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April 16, 2015

MINUTES of the Meeting of the Council held on Thursday 16 April 2015 at 8.00pm in the Village Centre, Trinity Road, Hurstpierpoint.  

Members Present 

Stephen Hand  –  Chairman   Sue Bourn   Allan Brown  Rosemary Burns   David Evans  Rodney Jackson   Tony Lank   John Lowman  Judith Marsh   Bob Sampson  David Sharp   Julia Shorrocks  James Smith  Matthew Stokes   John Wilkinson    

  Also Present:   

Cllr Peter Griffiths  (WSCC Ward Member)   

Stephen Hoyles – CLERK TO THE COUNCIL 2 members of the public  

C716.  Apologies for absence and declarations of interest:  There were no apologies received prior to the meeting.  There were no declarations of interest.  

C717. Minutes and Confidential Minutes of the Meeting of the Council held on 12 March 2015:   The Minutes were received and accepted and signed by the Chairman.   

C718.  Matters arising from the Minutes of the Meetings of the Council held on 12 March 2015: The 

Council considered matters arising from the Minutes which were not covered elsewhere on this agenda: (1) Street-naming – Chalkers Lane (South) development  (Minute C712):  There had been email correspondence between Cllr Stokes, MSDC and Barrett Homes.  Matthew Stokes reported that the developers had initially resisted the proposals by the Council for the roads to be named after the full names of notable local women.  However, after debate and with the support of MSDC the developer had agreed to adopt the street names proposed by Cllrs Stokes and Evans.  There would also be a small plaque describing the background to the names.   (Ref:  MSDC email  2 April 2015 – Request for Street names  ) 

(2)  Sayers Common Village Hall grant (Minute C713):  Further to Council decision (Meeting 11 December 2014, Minute C673.2)  the Parish Council has received on 2 April 2015 the £35,000 loan, from PWLB.  This is repayable over 5 years, in 6-month instalments starting 2 October 2015, at a fixed interest of 1.64%.   It is intended that the grant of £35,000 is passed to the Village Hall Committee.  Arrangements were being made for the cheque to be formally handed over to the Committee.   (ref:  PWLB   SRP 5/23/05  26 February 2015) 

C719.  Adjournment for questions from the public:  There were no requests from the public for the Council to adjourn the Meeting in accordance with clause 1(d) of Standing Orders, in order to receive questions.   

C720.  Reports from other authorities:  To receive verbal reports from representatives of other Authorities:  

5.1  Mid Sussex District Council   (MSDC) : There was no report from MSDC on this occasion.   

C720.2  West Sussex County Council County Local Committee   (WSCC/CLC) :  Cllr Peter Griffiths reported as follows:  (1) Residents of Sayers Common had submitted an application to the ’Watershed’ scheme for minor works to surface water drainage systems.  The Parish Council had submitted an application for works in Brighton Road.  (2) A new senior officer for the Highways division had been appointed.  (3) A further WSCC grant for work on the Scout HQ 

Hurstpierpoint was being considered.  (4) WSCC had been reviewing its operations and some changes could be expected in 2015/16.  (5)  Cllr Griffiths had been in discussion with representatives of the ‘Melting Pot’ initiative in Hurstpierpoint, and it was hoped that WSCC grants might be available for development of the work.  In  answer to questions, Cllr Griffiths expected the Burgess Hill/WSCC Highways partnership to continue, but also noted the success of volunteer highways workers in Bolney and elsewhere.  It was noted that thanks had been received for the significant improvement to traffic movements on Albourne Road, following the new parking restrictions.  The matter of future capacity at St Lawrence Primary School was noted.  The s278  Agreement and TRO results for the High Street Improvements Scheme were still awaited.   

C720.3  Mid Sussex Association of Local Councils (MSALC) : Rodney Jackson reported that a WSALC meeting was due on 17 April 2015, and the MSALC meeting due in May 2015 was expected to review the ‘transparency’ matters now required of small councils.   

C721.  Accounts and finance: 

C721.1  Accounts:  Payments and receipts:  The Council was asked to RESOLVE the following:  

  1. a) to approve the payment of accounts totalling £69,144.69  for month 1 (April), which includes the £35,000 grant referred to in Minute C718(2) above.   
  2. b) to  note receipts of £8,443.65.00  for month  12 (March).      (Ref:  Schedules 425) 

RESOLVED:  The Council approves the schedule of payments of £69,144.69  for April 2015 . 

C722.  Committee reports: 

The Council received and noted the Committee minutes and considered any RECOMMENDATIONS:  C722.1  Planning & Environment Committee (19 March 2015) 

C722.2  Traffic + Parking Working Group (24 March 2015)   

(1).  High Street Improvements Scheme (HSIS) Hurstpierpoint:  

  1. (b) Signage for High St traders:  The Council  (Meeting 12 Feb 2015  Minute C698) had agreed to set aside a contingency fund of £5,000 for amelioration items, such as signage, to assist traders during the road closure period.  A quote has been submitted  for £2,598.50 + VAT (Calico ltd)  for a range of advertisements and posters advising that the High St remains open for business during the road closure period.  The matter of distributing the leaflets to households had been noted, and that this would be undertaken by the Council’s distributor at an additional cost estimated at £300 + VAT.  It was further noted that the design and presentation of the materials would be prepared by the Traders Group, but that the Council would be given the opportunity of commenting before the materials were published.  The Working Group had considered the proposals and  recommended to Council that they be accepted.  It was noted that the Traders Group had not yet approved the proposals and therefore the Council approval would be subject to Trader’s approval.  The Council requested that WSCC diversion signs should ensure that ‘business as usual’ message was included. (Ref:  Calico Quotation 5 March 2015) 

RESOLVED:  That the proposals are accepted, subject to the Traders’ Group approval, and to the additional cost of distributing the leaflets.   

