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April 28, 2016

MINUTES of the Meeting of the Council held on Thursday 28 April 2016 at 8.00pm in the Village Centre, Trinity Road, Hurstpierpoint.  

Members Present 

Stephen Hand  –  Chairman   Allan Brown   Rosemary Burns   David Evans  Rodney Jackson   Tony Lank   John Lowman  Martin Machan   Pam Mitchell   Bob Sampson   Julia Shorrocks  Matthew Stokes  Steve Whitehead  

Also Present:   

Peter Griffiths (WSCC Ward Member) 

Anthony Watts Williams (MSDC Ward member).   

Stephen Hoyles – CLERK TO THE COUNCIL 

C15/112.  Apologies for absence and declarations of interest:  The following apologies for absence were received before the meeting and accepted:  Judith Marsh,  Colin Trumble (MSDC Ward member);  John Wilkinson (MSDC Ward member).  There were no declarations of interest in accordance with the Council’s Code of Conduct.   

C15/113.   Minutes of the Meeting of the Council held on 24 March 2016:  The Council received and accepted the minutes which were then signed by the Chairman.    

C15/114.  Matters arising from the Minutes of the Council held on 24 March  2016:  There were no matters not otherwise on the agenda.  

C15/115.  Adjournment for questions from the public:  There being no members of public present the Council was not required to consider whether to adjourn the Meeting in accordance with clause 3(e) of Standing Orders, in order to receive questions.   

C15/116.  Reports from other authorities:  The Council received verbal reports from representatives of other 


  1. (1) Mid Sussex District Council   (MSDC):  Cllr Anthony Watts Williams reported the following:  (1) The two devolution bids, 3SC and Greater Brighton, were still in play but there was some concern that there was duplication in input for two bids.  (2) District Plan:  further work was now required on transport matters relating to the strategic housing site at Pease Pottage, but it was still expected that the submission would be made in time for an Examination in 

September/October 2016. (3)  Central Sussex College:  there was considerable concern at the loss of a 6th Form college in Mid Sussex.  (4)  Northern Arc/Science Park:  A Parish Advisory meeting with MSDC had taken place on 22 April 2016.   In response to the report the Parish Council noted the disappointment at the District Council decision to grant permission for 40 houses at Sayers Common (Kingsland Laines) and that MSDC do not count care-homes as equivalent housing numbers.  Concern was expressed at the apparent delay in the District Plan.  The concern about the 6th Form college was shared and the number of disappointed Year-11 students from Downlands Community College, who had been expecting to attend the Central Sussex College, was noted.  The Parish Council agreed that it would be appropriate for the Chairman to write expressing his concern.  The Vice-chairman brought a brief report on the Parish Advisory meeting where MSDC had advised that the District was under considerable pressure from central Government for economic and development growth.  The matter of the Science Park proposals had been discussed and the Parish Council had issued a letter to MSDC, which had been copied to Members and would be discussed at the next Parish Planning Committee.   

  1. (2) West Sussex County Council County Local Committee   (WSCC/CLC) :  Cllr Peter Griffiths reported as follows:  (1)  Hurstpierpoint Museum:  the CLC had awarded a grant and the Committee was keen to distribute further funds.  (2)  A23 ‘quiet run’ surface cost estimate had been prepared by Highways England.  (3) Watershed programme:  the works undertaken in 2015 at Reeds Lane, Sayers Common, appeared to have improved the situation.  (4)  Potholes:  WSCC had allocated £885,000 for repairs.  (5) Cyclepath:  Hassocks Parish Council was now included in the discussions.  (6) Hurstpierpoint High Street:  it had been noted that better parking enforcement would assist.  (7)  There was some evidence of commuter  parking at the southern end of College Lane, for Hassocks Train Station.  (8)  Chalkers Lane new footpath had not yet been implemented.  (9)  WSCC were concerned about recent Government requirements to make all local authority schools into academies.    In response the Parish Council noted the concern about the closure of Central Sussex College, and it was reported that the funding was not through WSCC.  A  question was raised about the implementation of ‘Quiet Lanes’ as set out in the Neighbourhood Plan.   
  1. (3) Mid Sussex Association of Local Councils (MSALC) :  Rodney Jackson reported: (1) The view of NALC was that the presence of outdated District Plans and lack of 5-year Housing Land Supply was of national concern.  (2)  Police and Crime Commissioner election hustings had been arranged locally by SSALC.   

C15/117.  Committee and Working Group minutes:  The Committee Chairmen or, in their absence the Vicechairmen, introduced each Minutes, which the Council was asked to receive and where appropriate, consider the 


C15/117.1   Planning Committee (7 April 2016)  

C15/117.2   Parish Plan Working Group  (31 March 2016) 

C15/117.3  Finance + General Purposes Committee (14 April 2016) 

  1. (1) Minute F15/075:  South Avenue Playground:  The matter of the installation works conflicting with the St Lawrence Fair day was noted.   

