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Finance & General Purposes Committee

April 30, 2019

MINUTES of the Meeting of the Finance + General Purposes Committee held at 8.00pm on Thursday  

30 April 2019 in the Village Centre, Trinity Road, Hurstpierpoint.  

Committee Members Present 

Rodney Jackson (Chairman)   Stephen Hand   Tony Lank  Malcolm Llewellyn   Martin Machan  Julia Shorrocks 

Also Present:   

Allan Brown 


Paul Mayne – Assistant Clerk 

F18/091. Apologies for Absence and Declarations of Interest:  No apologies were received prior to the meeting.  There were no declarations of interest.      

F18/092.  Minutes of the meetings of Finance + General Purposes Committee of 4 April 2019:  The Minutes were received and accepted and signed by the Chairman. 

F18/093.  Matters arising from Minutes of the Finance + General Purposes Committee of 4 April 2019:   There were no matters not otherwise covered on this agenda.   

F18/094.  Adjournment for questions from the public:  There being no members of the public present the  Committee was not required to adjourn the Meeting in accordance with Clause 19d) of Standing Orders.   


F18/095.1  Court Bushes – purchase of equipment:  The Committee was asked to approve the purchase of equipment for the Court Bushes Community Hub.  Reference was made to the meeting of Council 13 December 2018 (Minute C18/081) and the decision to allocate £20,000 to  the capital budget for Court Bushes equipment  in 2019/20.  In addition a Community Grant of £5,000 has been approved by MSDC, hence making a total of £25,000 available.  The order comprised:   

  1. (1) Kitchen appliances (Appliances Direct(But it direct ltd):  £553.98 + VAT 
  2. (2) Tables, chairs, storage racks  Office Furniture online)   £11,936.00 + VAT 
  3. (3) Miscellaneous cleaning equipment (Buzz Catering Supplies Ltd):  £3,396.00 + VAT 

Being a total of   £15,886  + VAT  (Accounts code:6050) 

(REF:  Quotes:  Appliances Direct (Buy it direct ltd) –  3 April 2019;  Office Furniture online  –  4 April 2019;  (Buzz Catering Supplies Ltd – 3 April 2019)   

RESOLVED:  The following purchases for Court Bushes Community Hub are approved:   

  1. (1) Kitchen appliances (Appliances Direct (Buy it direct Ltd):  £553.98 + VAT  (code 6050) 
  2. (2) Tables, chairs, storage racks  Office Furniture online)   £11,936.00 + VAT (code 6050) 
  3. (3) Miscellaneous cleaning equipment (Buzz Catering Supplies Ltd):  £3,396.00 + VAT (code 


F18/095.2   Payments and receipts:  The Committee was asked to RESOLVE to approve:   

  1. (1) Revised payments of £41,660.25 for Month 1 (April 2019), the additional items being a STO for AiRS subscription (£50.00), and DDs for BT (£131.23) and Total Gas + Power ((£28.28).   
  2. (2) Payments of  £51,806.90   for month 2 (May 2019) and total receipts of £109,714.50   for Month 1 (April 2019) which included the half-year precept of £109,394.00. (Ref: Schedule May  2019 ) 

RERESOLVED:  The Committee approves  

  1. (1) The revised schedule of payments of £41,660.25  for April 2019.   
  2. (2) The schedule of payments of £51,806.90  for May 2019.   

F18/095.3  Financial monitoring:  The Committee noted that due to the year-end accounting procedure the Accounts Records  for Month 1 (April 2019)  were not be complete at this time, but would be presented to the next meeting.   

F18/095.4.  Deposits and Investment:  The Committee noted that the Council was holding the following funds on the dates shown:   

Ref Statement Date Amount 
Bank Ref Comment 
60,460.46 Unity Bank  ‘20365408 Current 
65,811.01 CCLA ‘0663140001PC Shares 
53,517.14 Nationwide ‘90001826 Bond 
31/03/2019   33,249.04 Nationwide ‘90114712 Bond 
10 10/05/2018 50,000.00 Cambridge + Counties  15011214 Deposit   
11 31/10/2018 35,000.00 Cambridge + Counties 15012689 Deposit  
 TOTAL £298,037.65      

F18/096.  LAND AND ASSETS:   

F18/096.1  South Avenue Recreation Ground:  The Committee noted that Lawsons Circus had applied to attend the Ground  7 to 9 May 2019.  Lawsons are an established family firm and had visited Hurstpierpoint every couple of years for a considerable time.  Following consultation with the Chairman and VC of the Committee, a licence to occupy had been issued, as normal practice.  A refundable security bond of £300 is charged.   The Council had issued letters to residents whose properties fronted or backed on to the Recreation Ground, advising of the visit.   (REF:  Lawsons email 10 April 2019)   

F18/096.2  Chantry Stables:  the Committee noted that the current lease expired 1 April 2019 and considered the 

RECOMMENDATIONS in the Briefing Note.  It was reported that an exchange had taken place with the Chair of the Charity Trustees and that agreement in principle had been reached, subject to confirmation by Council.  In discussion it was agreed that CPI would be used to  calculate the increase of 6.9%, which resulted in a proposed rent of £10,260 PAX.  It was also noted that the Charity were requesting an annual grant equivalent to 50% of the rent, and this was noted.  

