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November 9, 2017

MINUTES of the Meeting of the Finance + General Purposes Committee held at 8.00pm on Thursday 9 November 2017 in the Village Centre, Trinity Road, Hurstpierpoint.  

Committee Members Present 

Stephen Hand (Chairman)  Malcolm Llewellyn 

              Rodney Jackson   Julia Shorrocks 

              John Lowman 

Also Present:   


F17/045. Apologies for Absence and Declarations of Interest:  The following apologies for absence were received prior to the meeting and accepted:  Amanda Geel,  Martin Machan.  The following declarations of personal interest were declared:  Stephen  Hand and John Lowman  (Item  F17/052.7  Buildings: (1) Bowls Club Pavilion)   

F17/046.  Minutes of the meeting of Finance + General Purposes Committee of 12 October 2017:  The Minutes were received and accepted and signed by the Chairman. 

F17/047.  Matters arising from Minutes of the Finance + General Purposes Committee of 12 October 2017:  

(1)  Minute F17/041.4  –  Deposit Accounts:  It was reported that, following Council’s approval of the 

recommendation  (Minute C17/061.3), the Parish Office was advised that Lloyds Bank would not accept a deposit of less than £100,000 unless a current account was also opened.  It was therefore agreed that this option would be discarded and an alternate would be investigated.  It was also reported that Charity Bank required full details of all council members, not only signatories, and the Committee considered this to be unworkable.  It was agreed that Charity Bank would be asked to confirm its requirements, and if so then an alternate should be investigated.   


  1. (1) No deposit account would be opened with Lloyds Bank and an alternate would be investigated.   
  2. (2) If Charity Bank confirmed its requirements for full details then an alternate would be investigated.   

There were no other matters not otherwise on the agenda.   

F17/048.  Adjournment for questions from the public:  There being no members of the public present the Committee was not required to consider whether to adjourn the Meeting in accordance with clause 3(e) of Standing Orders, in order to receive questions.   


F17/049.1  Payments and receipts:  The Committee was asked to RESOLVE to approve payment of accounts totalling £14,448.25 for month 8  (November 2017) and the total receipts of £2,236.00 for Month 7 (October 2017) (Ref: Schedule 1 and 2).  The Committee was also asked to resolve approval of revised payments for Month 7 (October) of £38,331.94, an increase of £1,825.00 (being the payment of one salary not included in the WSCC payroll payment) plus £240.00 (being the payment for training services).   


  1. (1) The Committee approves the schedule of payments of  £14,448.25 for November 2017.   
  2. (2) The Committee approves the revised schedule of payments of  £38,331.94 for October 2017.   

F17/049.2  Financial monitoring:  The Committee noted the Accounts Records  for Month 7 (October 2017), in accordance with the Financial Regulations of the Council, as follows:  

(1)  Bank reconciliation and Trial Balance. 

F17/049.3.  Deposits and Investment:  The Committee noted that the Council was holding the following funds on the dates shown:   

Ref Statement Date Amount 
Bank Ref Comment 
298,781.62   Unity Bank  ‘20365408 Current 
10,372.19   CCLA ‘0663140001PC Deposit 
52,772.33 Nationwide ‘90001826 Deposit 

F17/049.4  South Down National Park Authority – Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL):  SDNPA had advised that their CIL regulations would be in place from April 2018.  As the Parish Council had a made Neighbourhood Plan it would receive 25% of any CIL funds received in the Parish area, within the National Park.  However, it was not expected to amount to any significant sum.  (Ref:  SDNPA email 25 October 2017)   

F17/049.4  Insurance matter:  Further to F17/035.3  (Meeting 14 September 2017)  the Committee was advised that the Council’s insurers were satisfied that the Council had taken all reasonable steps to check the condition of the tree and had rejected the third party claim.  (Ref:  Zurich insurers email 6 November 2017)   

F17/050.  CONTRACTS:  The Committee noted the following contracts with a cost over £500 + VAT: 

F17/050.1  Street lighting Replacement Scheme:  The contract with SSE was continuing.  Work recommenced on site on 2 October 2017 with the following outstanding matters now in hand:  Albourne Road:  2 columns; Brighton Road:  9 bracket lights;   Pitt Lane:  I column; Highfield Drive:  columns to paint. 

