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Finance & General Purposes Committee

May 12, 2016

MINUTES of the Meeting of the Finance + General Purposes Committee held at 8.00pm on Thursday 12 

May 2016 in the Village Centre, Trinity Road, Hurstpierpoint.  

Committee Members Present 

Rodney Jackson   (Chairman for this meeting)  Allan Brown   John Lowman   Martin Machan  Pam Mitchell    

Also Present:   

Stephen Hoyles – CLERK TO THE COUNCIL 

Charlotte Kempson – Assistant Clerk 

F15/078. Apologies for Absence and Declarations of Interest: The following apologies for absence were received prior to the meeting and accepted:  Stephen Hand,  Judith Marsh.  There were no declarations of interest.  In the absence of the Chairman  the Vice-chairman chaired the meeting.  

F15/079.  Minutes of the Finance + General Purposes Committee of 14 April 2016:  The Minutes were received and adopted and signed by the Chairman.   

F15/080.  Matters arising from Minutes of the Finance + General Purposes Committee of 14 April 2016: (1)  South Avenue Recreation Ground boundary hedge (Minute F15/072):  The Committee received the report from Cllr John Lowman.  The Committee was advised that the Parish Council owned the previous and the new hedgerow, which was wholly within the Council’s land.  The historic plans and maps did not define the boundary sufficiently precisely for a clear resolution to be made. The planning permission for the new dwelling adjacent to Lodge Cottage had been investigated, and required a specified access width which had been provided by the planting of the new hedge.  However, although there was possibly some minor encroachment, the amount was very small and could not be considered a ‘ransom’ situation.  The new hedge, which was wider than previous, meant that pedestrian access around the barrier was constrained and the hedge should be cut back accordingly.  Also, the lime tree on the corner was close to the access and should have some additional root protection.  The Committee accepted the report.  (Ref:  Hedgerow boundary report – John Lowman – 10 May 2016)   

F15/081.  Adjournment for questions from the public:  There being no public present the Committee was not required to consider whether to adjourn the Meeting in accordance with Clause 1(d) of Standing Orders  


F15/082.1  (1)  Payments and receipts:  The Committee was asked to RESOLVE to approve payment of accounts totalling £12,620.49  for month 2  (May 2016), and note receipts of £92,700.88  for month 1 (April 2016)  (Ref: Schedules 1 and 2 ) 

RESOLVED:  the Committee RESOLVES to approve the schedule of payments of  £12,620.49   for May 2016.  

F15/082.1 (2)  Payments schedule March 2016:  The Committee was asked to approve the revised payment 

Schedule  for March 2016 (Month 12 2015/16).  The sum approved at the Committee was £40,137.35 but, as part of the closing accounts for the year-end, a number of aged non-presented cheques have been removed, resulting in credits to the schedule for March.  In addition, following advice from the Internal auditor on his inspection on 9 May 2016, the £30,000.00 transfer from the CCLA investment account was shown as a receipt, with a corresponding addition to the payments.  The revised payments total is therefore £68,904.45 and the revised receipts total is £32,266.33 as shown on the revised Month 12 Schedules.  The carried forward balances remained unchanged.  (Ref:  Revised Payments and 

Receipts Schedules – Month 12 (March 2016)  6 May 2016 ) 

RESOLVED:  the Committee RESOLVES to approve the revised schedule of payments of  £68,904.45 and receipts of £32,266.33 for March 2016.  

F15/082.1 (3)  Payments schedule April 2016:  The Committee was asked to approve the revised payment 

Schedule  for April 2016 (Month 1 2016/17).  The sum approved at the Committee was £22,703.14 but it had been subsequently noted from the bank statement that AiRS had taken their annual subscription of £40.00 but had not notified the Council.  The subscription was in order.  The revised payments total is therefore £22,743.14 as shown on the revised 

Month 1 Schedule.  (Ref:  Revised Payments and Receipts Schedules – Month 1 (April 2016)  12  May 2016 ) RESOLVED:  the Committee RESOLVES to approve the revised schedule of payments of  £22,743.14 for April 2016.  

