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Dear Councillor,

Committee Members are summoned to attend the MEETING of the Finance & Governance Committee to be held on Thursday 23 June 2022 at 7.30pm in the Hurstpierpoint Village Centre Conference Room.  Members of the public have a right to and are invited to attend the meeting.

Sarah Groom, Clerk to the Council & Responsible Finance Officer                                           Friday 17 June 2022

Committee Membership: Cllr Duncan Ranger (Chair), Cllr Allan Brown, Cllr Rodney Jackson, Cllr Seth Jee, Cllr Malcolm Llewellyn Cllr John Lowman, Cllr Claire Majsai (plus two vacancies).

  1. Apologies for absence:  To receive and accept apologies for absence.
  • Declarations of interest: To note any declarations of interest. 
  • To elect the Vice-Chair of the Finance & Governance Committee for the following year:  To receive nominations and elect a Vice-Chair of the Committee for the following year.
  • Minutes of the previous meeting of the Finance & Governance Committee: To receive and adopt the minutes of the 19 May 2022 Finance & Governance Committee meeting.

5.        Adjournment for questions from the public: To consider adjourning the meeting in accordance with Standing Orders, to receive questions from members of the public. 

6.        Parish Council Financial Monitoring for Month 2 (May 2022): To note:

6.1         Payments of £29,879.32 (excl. VAT).

6.2         Receipts of £16,862.96 (VAT Not Applicable).

6.3         Bank Reconciliations.  

6.4         Balance Sheet.

6.5         Detailed Income and Expenditure. 

6.6         The funds held in CCLA shares on 31 May 2022 of £46,464.36. 

6.7         Deposits and investments for Month 2 (May 2022):  To note the Parish Council held the following balances on 30 May 2022:

Financial InstitutionAccount TypeMaturity DateAmount
Unity TrustCurrent AccountN/A£233,515.10
Nationwide95 Day Savings Account95 days’ notice£84,699.03
Cambridge & Counties BS1 Year Fixed Term Bond21/06/2023£48,000.00
Cambridge & Counties BS1 Year Fixed Term Bond28/11/2022£50,005.63
United Trust Bank1 Year Fixed Term18/12/2022£100,000.00
Hodge Bank1 Year Fixed Term14/02/2023£100,000.00

6.8         To note that at the 19 May 2022 Committee meeting (Minute F21/22.138.3) the Committee agreed to delegate the renewal of the Cambridge & Counties account that matured on 21 June to the Clerk in consultation with the Chairman, subject to the terms being no less favourable than at present.  The Committee also agreed to increase the balance to £50,000.  The maturity letter received on 7 June 2022 set out the options available.  In consultation with the Chair and in writing with Members of the Committee, the investment was renewed at an increased interest rate from 0.85% Gross/AER to 1.75% for 12 months. A further £2,000 was added to the account to increase the balance to £50,000 as previously agreed.

7.        Village Centre Financial Monitoring for Month 2 (May 2022): To note:

7.1         Payments of £7,420.05 (VAT Not Applicable).

7.2         Receipts of £8,087.80 (VAT Not Applicable).

7.3         Bank Reconciliations.  

7.4         Balance Sheet.

7.5         Detailed Income and Expenditure. 

8.        Parish Action Plan:  To consider items for the Committee on the Parish Action Plan.

9.        Date of Next Meeting:  To consider changing the date of the next Finance & Governance Committee meeting from 21 July 2022.

10.      Woodland at Brown Twins Road: To receive a verbal update on the woodland at Brown Twins Road.

11.      To note any further information items, correspondence received or requests.

Protocol for filming and recording at public meetings:  The Council has a protocol for public filming, recording and photography at its meetings, which is available on the Council’s website or on request at the Parish Office.