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July 26, 2018

MINUTES of the Meeting of the Council held on Thursday 26 July 2018 at 8.00pm in the Village Centre, Trinity Road, Hurstpierpoint.  

Members Present 

Stephen Hand –  Chairman   Allan Brown   Rosemary Burns,   David Evans   Amanda Geel  Rodney Jackson   Malcolm Llewellyn    John Lowman  Tony Lank   Martin Machan  Claire Majsai   Bob Sampson   Julia Shorrocks   Steve Whitehead   

Also Present:   

Joy Dennis (WSCC Ward member)   

John Wilkinson (MSDC Ward member) 


Helen Valler  Assistant Clerk 

1 member of the public  

The Chairman welcomed new staff member Helen Valler (Assistant Clerk) to the meeting.   

C18/030.  Apologies for absence and declarations of interest:  The following apologies for absence were received before the meeting and accepted:    Peter Griffiths,  Colin Trumble (MSDC Ward member), Anthony Watts Williams (MSDC Ward member).  There were no declarations of interest.   

C18/031.  Minutes of the Meeting of the Council held on 28 June 2018:  The Council received and accepted the minutes.   

RESOLVED:  The Minutes of the Council meeting of 28 June 2018 are adopted. 

C18/032.  Matters arising from the Minutes of the Council meeting held on 28 June 2018:   

(1)  Minute  C18/026.  WW1  1914-18 Armistice Commemoration:  A meeting had been held with the local representative of British Legion and there had been suggestions of a display of large red poppies, arranged in the Village Garden.  The national British Legion had offered a series of full-size silhouettes which were considered.  It was agreed that three silhouettes (soldier, airman and sailor) would be adopted at a cost of £750 + VAT, which would be sited on the Village Garden with an array of poppies.  (REF:  HP&SCPC  email to councillors 24 July 2018;  ‘Lest we forget’ British  Legion silhouettes – July 2018)   

RESOLVED:  That three British Legion full-size silhouettes are temporarily installed on the Village Garden, as aWW1  1914-18 Armistice Commemoration,  at a cost of £750 + VAT.   

There were no other matters not otherwise on the agenda.   

C18/033.  Adjournment for questions from the public:  The Council considered whether to adjourn the Meeting in accordance with clause 70 of Standing Orders, in order to receive questions from members of the public in attendance.   

RESOLVED:  The Meeting is adjourned in accordance with clause 70 of Standing Orders, in order to receive questions from members of the public.   

(1).  A Sayers Common resident spoke on behalf of the Village Society on item C18/025  Village Gateways, making the following comments:  1) that the gateways should include the speed limit signs but not the village crest, 2) Had the Council already chosen its contractor?  3) Was the cost of the project £23,000 ?  4)  A detailed explanation of the costs should be provided.  5) The prices should have been given to the Sayers Common Village Society.  6)  A Councillor should meet the Society to discuss the issues.   

The Chairman  noted that these matters would be considered under item C18/037 Village Gateways, later on the agenda.  The meeting then resumed.   

C18/034.  Reports from other authorities:  The Council received verbal reports from representatives of other Authorities:  

  1. (1) Mid Sussex District Council   (MSDC):  Cllr John Wilkinson reported:  1)  District Plan:  three Supplementary Planning documents had now been adopted, for Development Infrastructure, Affordable Housing, and Development Viability.  2) The new NPPF had been issued by HMG.  3)  The Northern Arc Burgess Hill planning was progressing well, under the auspices of Homes England as principle developer.   
  1. (2) West Sussex County Council County Local Committee   (WSCC/CLC) :  Cllr Joy Dennis 

reported:  1)  There were a number of road closures of lanes in the parish, to  effect surface repairs.  2)  There was a request for a footpath signpost in Brighton Road, to  guide pedestrians off the highway.  3)  The SID would shortly be available in the Parish  for a short period.  4)  Concern had been expressed about a ‘pop-up’ pub  at the Village Hall in Sayers Common, and related noise issues.  5)  A2300 improvements:  Cllr Dennis was lobbying for commitments to sustainable transport, railway station improvements, and cyclepaths.  6)  

Hurstpierpoint College pedestrian crossing and TRO improvements in Chalkers Lane were being investigated.  7)  

The County Council were encouraging efficient and careful use of water  during the current very hot weather.  8) Small scale commercial waste disposal was now being accepted at the Burgess Hill waste facility.  In response to a question, Cllr Dennis  confirmed her support for progressing the ‘quiet  lanes’ designation in parts of the parish.   

  1. (3) Mid Sussex Association of Local Councils (MSALC):  Rodney Jackson reported:  1)  Cllr Jackson attended the NALC national assembly which took place 10 July 2018.  It was reported that the Association was losing some insurance income, and that the 2019/20 subscription rates would increase 1.9%.  The NALC strategic plan was to ensure that its support of towns and villages would be ‘vibrant’, that it would support the county associations, lobby HMG.  A ‘one community’ publication had been produced in conjunction  with the Local Government Association.  There was concern at the apparent lack of diversity on many parish councils around the country.  A consultation on the rural  economy  is being planned.  2) Cllr Jackson attended the MSALC meeting on 12 July 2018, at which the role of Neighbourhood Plans and the recent MSDC SHELAA sites  document was discussed.  3)  Cllr Jackson attended the WSALC meeting 26 July 2018 at which a presentation was received from South Downs National Park  Authority, and an update from Sussex Police.   

