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June 28, 2018

MINUTES of the Meeting of the Council held on Thursday 28 June 2018 at 8.00pm in the Village Centre, Trinity Road, Hurstpierpoint.  

Members Present 

Stephen Hand –  Chairman   Allan Brown   Rosemary Burns,   David Evans   Amanda Geel  Peter Griffiths  Rodney Jackson    Malcolm Llewellyn  John Lowman  Tony Lank   Martin Machan  Claire Majsai   Bob Sampson   Julia Shorrocks   

Also Present:   

Joy Dennis (WSCC Ward member)   

Colin Trumble (MSDC Ward member)    


Helen Valler  –  Assistant Clerk 

3 members of the public  

The Chairman welcomed new staff member Helen  Valler (Assistant Clerk) to the meeting.   

C18/019.  Apologies for absence and declarations of interest:  The following apologies for absence were received before the meeting and accepted:  Steve Whitehead, John Wilkinson (MSDC Ward member),  Anthony Watts Williams (MSDC Ward member).  The following declarations of interest were made:  John Lowman :  C18/027.  Hurstpierpoint Tennis Club.  There were no other declarations of interest.   

C18/020.  Minutes of the Meeting of the Council held on 17 May 2018:  The Council received and accepted the minutes.   

RESOLVED:  The Minutes of the Council meeting of 17 May 2018 are adopted. 

There were no matters not otherwise on the agenda.   

C18/021.  Matters arising from the Minutes of the Council meeting held on 17 May 2018:   

(1)  Minute C18/017 – Community Service Awards:  The Council had been advised that awards cannot be made for individuals resulting from their employment.  There were no other matters not otherwise on the agenda.   

C18/022.  Adjournment for questions from the public:  The Council considered whether to adjourn the Meeting in accordance with clause 70 of Standing Orders, in order to receive questions from members of the public in attendance.   

RESOLVED:  The Meeting is adjourned in accordance with clause 70 of Standing Orders, in order to receive questions from members of the public.   

(1).  A Sayers Common resident spoke on behalf of the Village Society on item C18/025  Village Gateways referring to Council meeting of 22 March 2018 and asked why there had been no meeting of village representatives.  It was also alleged that the design proposals had been imposed and that the Society would have wanted  further consultation before the proposals were made.   (2).  A representative of Hurstpierpoint Society  also spoke on item C18/025  Village Gateways, expressing concern about the short consultation to date and asking for further time.  It was also suggested that a fifth Hurstpierpoint gateway should be installed in Malthouse Lane.  The question of allocated budgets was also raised.  In response to these matters, the clerk advised that a meeting had taken place earlier in June between a Sayers Common Ward Member and representatives of Sayers Common at which comments were received on the type and form of gateways, and that it was intended that a period of further consultation would take place, as indicated on the agenda recommendation.  The Council’s budget was £20,000 for 7 gateways and an additional  location at Malthouse Lane would add another £3000 to the costs,  It was thought that the necessary funds could be found within the 

Council’s current capital expenditure budget.   (3)  A resident expressed the view that the High Street, 

Hurstpierpoint, would be better served by traffic lights rather than the current priority system.  In response the Chairman advised that the Council was shortly to meet the Highway Authority (WSCC) to  discuss possible adjustments to the High Street, but did not expect that traffic lights would be considered as an acceptable option.   

The meeting then resumed. 

C18/023.  Reports from other authorities:  The Council received verbal reports from representatives of other Authorities:  

(1)  Mid Sussex District Council   (MSDC):  Cllr Colin Trumble reported:  (1)  The MSDC Economic Development Strategy had been launched on 21 June 2018, attended by some significant industry representatives, and it was noted that Mid Sussex was home to a number of World-leading technological industries, and amongst the top 20 preferred places to live in the UK.   The MSDC Strategy was centred around ‘places, premises, people, and promotion’, covering 7500 local businesses.  It was noted that 85% of businesses employed less than 10 people, and that 40% of the working population travelled outside the District for work.  This last matter was one which the Council wished to reduce.  (2)  Concern had been expressed about the large number of spoil lorries on Cuckfield Road, from a local development, and the matter was being investigated. (3)  A truck had been parked long term on Manor Road, which annoyed some residents, but was found to be legal.  