F15/082.2  Financial monitoring:  The Committee noted the Accounts Records  for Month 1 (April 2016), in accordance with the Financial Regulations of the Council, as follows:  

(1)  Bank reconciliation and Trial Balance  

F15/082.3.  Deposits and Investment:  The Committee noted that the Council was holding the following funds on the dated shown:   

Ref Statement Date Amount 
Bank Ref Comment 
Unity Bank  ‘20365408 Current 
10,323.50 CCLA ‘0663140001PC Deposit 
39,329.86 Cooperative ‘65190913 00 Current 
0.00 National savings NSI ‘138058219 Gratuity Fund 
51,418.59 Nationwide ‘90001826 Deposit 

F15/082.4 Leases:   

  1. (1) Chantry Stables:  The Council is the landlord and the tenant is Hurstpierpoint Community Charity.  The new 5-year lease for Chantry Stables has been finalised and copies being prepared for engrossment.  The revised rent of £9,600 pa and the corresponding grant rebate of £4,800 (as approved by Council 22 May 2014 Minute C598.1) should be backdated to 1 April 2014 being the start of the new lease.  The Council has received rent totalling £6,737.50   since 1 April 2014, being the rate under the previous lease.  There was now required a reconciliation of the gross rent due, less the rent paid, less the grant rebate, since 1 April 2014, and the Tenant will be invoiced accordingly.  (Ref: BRIEFING NOTE Chantry Stables 11 March 2014)   

RECOMMENDATION to Council:  The Lease for Chantry Stables with Hurstpierpoint 

Community Charity is signed by the Chairman and Vice-chairman of Council, on behalf of the Council in accordance with Clause 22 of Standing Orders. 

  1. (2) Tennis Club:  The Council’s lease to the Tennis Club for the courts and pavilion is scheduled for a rent review effective 26 November 2016.  Under the terms of the lease an independent valuation was required from the District Valuer.  The Committee is asked to note that the DV has quoted £800 + VAT for the service and will be appointed to undertake the task.  A further report will be brought to Committee in due course.  (Ref:  District Valuer Services – Worthing  email 27 April 2016)   

F15/082.5  Bank account:  The Committee was advised that the current account with Unity Bank was activated 29 April 2016 and the Cooperative Bank account closed.  It is intended that payments are now made, wherever possible, by online banking in accordance with the Financial Regulations.   

F15/082.6  Annual Report and Statement of Accounts 2015/16:  Further to Minute C15/120 of Council meeting 

28 April 2016, the Committee was asked to receive and consider the Annual Report and Accounts 2015/16, and make a recommendation to Council.  In addition the Committee was asked to approve the following elements which support the accounts:  Assets Register (31 March 2016), and the Earmarked Reserves (31 March 2016) as follows:   

EARMARKED RESERVES:    Balance at 31 March 

Item 2016 2015 Comment 
Gratuity Fund 0  Funds transferred to Staff WSCC pension 10,790  fund 
Village seats legacy 0  0  Funds have been spent on seats 
Community Affairs  4,268  4,268  Community events fund 
Community Bus 0  The Hurst/Hassocks bus is now closed and 7,500  there is no requirement for a fund.  
St Lawrence 700th anniversary 0  0   
Maintenance van 3,000  2,250  Fund increased by £750 pa. 
High Street Improvements Scheme  6,500  Required to pay outstanding retention monies 21,370  in 2016/17.   

The Committee noted that the Assets Register  at 31 March 2016 had been restated in accordance with the External Auditor’s Report for 2015 (28 September 2015) with the toilet buildings shown at cost of £1 each, and the items valued as insured rates, as a proxy for actual value.   

