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August 2, 2019

MINUTES of the Meeting of the PLAY AREA WORKING GROUP held at 7.30 pm on Tuesday 25 June 2019 held in the Village Centre, Trinity Road, Hurstpierpoint.  

Working Group Members Present : Bob Sampson 

      Seth Jee 

      Claire Majsai 

      Annalisa Clarke  

    Also Present: Paul Mayne – Assistant Clerk 

PA19/001.  Election of the Chairman:  Bob Sampson was elected chairman for the Council Year from 16 May 


PA19/002.  Apologies for absence and declarations of interest: Seth Gee declared a personal interest in respect as being a member of the Sayers Common Village Society. in accordance with the Code of Conduct.  There were no apologies 

PA19/003.  Minutes of the Meeting of the Play Area Working Group of 15 January 2019: The minutes were received and accepted. 

PA19/004.  Review the various equipment ideas and quotes from Playground Suppliers: These were reviewed and the Sovereign quote Option One.for £12,012.82 (Ex VAT) was the preferred one, although may require 1 or 2 pieces to be changed or moved. Along with this, the additional equipment for 11 – 16 year olds as outlined in the Sayers Common Village Society proposals (Outdoor table tennis table, 2 x 8ftx6ft Goal Posts, Basketball Post and shooting area, Netball Post) all to be installed outside the fenced in play area. Although 3 picnic tables are shown in the proposal it was suggested to see if any local firms in Sayers Common would like to sponsor one.   

PA19/005.  Funding:.The working group realized that there were no S106 monies available for Play Space in Sayers Common until the Kingsland Laines development had taken place. However, the Chairman would be making representation to the Finance & General Purpose Committee and then Council to have £20,000 as shown in the budget albeit that all the monies would need to come from the Parish funds rather than only £5,000.  

PA19/006.  Playground Supplier Recommendation: The working group is to recommend the Sovereign Option One quote subject to  

  • • Making any of the changes as suggested in PA19/004 above 
  • • The quote is addressed to the Parish Council 
  • • A visit to London Mead School were Sovereign playground equipment has been installed 
  • • A revisit Reeds Lane site to review the additional items suggested in the Sayers Common Village Society proposal especially in respect of type of surface required, installation of these and whether any additional items are needed such as netting to stop balls going out of the site. Obtaining quotes/costs to ensure that everything can be installed for £20,000. 

PA-18/007 Recommendation to Council: That the Sovereign Option One quote for £12,012.82 (Ex VAT) be approved subject to funds being available from Parish funds so that purchasing and installation can be made as soon as possible, with the other items being added at a later date once all costs have been received, there are no safety concerns and funds are available for these have been made available . 

PA 18/008. Decide date for possible next meeting: No date set for the next meeting, but would wait until the information and requirements in PA19/006 (above) are received.      

There being no other business the Meeting closed at 9.10 pm.    

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