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Finance & General Purposes Committee

May 10, 2018

MINUTES of the Meeting of the Finance + General Purposes Committee held at 8.00pm on Thursday  10 May 2018 in the Village Centre, Trinity Road, Hurstpierpoint.  

Committee Members Present 

Stephen Hand (Chairman)  Amanda Geel   Rodney Jackson Malcolm Llewellyn   John Lowman   Julia Shorrocks 

Also Present:   

Steve Whitehead  (Parish Council Member) 


F17/092. Apologies for Absence and Declarations of Interest:  The following apologies were received prior to the meeting and accepted:  Martin Machan.   There were no declarations of interest.   

F17/093.  Minutes of the meeting of Finance + General Purposes Committee of 12 April 2018:  The Minutes were received and accepted and signed by the Chairman. 

F17/094.  Matters arising from Minutes of the Finance + General Purposes Committee of 12 April 2018:    There were no matters not otherwise on the agenda.   

F17/095.  Adjournment for questions from the public:  There being no members of the public present the Committee was not required to consider whether to adjourn the Meeting in accordance with clause 3(e) of Standing Orders. 


F17/096.1 Payments and receipts:  The Committee approved payment of accounts totalling £14,814.38 for month 2 

(May 2018) and the total receipts of £107,007.15 for Month 1 (April 2018), which included the first half-year precept.  The Committee noted two invoices from SSE for the streetlighting project, for £43,801.37 and £6,619.97, but also noted that there were questions about the contract which had not been resolved and therefore these payments would be deferred pending clarification. (Ref: Schedule 1, 2) 

RESOLVED:  The Committee approves the schedule of payments of  £14,814,38 May 2018.   

F17/096.2  Financial monitoring:  The Committee noted the Accounts Records  for Month 12 (March 2018), in accordance with the Financial Regulations of the Council, as follows:  

(1)  Bank reconciliation and Trial Balance  

F17/096.3.  Deposits and Investment:  The Committee noted that the Council was holding the following funds on the dates shown:   

Ref Statement Date Amount 
Bank Ref Comment 
228,107.04 Unity Bank  20365408 Current 
65,396.85 CCLA 0663140001PC Shares 
52,772.33 Nationwide 90001826 Bond 
33,000.00 Nationwide 90114712 Bond 
10 10/05/2018 
50,000.00 Cambridge + Counties  15011214 Deposit 

F17/096.4  National salary award 2018/19:  The National Joint Council for Local Government Services had published its recommended salary scales for 2018/19.  These typically reflect a 2% cost of living increase effective 1 April 

2018, for which allowance has been made in the Council’s budget.  (REF:  NALC Employment Briefing E01-18   18 April 2018)   

RESOLVED:  The NJC National Salary scales for 2018/19 are implemented for the Council’s employed staff.  

F17/097.  CONTRACTS:  The Committee noted the following contracts with a cost over £500 + VAT: 

F17/097.1 Street lighting Replacement Scheme:  The contract with SSE is substantially complete, but with two post-mounted lights outstanding.  The other outstanding matters were the repainting of 5 older columns and the placing of 

‘labels’ on all columns.  It was noted that the following financial figures applied:   

Initial budget:  £165,000.00;   Tender price :  £150,655.30;  Paid to date:  £92,590.45;  Invoiced:  £134,608.26  (all figures plus VAT).   

F17/097.2 Hurst Meadows (Contract 2 – Little Park):   The fencing and gates had been installed.  There remains the placing of ‘MoT’ on some paths and the installing of temporary signs (as for Highfield Drive Meadows).  Some concern was expressed that these works had not been yet completed.   

F17/097.3 Chantry Stables maintenance works:  The Committee approved the appointment of a contractor to carry out repairs to the exterior of the building, including making good doors and windows, and repairs to the roof and brickwork.  Invitations had been issued to 5 contractors and two received.  It was recommended that the work was awarded to Ferguson Building Services for the sum of £9,305.80 + VAT.  (REF: Briefing Note Chantry Stables Repairs 20 

April 2018

RESOLVED:  The Chantry Stables maintenance works is awarded to Ferguson Building Services for the sum of £9,305.80 + VAT 

F17/098.  PROJECTS:  

F17/098.1 Action List 2017/18:  The Committee noted the Action List for the Council Year 2018/19.  (Ref:  ACTION LIST 2018/19 rev27  19 April 2018) 

F17/099.  OPERATIONS:  (exception reports only) F17/099.1  Street lighting:    F17/099.2  Toilets:   

F17/099.3  Trees:  The tree survey was due to  be undertaken  imminently.  A further Chestnut tree in South Avenue Recreation Ground required removal due to severe disease damage, at a cost of £540 + VAT.   