C18/035.  Committee and Working Group minutes:  The Committee Chairmen (or in their absence the Vice0chairman) introduced each Minutes, which the Council was asked to receive and where appropriate, consider the RECOMMENDATIONS:  

C18/035.1   Planning Committee  (5 July 2018)  

C18/035.2  Hurst Meadows  Advisory Board  (10 July 2018) 

C18/035.3  Traffic + Parking  joint councils Group  (11 July 2018):  A question was raised about the proposed removal of the stop-line at the junction of West Furlong Lane.   

C18/035.4  Finance + General Purposes Committee  (12 July 2018) 

C18/035.5  Community Affairs  Committee (19 July 2018)  

CA18/011  Publicity: (1)  Hurst Life :  The Council noted the recommendation regarding the commissioning of a monthly page, and agreed to defer a decision until the next meeting.   

C18/035.6  Strategic Policy Working Group (25 July 2018)   

C18/036.  Court Bushes Community Hub:  Council noted the current progress on delivering the Hub project.  (REF:  CONFIDENTIAL BRIEFING NOTE – Court Bushes Community Hub  update –  17 July 2018 ) 

C18/037.  Village Gateways:  The Council was asked to confirm the designs and location of the proposed village gateways in Hurstpierpoint and Sayers Common as detailed in the document Village Gateways Project  v2 – July 2018.  Further to the meeting of Council 28 June 2018 (Minute C18/025) both Hurstpierpoint Society and Sayers Common Village Society had been given the opportunity to comment on the proposals and had been asked to submit their views.  The comments of Sayers Common Village Society  had been received and the comments made by their representative earlier in the meeting were noted.  Hurstpierpoint Society had requested an additional gateway in Malthouse Lane, preferably sited north of the entrance to the Malthouses.  However, it was thought that a better location was at the northern end of the College playing fields, where the sightlines were much improved.   It was noted that at present all costs were only estimates and that the Parish Office had considered three contractors and were seeking quotes from two.  Detailed proposals would be presented to the 

Council’s Finance + General Purposes for decision on the award of contract.  It was noted that the Twinning 

Association and Hassocks PC were being consulted on the Wickham Hill gateway.  Following discussion the Council confirmed its support for the proposals; that the respective village crests should be incorporated in the signs; and that the speed limit signs would be separate, as the locations did not always coincide.   (REF:  Village 

Gateways  Project  2018 – v2  July 2018;  Sayers Common Village Society   proposals  19 July 2018) RESOLVED:  The Council confirms the designs and locations for 5 gateways in 

Hurstpierpoint (at Albourne Road, Wickham  Hill, Brighton Road, Cuckfield Road and Malthouse Lane), and 3 at Sayers Common (London  Road (southern), London  Road (northern), and Reeds Lane).   

C18/038.  Hurst Meadows Advisory Board – appointment of Board members:  Council was asked 

to confirm the appointment of five Board members to serve a three-year term from the date of the next Board meeting 13 November 2018.  They were  Rachel Felton, Tony Whitbread, Adrien  Bischoff-Dyson, and Donna Willis (each for re-appointment), and Georgina Judd (a new member, being a local resident).  

RESOLVED:  The Council confirms the appointment of  Rachel Felton, Tony Whitbread, Adrien  Bischoff-Dyson, and Donna Willis, and Georgina Judd to  serve a three-year term from the date of the next Board meeting 13 November 2018. 

C18/039.  Members’ Code of Conduct:  The Council was asked to review the Council’s Code of Conduct.  

This was previously adopted 27 July 2017 and based on the Mid Sussex District Council template of 2012.   However, there had been a recent clarification (through a court judgement) of how a grievance procedure should be followed.  Previously it had been practice for a Parish or Town Council to enact their own procedures, under their Code of Conduct, in the event of a complaint raised against a councillor.  The judgement had confirmed that under the Localism Act 2011 such powers of the Parish Council were removed and that any procedure should be referred to the Monitoring Officer of the relevant Council.  In the case of our Council this would be the Monitoring Officer of MSDC.  To ensure that our Council’s Code of Conduct conformed to this provision it had been necessary to make modifications and the Code was now based on the MSDC template  April 2018. Council was therefore asked to adopt this revised version.  (Ref:  MSDC ltr   Case of Harvey v Ledbury TC and Herefordshire CC  29 June 2018;  HP&SCPC Code of Conduct for Members – July 2018 ) 

RESOLVED:  The Council adopts the Code of Conduct for Members – July 2018.   

C18/040.  Complaints Procedure:  The Council was asked to review and adopt the COMPLAINTS 

PROCEDURE which is based on the NALC guidelines Handling complaints 2008.  This was last approved by 

Council  28 July 2016 and no changes had been made since.   (Ref:  HP&SCPC COMPLAINTS PROCEDURE July 2015; NALC Complaints Guidelines 2008) 

RESOLVED:  the Council RESOLVES to adopt the Complaints Procedure and NALC guidelines. 

C18/041.  Information items, correspondence received and requests:   Council noted: 

  1. (1) Hackney Carriage and Private hire Licensing consultation:  Mid Sussex District Council were consulting on changes to the arrangements, with a closing date of 27 August 2018.  (REF:  MDSC  email  9 July 2018)   
  2. (2) CPRE   Update:  (July 2018) 
  3. (3) Road Closure – High Street, Hurstpierpoint:  15.00 to 19.00  Sunday 8 December 2018  for Christmas shopping.  The Council had no objections.   (REF:  MSDC email  18 July 2018 ) 

C18/042.  CONFIDENTIAL Matters:   The Council is asked to close the meeting to the public and the press under the Public Bodies (Admissions to Meetings) Act 1960 to discuss the following item: 

  1. (1) Staff Matters:   
  2. (2) Hurstpierpoint Village Centre:   

There being no other business the Chairman closed the Meeting at 9.44  pm.  


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