Parish council sites, Recreation Grounds and Open spaces in year one and Hurst Meadows and the Ancient woodlands in the Second year. The appointment of a Nicholas Jones consultancy to carry out the Tree survey risk assessments.

Following a discussion, it was agreed that three quotes will be obtained for the Tree risk zone plan & tree risk management strategy for the whole parish council estate. The tree risk management strategy will allow the Parish Council to establish a plan to better define the detail of inspections and frequency differences based on exposure and risk to the public and employees.

RESOLVED: That the Committee AGREED the Tree Risk Assessments to be carried out by Nicholas Jones Consultancy.

EF21/22.012 Sussex Vale Rotary: The Committee considered the proposal from David Hastings and Bernard O’Rourke from Sussex Vale Rotary for the gifting of 500 saplings and Planting. A site has been identified in Walnut Tree Field in Hurst meadows. An early meeting was suggested to inform them that we are still very interested in the project, but that we should delay the project to next year, due to a shortage of saplings this year, and to better determine the soil conditions, and species required.

RESOLVED: That the Committee AGREED to contact Sussex Vale Rotary to arrange a meeting.

EF21/22.013 Defibrillators: The Committee noted that all the Defibrillators are now all serviceable and available. All the defibrillators will be maintained by Daren Kannayya, who has kindly volunteered his time. Training is planned for these devices in September 2021.

RESOLVED: That the Committee Noted that all the Defibrillators are now Working and will be maintained on a regular basis.

EF21/22.014 Information items, correspondence received or requests:

EF21/22.014.1 Review of Litter and Dog Waste Bins and Collection Services: The Committee noted that a Bin audit has been planned, volunteers will be approached to monitor the parish Dog and Litter bins in the Parish over a 2-week period. Data will be captured once available.

EF21/22.014.2 Picnic Tables for Court Bushes: The Committee Agreed That picnic tables were not a priority for Court bushes at this time but that Grants, and other options would be explored.

EF21/22.014.3 Community Road Verge Scheme: The Committee noted that the No Mow May and Community Road Verge Scheme has been Successful, with lots of uptake and interest. There are 8 verges locally, all of which have had a positive reaction from the community. It was noted that Dr Georgina Judd will provide a greater detailed update at the next meeting. It was noted that this project should work much better next year with more time to plan. It was lasted noted that WSCC will be cutting all the verges from 6th August 2021, and it was Agreed that a message would be posted on Facebook and websites to inform the community for the need to achieve this.

EF21/22.014.4 New Memorial Bench: A new Memorial Bench for the late Heather Boardman has been Agreed to be installed in the Village Garden near to the Statue on the Western boundary.

There being no other business, the Chair closed the meeting at 9.40 pm.