F17/099.4  Cemetery:  The collapsed Cemetery Wall had been inspected by the Council’s appointed architect on 24 

April 2018  and their report was awaited.  F17/099.5  Recreation Grounds:  

F17/099.6  Waste bins:  A project meeting had been planned with the Council’s appointed waste contractor to assess the locations of new dog waste and general waste bins in Hurst Meadows and elsewhere.   F17/099.7  Buildings:  

  1. (1) Chantry Stables (Charity Shop):  Further to the previous report (Minute F17/081 Meeting 8 March 2018) a contractor inspected the drain blockage and cleared a substantial amount of silt.  It was hoped that the matter of drainage was now resolved, but the issue is being monitored.  Some concern was expressed that the previously employed drain specialists had  not resolved the issue.   
  2. (2) Request from tenant Hurst Community Charity:  The tenant had requested the Council’s permission to make alterations to the front elevation of the building to improve the appearance, and to add a sign.  Reference was made to the tenant’s surveyors letter and sketch of 20 April 2018.  As landlord the Council is empowered to approve these changes, but they would still require planning permission as the building is in the Conservation Area.  It was agreed that the Committee made recommendation to Council to approve the changes.  (REF:  Chantry Stables Surveyor ltr 20 April) 2018) RECOMMENDATION to COUNCIL:  That landlord’s permission is granted for changes to the elevation of Chantry Stables, as detailed in the surveyor’s letter of 20 April 2018.   

F17/099.8  Allotments:   

F17/099.9  Village Centre:    

F17/099.10  Village Garden:   F17/099.11  Highways:   

F17/099.12  Public enquiries: The Committee is advised that the Parish Office maintains a  Customer log of all public enquiries and which is available for inspection by Members.  

F17/100.  Annual Accounts 2017/18:  The Committee received and considered the Accounts 2017/18, and agreed to make a recommendation to Council for their approval.  In addition the Committee agreed to recommend approval of the following elements which support the accounts:  Assets Register (31 March 2018), and the Earmarked Reserves (31 March 2018) as follows:   


Balance at  Balance at  to  be added 
Item 31 March 2017 31 March 2018 2018/19 Comment 
Community Affairs Comm 4,268 4,268 
Community events fund 
Streetlighting replacement 72,410 30,392 
Received from PWLB less invoiced by SSE 
Maintenance van 3,759 4,500 
Fund increased by £750 pa. 
Little Park Hurst Meadows 

73,360 Sum received  January 2018 less expenditure/transfer in 2017/18 
Highfield Drive Hurst  Meadows 

98,786 Sum received  August 2017 less expenditure/transfer in 2017/18 
Per Balance Sheet          80,437         39,160     172,146    

(Ref:   Annual  Accounts 2017/18  ATTACHED;  Assets Register 31 March 2018 ATTACHED ) RECOMMENDATION to Council:   

  1. (1) The Assets Register 31 March 2018 is approved. 
  2. (2) The Earmarked reserves 31 March 2018 are approved. 
  3. (3) The Accounts 2017/18 are approved. 

F17/101.   Annual Financial Risk Management Review 2018/19: The Committee agreed to RECOMMEND to 

COUNCIL to receive and adopt the Annual Financial Risk Management Review 2017/18. (Ref: ‘Governance + Accountability for Smaller Councils ‘March 2017 Section 5 (Risk management); Annual Financial Risk Management 

Review 2017/18    3 May 2018 ) 

RECOMMENDATION to Council:  The Annual Financial Risk Management Review 2018/19 is adopted. 

F17/102.  Annual Risk Assessment 2018/19:  The Committee noted that the Annual Risk Assessment of Council owned property had been undertaken and agreed to RECOMMEND to Council that it is confirmed that it is complete.  (Ref:  HP&SCPC Risk Assessment and Inspection Records 24 April 2018) 

RECOMMENDATION to Council:  The Annual Risk Assessment 2018/19 is adopted.  

F17/103.  Annual Insurance renewal:  The Committee approved the appointment of the Council’s insurer for a 3year period from June 2018.  Two quotes for a three-year agreement were received, with prices of £3,213.56  and £3,097.28 pa.  The current insurer Zurich had covered the Council for the past three years and provided the cheaper quote. They had provided good service and it was recommended that they were re-appointed.  (Ref: Zurich Insurance renewal statement May 2018)  

RESOLVED: That the annual Insurance renewal is kept with Zurich under a 3-year Long Term Agreement with this year’s quote at £3,097.28 per annum. 

F17/104.  Internal Audit – Review of effectiveness of Internal Control 2018/19:  The Committee reviewed the 

Internal Control systems and agreed to RECOMMEND its adoption to Council.  In  discussion  the matter of further training for councillors was discussed, and agreed that the previous seminar for planning had been successful.  (Internal Control 

Arrangements (Regulation 6 of the Accounts and Audit Regulations 2015)) (Ref:  BRIEFING NOTE Internal Audit – Review of effectiveness of Internal Control 2017/18  3 May 2018 )  

RECOMMENDATION to Council:  The Internal Audit – Review of effectiveness of Internal Control 2018/19 is adopted.  

There being no other business the Chairman closed the meeting at  9.20  pm    Chairman  

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