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Finance & General Purposes Committee

February 7, 2019

MINUTES of the Meeting of the Finance + General Purposes Committee held at 8.00pm on Thursday  

7 February 2019 in the Village Centre, Trinity Road, Hurstpierpoint.  

Committee Members Present 

Rodney Jackson (Chairman)   Stephen Hand   Tony Lank  Malcolm Llewellyn   Martin Machan  Julia Shorrocks 

Also Present:   


Paul Mayne – Assistant Clerk 

F18/067. Apologies for Absence and Declarations of Interest:  There were no apologies received prior to the meeting.  There were no declarations of interest.   

F18/068.  Minutes of the meetings of Finance + General Purposes Committee of 10 January 2019:  The Minutes were received and accepted and signed by the Chairman. 

F18/069.  Matters arising from Minutes of the Finance + General Purposes Committee of 10 January 

2019:  There were no matters not otherwise covered on this agenda.   

F18/070.  Adjournment for questions from the public:  There being no members of the public present the  Committee was not required to adjourn the Meeting in accordance with Clause 19d) of Standing Orders.   


F18/071.1 Payments and receipts:  The Committee was asked to RESOLVE to approve:  

  1. (1) Revised Payments of  £43,489.04  for month 10 (January 2019)  being increased by late transactions for van road tax (addition £250.00) and New Inn reception (addition £267.10).  It was noted that the Council had paid for the members of staff attending the reception.   (Ref: Schedule January 2019 ) 
  2. (2) Payments of  £17,647.49  for month 11 (February 2019) and total receipts of £17,700.57  for Month 10 (January 2019) (Ref: Schedule February 2019  ) 


  1. (1) The Committee approves the revised schedule of payments of  £43,489.04 for January 2019.   
  2. (2) The Committee approves the schedule of payments of  £17,647.49 for February 2019.   

F18/071.2  Financial monitoring:  The Committee noted the Accounts Records  for Month 9 (December 2018), in accordance with the Financial Regulations of the Council, as follows:  

(1)  Bank reconciliation and Trial Balance (Month 10  January 2019) 

F18/071.3.  Deposits and Investment:  The Committee noted that the Council was holding the following funds on the dates shown:   

Ref Statement Date Amount Bank Ref Comment 
31/01/2019   128,210.73 Unity Bank  ‘20365408 Current 
31/12/2018   65,686.63 CCLA ‘0663140001PC Shares 
28/08/2018   53,171.45 Nationwide ‘90001826 Bond 
12/02/2018   33,000.00 Nationwide ‘90114712 Bond 
10 10/05/2018 50,000.00 Cambridge + Counties  15011214 Deposit   
11 31/10/2018 35,000.00 Cambridge + Counties 15012689 Deposit  
 TOTAL £365,068.81      

F18/071.4  Nationwide Deposit:  The Committee was asked to approve to re-invest a maturing cash bond.   The existing Nationwide Business 1 Year Fixed Deposit matured 11 February 2019 being £33,000 plus interest (0.75%).  At the time of reporting several investment options were available.  The Council had sufficient deposits in the current account to meet projected cashflow needs and it was therefore recommended that this sum is placed in a 2-year cash bond.  (REF:  

BRIEFING NOTE  Nationwide Business 1 Year Fixed Deposit matures 11 February 2019  –   25 January 2019) RESOLVED: On maturity the deposit plus interest is deposited in the Business 2 Year Saver (fixed @1.10%).   

F18/071.5   Financial Regulations – review of Direct Debits and Standing Orders:  This item was deferred to the next meeting of the Committee.   

F18/071.6  Salaries – incremental increases: The Committee was asked to approve a cost-of-living increase of approximately 3% for all staff salary grades with effect 1 April 2019. This was in accordance with National Joint Council for 

Local Government (NJC/NALC) as settled in December 2018 and provision was in the Council’s 2019/20 Budget.  (Ref: 

NALC/SLCC advice sheet E02-18   7 December 2018  ). 

RESOLVED:  The NJC/NALC national salary cost of living award is applied to all staff salary grades with effect 1 April 2019.   

F18/071.7  WSCC Pension Management:  The Committee noted that WSCC are transferring their pension management to Hampshire CC effective 4 March 2019.  There would be change to the reporting processes but otherwise no impact on the Parish Council’s operations.  (REF:  WSCC  lgps  advice note January 2019)   

F18/072.  CONTRACTS:  The Committee noted the following contracts with a cost over £500 + VAT: F18/072.1  Village Gateways:   The installation contract was satisfactorily completed 23 January 2019.  The outstanding matter was the late decision to add ‘twinning’ signs to two of the Sayers Common  gateways.  The Committee was advised that the Twinning Association had no strong view on whether signs should be included in Sayers Common (as there were no signs previously) but it was agreed to proceed with the installation of signs on the two  London Road gateways.   (REF:  Twinning Assoc email 7 January 2019) .  

RESOLVED:  ‘Twinning’ signs to be placed on the two  gateways on London Road, Sayers Common.   

F18/072.2  Streetlight replacement scheme:  The Committee was advised that the following remain outstanding:  I column to be painted; all columns to be labelled; 2 pole-mounted lanterns to be installed in Brighton Road; 1 ‘gear-tray’ repair at Hassocks Road;  certification to  be provided.   

F18/072.3  Village Garden and War Memorial maintenance:  The Committee was advised that tenders were being sought  for the planting and maintenance of these spaces.  The contractors were being asked to offer a planting plan.  It was intended that the contract would be for 5 years, extendable by a further 2 years.  The contract would start 1 April 2019 and meanwhile the areas are being maintained by the Council’s own staff.   

F18/072.4  Hanging baskets – High Street:  The Committee was asked for its views on the supply of free baskets to shops in the High Street.  The project was under the control of the Community Affairs Committee, which next meets 21 March 2019.  This Committee considered that the scheme did not make sufficient impact and did not offer sufficient value for money.  The funds would be better spent in developing the planting on the Village Garden.  (REF:  BRIEFING NOTE  High Street Hanging Baskets 2019  –  17 January 2019 ) 

F18/073.  PROJECTS:  

F18/073.1 Action List 2018/19:  The Committee noted the Action List for the Council Year 2018/19.  (Ref:  ACTION LIST 2018/19 rev31  20 December 2018  ) 

F18/074.  OPERATIONS:  The Committee was asked to note (exception reports only): 

F18/074.1  Street lighting:   (No report) 

F18/074.2  Toilets:  (No report) F18/074.3  Trees:  (No report) F18/074.4  Cemetery:   

F18/074.5  Recreation Grounds:  

(1)  St Georges Millennium Garden Trust:  The Committee was asked to note the Annual Management Plan 

2019/20.  (REF:    St Georges Millennium Garden Trust  Annual Management Plan 2019/20 ) F18/074.6  Waste bins:    

F18/074.7  Buildings:  

F18/074.8  Allotments:   

(1)  Hurst Allotments Association:  The Committee was asked to note the Annual General Meeting minutes.  (REF  

Hurst Allotments Association:  AGM minutes  28 November 2018  ) 

F18/074.9  Village Centre:   (No report) 

F18/074.10  Village Garden:  (No report) 

F18/074.11  Highways:  (No report)  

F18/074.12  Public enquiries: The Committee was advised that the Parish Office maintains a  Customer log of all public enquiries and which is available for inspection by Members.  

There being no other business the Chairman closed the meeting at  8.50 pm 


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