(Ref:  Draft Annual Report and Accounts  2015/16 DRAFT4;  Assets Register 31 March 2016 ) 


  1. (1) The Annual Report is approved.   
  2. (2) The Earmarked reserves 31 March 2016 of £13,768 are approved. 
  3. (3) The Assets Register 31 March 2016 totalling £347,415 is approved. 
  4. (4) The Statement of Accounts 2015/16 is approved. 

F15/082.7  Annual Financial Risk Management Review  2016/17: The Committee was asked to RECOMMEND to COUNCIL to receive and adopt the Annual Financial Risk Management Review  2016/17. (Ref:  Annual Financial Risk Management Review  2016/17    3 May 2016 ) 

RECOMMENDATION to Council:  The Annual Financial Risk Management Review 2016/17 is adopted. 

F15/082.8  Annual Risk Assessment 2016/17:  The Committee noted that the  Annual Risk Assessment of Council owned property has been undertaken and agreed to RECOMMEND to Council that it is confirmed that it is complete.  (Ref:  HP&SCPC Risk Assessment and Inspection Records 28 April 2016) 

RECOMMENDATION to Council:  The Annual Risk Assessment 2016/17 is adopted.  

F15/082.9  Annual Insurance renewal:  The Committee noted that under the current terms the insurance is renewed with Zurich Insurance with effect 1 June 2016 for an annual premium of £2,220.  (Ref:  Zurich Insurance renewal statement  April 2016  ) 

F15/083.  PROJECTS:  

F15/083.1  Action List 2015/16:  The Committee noted the Action List for the Council Year 2015/16.  (Ref:  ACTION LIST 2015/16 rev11  5 May 2016 ) 

F15/083.2  Streetlight Replacement Scheme:  Further to Minute F15/076.3 of the Committee meeting of 14 April 

2016 the details of the tender process were in the Tender Report and a recommendation was made for the appointment of the preferred contractor, but only after the corresponding loan is secured from Public Works Loan Board.  The tender process had been discussed with the Internal Auditor who had confirmed that the correct procedures had been followed.  It was noted that the previous streetlight maintenance contract with Streetlights Ltd had expired 31 March 2016.  (Ref:  

BRIEFING NOTE Streetlight Replacement  1 October 2015;  BRIEFING NOTE  Street lighting Replacement Contract  4 May 2016 ) 


  1. (1) The Streetlight Replacement contract is awarded to SSE Enterprise Lighting for the Price Schedule figure of   £150,655.30 + VAT subject to confirming the contents of the Schedule and to receiving the loan for the scheme. 
  2. (2) Application is made to PWLB for a  loan of £165,000 repayment over 20 years at an interest rate of 2.80% (the actual rate to be confirmed immediately prior to the loan being drawn).     

F15/084.  OPERATIONS:  (exception reports only) F15/084.1  Street lighting:   Nothing to report.   

F15/084.2  Toilets:  Nothing to report.   

F15/084.3  Trees:  Nothing to report.  

F15/084.4  Cemetery:   Nothing to report. 

F15/084.5  Recreation Grounds:   

(1)  Hurst Festival car display – South Avenue Recreation Ground:  Hurst Festival had applied for permission to run a display on Saturday 17 September 2016.  A similar event was staged in 2015 and was a successful event.  It was suggested that the Council grants a licence and no charge is made.   (Ref:  Hurst Festival  email 3 May 2016)   RESOLVED:  The Council grants a licence for the Hurst Festival car display on South Avenue Recreation Ground on 17 September 2016.  

F15/084.6  Dog waste bins.  Nothing to report. 

F15/084.7  Buildings:   Nothing to report. 

F15/084.8  Allotments:   Nothing to report.   

F15/084.9  Public enquiries: The Committee is advised that the Parish Office maintains a  Customer log  of all public enquiries and which is available for inspection by Members.   

There being no other business the Chairman closed the meeting at  9.10   pm    Chairman  

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