C15/117.4  Traffic + Parking Working Group (22 March 2016)   TP15/025.  High Street Scheme:   

  1. (2) High Street Economy:  The Working Group  had been asked to consider suggestions put forward by the High 

Street Economy Working Group at its meeting 10 March 2016 as follows.    

High Street Economy  priority action list:   

Level 1. (to be considered for evaluation (including cost) for possible implementation as soon as possible): 

  1. a) Parking signs at each entry to the Village detailing car parks. 
  2. b) Brown Twins 3 hour parking changes and /or 3-hour carparking on South Avenue.   
  3. c) White line cross hatching on the unloading bay outside the New Inn. 
  4. d) Modification to the ‘build-out’ in the pavement around the Mansion House steps. 
  5. e) Not applicable to this Working Group.  
  6. f) Installation of posts/bollards on sections which are prone to cars mounting the pavements. 

It was agreed that items c), d) and f) would be considered following the Post-scheme review by WSCC.   

Level 2. (medium term aspirations) 

  1. a) Review of High Street traffic changes as a result, and in conjunction with, the upcoming WSCC post-scheme review. 
  2. b) Review and consider all possible options for parking at the east end of the village:  Attention was drawn to the BRIEFING NOTE  which explored some previous parking options around South Avenue Recreation Ground.  

(Ref:  BRIEFING NOTE  temporary carparking 18 March 2015))   

  1. c) General enforcement issues, to include MSDC warden cover, and a community enforcement officer:  It was agreed that this was under the jurisdiction of MSDC and should be referred to them for consideration. 
  2. d) Contact police regarding HGV limit enforcement and dangerous/antisocial driving practices in the village. 

Level 3. (longer term items requiring research and feasibility studies) 

a) Court Bushes Park and Ride possibilities:  It was agreed that this was a major scheme involving land and operations under the jurisdiction of MSDC and which is beyond the scope of the Parish Council to progress. b) Street appearance improvements and changes. 

It was agreed to RECOMMEND to Council that the above items in Levels 1,2 and 3 are investigated, except for Level 1 – c) (enforcement issues)  and Level 3 – a)  (Park and ride scheme).   

In discussion the Council wished to clarify that the parking time limit at Trinity Road carpark, to be raised to three hours, should apply to 6.00pm.   


  1. (1) That the earlier request to MSDC for short-term spaces in Brown Twins carpark is withdrawn, following advice about the satisfactory use of the St Lawrence School carpark, and that MSDC are asked to investigate changing the existing 2-hour spaces to 3-hour at Trinity Road carpark.  The time limit should be applied to 6.00pm.  
  2. (2) The above items in Levels 1,2 and 3 are investigated, except for Level 2 – c) (enforcement issues)  and Level 3 – a)  (Park and ride scheme)  and Council is asked to  endorse this approach.   

C15/118.  Parish Plan:  The Council was asked to approve the draft Parish Plan for publication and consultation.  The Parish Plan Working Group, at its meeting 31 March 2016, agreed that the draft would be revised by its Chairman and, following approval by Council, would be published for consultation.  The Council agreed some minor amendments to the section on off-street parking.  Discussion then took place on the most appropriate means of publicising the Plan.  The options of distributing to every Parish household verses making copies available on request, were discussed.  It was noted that the additional cost of producing 3000 copies against only 1000 was small and would not be the deciding factor.  A vote was taken and a decision made.  It was noted that due to time constraints it might not be possible for the Plan to be simultaneously issued with the May Newsletter.  The Plan will be the subject of discussion at the Annual Parish Meeting on 24 May 2016.  Other suggestions were offered for publicising the Plan consultation.  The closing date for the public consultation would be 17 June 2016.   (Ref:  Draft Parish Plan  2016-21 ) 


  1. (1) The Council approves the Parish Plan 2016-21 for publication and consultation, subject to the following amendment:  Section:  More off-street parking:  replaced with:  ‘We will continue to look for ways to improve off-street parking.  The costs involved if and when a suitable site is found would mean an increase in Council Tax.’   
  2. (2) Full copies of the Plan are distributed to every Parish household, requiring a print run of 3000.    

C15/119.  Parkland Advisory Board and Parkland Management Committee:  Further to Minute C15/089(1) of the Council meeting of 21 January 2016, the Council was now asked to confirm the numbers of Parish Council members who would sit on the Advisory Board and the members on the Management Committee.  For the Advisory Board, invitations had been issued and positive responses received from four representatives of specialist groups, and Councillor John Wilkinson  had been agreed as the District Council member representative.  The positions for the five places for local residents were being advertised and it was intended that their selection would be considered by Council in due course.  For the Advisory board, it had been previously agreed that only two Council members would be appointed.  However, Council was now asked to agree that five members may be Parish Council Members, five from representative groups, and five members of the public.  For the Management Committee  the Council had agreed that three places would be filled by Council Members and it was now proposed that one of these would also be a member of the Advisory Board.   (Ref:  BRIEFING NOTE   Parkland Governance  and Management – 10 February  2016)   


  1. (1) The Council appoints five Council Members to the Parkland Advisory Board. 
  2. (2) The Council appoints three Council Members to the Parkland Management Committee, one of whom would also be a member of the Advisory Board.  