F17/050.2.  Photocopier: The current lease agreement for the office photocopier expired 3 March 2018 and would require renewal.  There had been some reliability issues and there would be benefits in surrendering the lease slightly early and contracting a new agreement.  Four quotations had been received, all including the cost of surrendering the current lease, which showed immediate savings and improved facilities.  It was therefore recommended that the current lease is surrendered and a new 5 year lease contracted with (REF:  BRIEFING NOTE:  photocopier 2 November 2017 )     RESOLVED:  The existing photocopier lease is surrendered and a new 5 year lease contracted with Managed Technology at a cost of  £199.59 + VAT  per quarter, plus £0.032  + VAT per colour copy, plus £0.0032 + VAT per mono copy.        

F17/050.3  Streetlight energy supply:  Further to Minute F17/025.2 (Meeting 10 August 2017)  the Clerk  under delegated authority had awarded the contract to EON Energy at a cost of £7,606   for a 36-month period commencing  1 October 2017.  An alternative quotation had been received for £8,485.     (Ref:  EON Unmetered energy supply contract 8 November 2017)   

F17/051.  PROJECTS:  

F17/051.1  Action List 2017/18:  The Committee noted the Action List for the Council Year 2017/18.  (Ref:  ACTION LIST 2017/18 rev24  5 October 2017) 

F17/051.2.  Action Plan Review: Further to Minute SP17/09 of Strategic Policy Working Group (meeting 8 August 

2017) the Committee considered the PARISH ACTION PLAN 2016-21, to report on progress to date, and to agree any further actions to be given priority for the current Council year 2017-18.  It was agreed that the following would be RECOMMENDED to Council for inclusion:   

  1. (1) Reeds Lane play area:  preparation of project plan for a replacement play facility. 
  2. (2) Cycle Route:  A Working Group be formed to access options and prepare proposals for a Parish network.   

(Ref:  Parish Action Plan 2016-21 rev 4 UPDATE    31.08.2017) 

RECOMMENDATION to Council:  The following are added to the Parish Action Plan for progress in 2018/19:     

  1. (1) Reeds Lane play area:  preparation of project plan for a replacement play facility. 
  2. (2) Cycle Route:  A Working Group is formed to access options and prepare proposals for a Parish network.   

F17/051.3.  Seats: The Committee was asked to agree to the replacement of two existing seats, one located in South Avenue Recreation Ground and the other on the corner of Willow Way, with the new ‘parish- style’ seats.  These replacements were the next on the priority list and the estimated cost is £1,600 +VAT, for supply, fixing and disposing of the existing.  The current remaining budget is £1,393 plus £250 donation = £1,643.   

RESOLVED:  Two replacement seats are installed in the South Avenue Recreation Ground and on the corner of Willow Way. 

F17/052.  OPERATIONS:  (exception reports only) F17/052.1  Street lighting:   Nothing to report. 

F17/052.2  Toilets:  Nothing to report. 

F17/052.3  Trees:  Nothing to report. F17/052.4  Cemetery:    

(1)  The Council had been notified of proposals to build next to the Cemetery north wall, under the rights of the Party Wall Act 1996  (Ref:  David Bunyan ltr  3 November 2017)   F17/052.5  Recreation Grounds:  Nothing to report.  

F17/052.6  Waste bins.  Nothing to report. F17/052.7  Buildings:  

(1) Bowls Club Pavilion:  The Council had been notified of proposals for a new surface water soakaway to be constructed immediately north of the footpath, adjacent to the NE corner of the pavilion.  This was in accordance with the permissions previously granted by the Council as landlord.   (Re:  Hurstpierpoint Bowling Club ltr 19 October 2017)   F17/052.8  Allotments:   Nothing to report.   F17/052.9  Village Centre bookings:   

(1)  It was reported that the Village Centre Association had consulted the Gym Club regarding shared use of the kitchen lobby area and that new arrangements were being tested.   

F17/052.10  Village Garden:  

(1)  The Committee suggested that further work was required, particularly along the back wall, to contain foliage growth.   F17/052.12  Highways:  Nothing to report. 

F17/052.11  Public enquiries: The Committee is advised that the Parish Office maintains a  Customer log of all public enquiries and which is available for inspection by Members.  

There being no other business the Chairman closed the meeting at     9.21  pm    Chairman  

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