(REF:  Chantry Stables lease  20 July 2016;  Oakley valuation report   7 March 2014;  CONFIDENTIAL BRIEFING NOTE   Chantry Stable lease-  23 April 2019) )   

RECOMMENDATION to Council:  The tenants are offered a 5-year extension to the current lease at a rent of £10,260  PAX.  

F18/097.  CONTRACTS:  The Committee noted the following contracts with a cost over £500 + VAT: 

F18/097.1  Streetlight replacement scheme:  The Committee is advised that all matters are now complete.    

F18/097.2.  Tree surgery:  Work was undertaken  in Tilleys  Copse (part of Hurst Meadows) on 11 April 2019 and a further two days work on 25 and 26 April 2019, to complete the ‘amber’ and ‘red’ identified trees.   For the tree surgery requirements outside Hurst Meadows (the Parish area trees), and further to Minute F18/088 of the Committee meeting of 

4 April 2019, a quotation had been received from one of the Council’s retained tree surgeons James Wilson to  carry out the required works on the designated ‘amber’ trees but, due to the volume of work required, the sum was larger than predicted.  A separate quotation applied for work  to  be undertaken in Little Park Hurst Meadows.  In addition there was a 

recommendation in the original condition survey that a tomographic survey was undertaken  on the large Willow tree in the Cemetery. This would determine whether the trunk was sufficiently diseased to require felling the tree.  A quotation had been received from specialist Harraway Trees.  It was recommended that these quotations were accepted.   (REF:  Tree condition assessment  Tilleys Copse and Wilderness – 4 Feb 2019  PJC Consultants;  Tree condition assessment  Parish Council – 4 June 2018  PJC Consultants;  James Wilson Tree Care  email 22 April 2019;  Harraway Trees email 8 March 2019)   

RESOLVED:  The following tree works contracts are awarded:   

  1. (1) For tree surgery on the Parish area trees for  £4,900 + VAT to  James Wilson Tree Care (code 2902) 
  2. (2) For tree surgery on the Little Park Hurst Meadows trees for  £1,950 + VAT to  James Wilson Tree Care  (code 6014) 
  3. (3) For undertaking a tomographic survey in the Cemetery  for £425 + VAT to Harraway Trees. (2902) 

F18/097.3  Bus shelter,  Wickham Hill:  The existing shelter was in a very poor state of repair and at risk of collapse.  It was set back from the highway and appeared to be very little used.  It was therefore proposed to demolish and remove at a cost of £160 + VAT .  A decision about its possible replacement would be made in due course.   

RESOLVED:  The bus shelter at Wickham Hill is removed and a decision about its replacement made in due course  (code 2860).    

F18/097.4  Hassocks Parish Council:  A request had been received from Hassocks PC for this Council to provide a Maintenance Officer Service to carry out weekly inspections of their play equipment.  It was suggested that this would require 1.5 hours/week and a charge of £25.00/hr would be made.  The Council’s Maintenance Officer was willing to undertake the work as an addition to his current hours, and his employment contract would be adjusted accordingly.  The Committee agreed to the request, but only subject to satisfaction on the matter of employer’s liability and a contract with Hassocks PC.   

RESOLVED:  That a Maintenance Officer service is provided to Hassocks PC, subject to satisfaction on employer’s and contract liability.   

F18/098.  PROJECTS:  

F18/098.1 Action List 2018/19:  The Committee noted the Action List for the Council Year 2018/19.  (Ref:  ACTION LIST 2018/19 rev33  23 April 2019) 

F18/099.  OPERATIONS:  The Committee was asked to note (exception reports only): 

9.1  Street lighting:    9.5  Recreation Grounds:   9.9  Village Centre:    

9.2  Toilets:   9.6  Waste bins  9.10  Village Garden:   

9.3  Trees:   9.7  Buildings:  9.11  Highways:   

9.4  Cemetery:   9.8  Allotments:    


F18/099.12  Public enquiries: The Committee was advised that the Parish Office maintains a  Customer log of all public enquiries and which is available for inspection by Members.  

F18/100.    Annual Accounts 2018/19:  The Committee was asked to receive and consider the Annual Accounts 

2018/19, and make a recommendation to Council.  In addition the Committee was asked to approve the following elements which support the accounts:  Assets Register (31 March 2019), and the Earmarked Reserves (31 March 2019).  

In discussion some typographical errors were noted and some clarifications which were incorporated.  (Ref:  Draft Annual Report and Accounts 2018/19;  Assets Register 31 March 2019;  Earmarked Reserves 31 March 2019) RECOMMENDATION to Council:   

  1. (1) The Assets Register 31 March 2019 is approved. 
  2. (2) The Earmarked reserves 31 March 2019 are approved. 
  3. (3) The Accounts 2018/19 are approved. 

There being no other business the Chairman closed the meeting at   8.38pm 


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