(4) A local shopkeeper had complained about lack of support for their business from local councils.   (5)  Burgess Hill FM radio station was being extended and currently had 21,000 listeners.  Cllr Trumble had been invited to open the extended project.   Questions from the meeting included:  the matter of including adequate transport infrastructure and  concerns about the impact on countryside and wildlife in the Economic Strategy,  concerns about the relatively  low local wages and high cost of living (Cllr Trumble agreed to obtain the relevant figures),  the traffic issues on Cuckfield Road, and a note that the Coast to Capital economic strategy was to be launched on 17 July 2018.  There was a suggestion of an ‘economic development’ event to address local business issues, perhaps jointly between the District and Parish Councils.     

(2)  West Sussex County Council County Local Committee   (WSCC/CLC):  Cllr Joy Dennis 

reported:  (1)  A2300 road:  further amendments had been made to the designs prior to public  consultation.  There remained issues around the possible closure of Bishopstone Lane, the cyclepath route and the impact on Stairbridge Lane.   (2)  Naldretts Farm  planning application:  the matter of the potential number of lorry movements was being examined by the Highway Authority.  (3)  The resurfacing of Albourne Road was due shortly.  (4)  A ‘Watershed’  surface water drainage project was taking place in Reeds Lane, Sayers Common.  

(5)  Recycling:  Cllr Dennis had attended a centre at Warnham and learned that recycling rates had not improved in recent years, with significant proportions of food waste continuing.   Questions from the meeting included:  Progress on the designation of quiet lanes, the need for any  compulsory purchase of land for the A2300  dualling (to which the answer was not),  and progress on the east-west Albourne to Hassocks cyclepath  (to which the answer was that progress remained subject to the availability of funds, mainly from possible developments in Hassocks, but not currently forthcoming).   

(3)  Mid Sussex Association of Local Councils (MSALC):  Rodney Jackson reported that the next MSALC meeting would be in July 2018, and that he had recently attended a NALC Policy Committee meeting at which the following emerged:  GDPR (parish councils no longer required to appoint a DPO), concerns about the validity of neighbourhood plans  in the new NPPF planning policy, and the required revisions to the Code of Conduct.  

C18/024.  Committee and Working Group minutes:  The Committee Chairmen introduced each Minutes, which the Council is asked to receive and where appropriate, consider the RECOMMENDATIONS:  C18/024.1   Planning Committee (24 May  and 14 June  2018)  

C18/024.2  Finance + General Purposes Committee  (7 June 2018) 

(1)   F18/008.4    Internal Audit:  The Committee had been asked to receive and approve the Internal Audit Report for the Year to 31 March 2018.  The Committee noted the Action Plan (page 9) and the respective responses as follows and agreed to RECOMMEND its acceptance to Council:   

Point Forward / Action needed  Auditor notes  Council response 
At the time of my audit, £39K was held in earmarked reserves, with £200K in the general reserve     I recommend that section 106 monies are transferred to a section 106 earmarked reserve.  I understand that some of the section 106 monies have been spent in the course of 2017-18, and the earmarked balance is around £160K at 31.3.18.   Transfer to earmarked reserves approved by Council   Minute C18/100 (Meeting 17  May 2018)  
I note that the bank statements for the 2 Nationwide accounts were not those for 31 March.   I recommend that these are obtained and checked for entries up to 31 March prior to submission of the accounts to the external auditors   Bank statements have been requested.   

(Ref:  Internal Audit Report  Year ended 31 March 2018,, 23 April 2018 ) 

RESOLVED:  The Internal Audit Report for the year ending 31 March 2018  is approved.  