C15/120.  Annual Parish Meeting – 7.30pm  24 May 2016:  The Council was asked to note and comment on the arrangements for the Annual Parish Meeting to be held in the Village Centre, Hurstpierpoint, and to note the minutes of the meeting held 26 May 2015.  It was proposed that the following topics would be raised:   

  • • Parish Plan 2016-21 
  • • High Street Economy 
  • • Parkland proposals 

(Ref: Annual Parish Meeting 26 May 2015 – Minutes ) 

Council was also asked to agree that the draft Annual Report and Accounts for the period to 31 March 2016 be considered by Finance + General Purposes Committee at its meeting on 12 May 2016.  The Report in draft form would then be presented to the Annual Parish Meeting 24 May 2016, and then considered for adoption by Council on 26 May 2016.   RESOLVED:  The Finance + General Purposes Committee at its meeting 12 May 2016  is asked to review the draft Annual Report and Accounts for the period to 31 March 2016 for presentation at the Annual Parish Meeting.   

C15/121.  Capital Grant – South Avenue Playground Scheme:  The Council was asked to approve the Mid 

Sussex District Council Grant Agreement for the receipt of £99,943 s106 funds for the South Avenue Playground scheme.  

The Parish Council approved the scheme and the appointment of the contractor at its meeting 26 November 2015 (Minute 

C15/072(2)).  The MSDC Grants Panel approved the grant at its meeting 21 March 2016, following application by the 

Parish Council.  The Agreement is required to be signed by the Chairman and Vice-chairman of Council.  (Ref:  MSDC ltr Capital Grant  11 April 2016;  Grant Agreement 2016) 

RESOLVED: The Council authorise Chairman and Vice-chairman to sign the Grant Agreement for receipt of £99,943.   

C15/122.  Councillor vacancy:  The Council was asked to note that, following the resignation of Cllr John Wilkinson, to enable him to focus on his District Council role, on 5 April 2016, there was now a vacancy on the Parish Council.  A notice of election, as required by law, was posted on 20 April 2016 inviting electors to petition for a by-election.  If no such petition is received by 10 May 2016, then the Council may proceed with co-option.   

C15/123.  Road Closures:  The Council was asked to support the following road closures:   

  1. (1) Hurstpierpoint: St Lawrence Fair  –  Saturday 2nd July 2016:    MARCHANTS ROAD (Cuckfield Road to Wilderness Road) 

CUCKFIELD ROAD (Marchants Road to Western Road) 

WESTERN ROAD (Entire Length ) 

HIGH STREET (Western Road to South Avenue) 

between the hours of 12.00hrs and 14.00hrs on Saturday 2nd July 2016 for the St Lawrence Fair Procession to take place and 

SOUTH AVENUE   (High Street to Recreation Ground) between the hours of 08.00hrs and 17.00hrs on Saturday 2nd July 2016 for the St Lawrence Fair to take place. Access for residents will be maintained. (ref:  MSDC Notice email 4 April 2016) 

RESOLVED:  The Council supports the proposed closure on 2 July 2016.   

  1. (2) Hurstpierpoint: Queens 90th Birthday Celebrations  –  Sunday 12th June 2016 HIGH STREET  (South Avenue to Cuckfield Road) 

between the hours of 12.30hrs and 18.30hrs on Sunday 12th June 2016 for the Queen’s Birthday Celebration to take place 

(ref:  MSDC Notice email 14 April 2016) 

RESOLVED:  The Council supports the proposed closure on 12 June 2016.   

C15/124.   Information items, correspondence received and requests:    The Council was asked to note:  

C15/124.1  Police  and Crime commissioner:  Further to Minute C15/098 (Council meeting 25 February 2016) the Council had received a response from the office of the PCC.  The Commissioner was now in the pre-election period and  therefore suggested that the new post-election appointment would consider visiting the Parish Council to explain the recent changes to PCSO operations.  The PCC office had also explained that the District Commander will be hosting a roadshow at Claire Hall, Haywards Heath at 6.30pm on 14 June 2016.  (Ref : HP&SCPC ltr to PCC 24 March 2016 ;  PCC office email 8 April 2016)   

C15/124.2  Little Park Housing Development:  The developer Bovis Homes had advised that they were about to undertake the required archaeological investigations on the site, which involved trench digging at various locations.  They would not be accessing Iden Hurst.  The Council had been advised that this was not the commencement of construction which will follow in due course.  (Ref:  Bovis Homes email 20 April 2016)   

There being no other business the Chairman closed the Meeting at   9.48   pm.  


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