  1. (c) Temporary carparking arrangements:  

The Working Group had considered the possible temporary carparking arrangements and made a RECOMMENDATION to Council for its decision.  Discussion had taken place on the possible use of the Cemetery access road and the potential issues of policing and conflicts with existing users.  It was agreed that the use of the access road would be deferred for the time being but reconsidered nearer the time of the works.  It was further agreed that the waiting time be limited to 1 hour.  The council requested that the possibility of cycle parking be investigated. (Ref: BRIEFING NOTE  Temporary carparking proposals 18 March 2015) 

RESOLVED:  That investigations are made for a temporary TRO covering options (1) Theatre, (2) High St east and (3) West Terrace, with a parking restriction of 1 hour.   

(2).  Carparking:  The Working Group noted the following:   

(e )  Village Centre lay-by:  A request had been received from a member of the public to consider a marked disabled bay  in the lay-by at the entrance to the Village Centre and the Parish Council was asked to consider the matter.  At present the lay-by is DYL restriction and is used for loading (mainly for the Library) and is occasionally used by disabled users.  The concern would be that a disabled user would use the space for a long period and deny other users.  It was suggested that the present arrangement works satisfactorily and no change is necessary.   (Ref:  Michel Olszewski email 18 March 2015 )   RESOLVED:  That no change is made to the current arrangements.   

C722.3  Community Affairs committee  (26 March 2015) 

C722.4  Services committee  (2 April 2015) 

C722.5   Neighbourhood Plan Working Group  (7 April  2015)  

(d)  Housing sites at Sayers Common:  The Working Group  had been reminded that the Kingsland Laines application for 120 houses  and a care-home  (MSDC ref  12/03972 ) had been refused on appeal by the Secretary of State (14 September 2014) and that the applicant had applied for a Judicial Review.  This had taken place on 25 February 2015, but no judgement had yet been published.  The Working Group had confirmed that it was appropriate that the Clerk meet landowners/developers when requested, to receive proposals and explain the policies of the Neighbourhood Plan.  It was agreed that a Housing sites Appraisal Schedule should be prepared for Sayers Common, including the SHLAA sites, to enable the Parish Council to assess suitable options.  It was further agreed to RECOMMEND to Council that the 

Council’s retained Planning Consultant be asked to review the Schedule.    

RESOLVED:  The Council’s Planning Consultant is engaged to review a Housing Sites Appraisal Schedule for Sayers Common.  

C722.6  Policy + Resources Committee  (9 April 2015) 

(1).  Financial Regulations – review of Direct Debits and Standing Orders:  In accordance with the Council’s 

Financial Regulations (22 May 2014;  5.6 and 6.7) the Committee was asked to review the instructions to the bank for 

Direct Debits and Standing Orders and make a RECOMMENDATION to Council.  (Ref:  BRIEFING NOTE – review of Direct Debits and Standing Orders  31 March 2015) 

RESOLVED:  The Schedule of  instructions to the bank for Direct Debits and Standing Orders (31 March 2015) is approved.   

C723.  Annual Parish Meeting – 7.30pm Tuesday 26 May 2015:  The Council noted and commented on the arrangements for the Annual Parish Meeting to be held in the Village Centre, Hurstpierpoint, and noted the minutes of the meeting held 29 May 2014.  It was agreed that the following topics are raised:   

  • • Future projects (Highfields parkland, South Avenue play area) 
  • • Neighbourhood Plan  – its future role 
  • • High Street Improvements Scheme – update 
  • • Parish Council business plan – forthcoming review of ‘Community Life  2011-16 

(Ref: Annual Parish Meeting 29 May 2014 – Minutes ) 

C724.  Emergency Plan:  The Council reviewed  the Emergency Plan (20 March 2015).  The Plan had been produced in consultation with MSDC  and has been considered by both Services and Community Affairs Committees and their comments have been incorporated.  (HP&SCPC Emergency Plan  – 20 March 2015 ) 

RESOLVED:  The Council adopts the Emergency Plan (March 2015).   

C725.   Information items, correspondence received and requests: The Council noted the following matters and offered comment where appropriate:   

  1. (1) Council’s Code of Conduct:  The Clerk reported on a recent exchange of correspondence held with the District Monitoring Officer (MSDC)  regarding the Council’s Code of Conduct and the declaration of personal interests relating to land.  Members attention was drawn to section 8(3) . 
  2. (2) Village Centre:  future arrangements:  The Parish  Office, with the agreement of the Chairman and Vicechairman of Council, had started to explore with the Village Centre Association, alternative booking arrangements for Council meetings.  (Ref:  HP&SCPC email  – Village Centre bookings, 2 April 2015 ) 
  3. (3) SSLAC Newsletter :  February 2015  

C726  Retiring Councillors:  The Chairman expressed the thanks of the Council to those Members retiring with effect from the elections in May.  Sue Bourn, David Sharp and James Smith were not re-standing for Council and would be retiring from 7 May 2015.  The Council confirmed its thanks to the service of these Members.   

There being no other business the Chairman closed the Meeting at       9.26  pm.   Chairman 

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