C18/024.3  Cyclepath Working  Group  (19 June 2019)  

C18/024.4  Court Bushes Working Group  (20 June 2018)   

C18/024.5 Hurst Meadows Management Committee  (21 June 2018)  

C18/025.  Village Gateways:  Council was asked to approve the proposals for four gateways at 

Hurstpierpoint and three at Sayers Common, subject to final consultations.  This followed the decision by Council at its meeting 22 March 2018  (Minute C17/115)  and formed part of the Action Plan 2016-21 (item 31).  Detailed investigations had been undertaken  with the Highways Authority (WSCC) to ascertain the most appropriate locations, and the village societies of Hurstpierpoint and Sayers Common, who had taken an interest in the matter, were being consulted. It was intended that the signs for the two villages will have their respective ‘crests’  (as appearing on the Council’s Newsletter) above the nameplates.  It was proposed that detailed designs and quotations would be considered by Finance + General Purposes Committee before the installation is approved.  Applications were being made to the Highway Authority (WSCC) for the necessary licences to make the installations in the verges. In discussion Council agreed that Hurstpierpoint Society and Sayers Common Village Society would be given the opportunity to comment before the designs were finalised and approved by Council at its July meeting, that an additional gateway in Malthouse Lane would be investigated, and that the black on white signs were preferred to the gold on green signs.  The Highway Authority would be asked to consider a strip of red road colour at each location.  The award of contracts would be supervised by Finance + General Purposes 

Committee.  (REF:  Village Gateways Project 2018  –  June 2018)  

RESOLVED:  The Village Gateway proposals  for Hurstpierpoint and Sayers Common are approved, subject to final consultations and approvals.   

C18/026.  WW1  1914-18 Armistice Commemoration:  Council was asked to consider a suitable response to the Armistice in November 2018.  Following discussion, the suggestion of full life-size  ‘Tommy’ silhouette, promoted by the charities Royal British Legion, Help for heros, There but not there, was not favoured, but it was agreed that some commemoration should be provided  in the Village Garden.  It was agreed that discussions should take place with the local British Legion representative and further suggestions sought.   

C18/027.  Hurstpierpoint Tennis Club:  The Tennis Club had advised the Council that they intended to replace the existing pavilion with a larger and more suitable building. The pavilion is on Council-owned land at South Avenue Recreation Ground, and leased to the Club.  The lease expires 2019  and Council had previously agreed in principle to support the new pavilion and to consider the use of some s106 funds for its construction.  Council agreed that the Club would be expected to raise a notable proportion of  the cost through their own sources.  (REF:  Tennis Club email 19 June 2018;  Council meeting 19 January 2017  Minute C16/088.3 )   RESOLVED:  Council supports the principle of replacing the existing Tennis Club pavilion at South Avenue Recreation Ground, subject to designs and consultations being satisfactory, and the Club  raising a notable proportion of the cost through its own sources.   

C18/028.  Information items, correspondence received and requests:   Council noted: 

  1. (1) WSCC Parent and Carer Online Safety Survey:  Survey closing date 8 July 2018.  (REF:  WSCC email  14 June 2018)   
  2. (2) Bus shelter – village garden:  The Council had been advised that an application had been made to list the shelter as a building of special architectural interest.  The matter had been considered by Historic England who decided not to list.  (REF:  Historic England email 12 June 2018 )   
  3. (3) Survey of fly incidence in Ditchling: A request had been received to undertake a survey of flies  in the Parish , to  work  alongside similar work  in Ditchling where there is understood to be a particular issue.   (REF:  Ditchling Fly Group  email  8 June 2018)   
  4. (4) St Lawrence Fair   30 June 2018:  The Parish Council would be holding an information stall at the fair.   

C18/029.  CONFIDENTIAL Matters:   The Council was asked to close the meeting to the public and the press under the Public Bodies (Admissions to Meetings) Act 1960 to discuss the following item: (1) Governance + Staff Panel  (7 June 2018)   Staff Salaries Review:   

RESOLVED:  to close the meeting to the public and the press under the Public Bodies (Admissions to Meetings) Act 1960. 

There being no other business the Chairman closed the Meeting at    9.58 pm.  


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