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June 27, 2019

MINUTES of the Meeting of the Council held on Thursday 27th June 2019 at 8.00pm in the Village Centre, Trinity Road, Hurstpierpoint. 

Members Present 

Michael Avery  David Evans  Stephen Hand   Rodney Jackson   Seth Jee  Tony Lank   Allan Brown Malcolm Llewellyn  John Lowman  Martin Machan  Claire Majsai,    Bob Sampson   Julia Shorrocks 

Also Present:   

Joy Dennis  (WSCC Ward Cllr)   

Colin Trumble  (MSDC Ward Cllr)  


2 members of the public 

C19/018. Apologies for absence and declarations of interest:  The following apologies for absence were received before the meeting and accepted:  Duncan Ranger, Alison Bennett (MSDC Ward Cllr).  There were no declarations of interest.   

C19/019. Council co-options and appointments:  Council is asked to consider the following:   

C19.019.1 Co-option to Council:  As reported to Council 16 May 2019, following the local elections of 2 May 

2019 there remained one vacancy in Hurstpierpoint Ward.  Unfortunately, for personal reasons former Member Peter Griffiths was unable to lodge his nomination in time for the election.  Contrary to the advice previously given, the Council is permitted to directly co-opt a Member to fill a vacancy following a local election, without resorting to further advertising, because advertising has already taken place.  Representations have been received from Members that Peter Griffiths be accordingly co-opted and Council is asked to confirm this appointment, effective from the date of this meeting.  (Ref:  Paragraph 12 of Part II of Schedule 12 to the Local Government Act 1974)..   

  RESOLVED: Peter Griffiths is co-opted to council with immediate effect. Cllr Griffiths duly took a seat to join the meeting. Cllr Griffiths was also appointed onto Planning Committee and Court Bushes Management Hub Committee. 

C19/019.2 Co-option to Community Affairs Committee:  At its meeting 30 May 2019 the Community 

Affairs Committee agreed to make a recommendation to Council that Helen Olsen Bedford is co-opted to the Committee.  The Council is permitted to make such an appointment, but the person does not have the duties and authority of Members.  Helen has particular skills and experience in community engagement issues with the use of communication technology, which the Committee believe will contribute to some of its future projects.  (REF:  

Helen Olsen Bedford – pen-portrait   June 2019)Local Gov and Housing Act 1989 s13 and Parish & Community Councils Regulations 1990 SI 1990/2476 

A query was raised that a councillor’s views had not been circulated sufficiently, the Chairman said that Clerk to the Council had already provided clarification on this point. Cllrs spoke in support of the co-option. A vote took place – 11 in favour, 1 against and 1 abstained.  RESOLVED: Helen Olsen-Bedford to be co-opted onto Community Affairs Committee.  

C19/019.3 Co-vice-chairman:  Council is asked to agree to appoint a co-VC to Council.  The current VC has valuable experience of Council business, but has noticeable work commitments which preclude him from attending some meetings.  Proposals have been received and it is therefore proposed that Cllr Tony Lank is elected as co-vice-chairman. Council is advised that the position does not have legal status but offers a practical solution in the event that the current VC is not available.   

  RESOLVED: Tony Lank is elected co-vice-chairman of Council for the year 2019/20. 

C19/020. Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of the Council held on 16 May 2019:  To receive and accept the Minutes.   

  RESOLVED:  The minutes of the Meeting of the Council held on 16 May 2019 are adopted  

C19/021. Matters arising from the Minutes of the Council meeting held on 16 May 2019:  There are no matters not otherwise on the agenda.  

C19/022.  Adjournment for questions from the public:  The Council shall consider whether to adjourn the Meeting in accordance with clause 70 of Standing Orders, in order to receive questions from members of the public in attendance. The members of the public present did not wish to speak. 

C19/023 Reports from other authorities:  To receive verbal reports from representatives of other Authorities:  

C19/023.1 West Sussex County Council County Local Committee   (WSCC/CLC)    

Cllr Joy Dennis reported: Upcoming closure of Hurst Road at Stonepound Crossroads. It was reported that the upgrade is part of the planning consent given for Saxon Mills development north of Stonepound. The junction and north slip road is to be widened, traffic lights and pedestrian crossings to be upgraded. There will be censored cameras to improve safety. Hurst Road junction will be closed from 23rd July – 2 September with diversions in place on A23. Four way lights in place for around 4 months afterwards.  Bus diversion routes were discussed. Concern was raised that New Way Lane and College Lane would be used as unofficial diversion routes. It is not possible to close these roads but signs are to be displayed during the works stating for ‘access only’. It was stated that signage to explain the road closure is necessary on all other routes entering Hurstpierpoint.  

A concern was raised that a procedure should be in place in the event of an accident blocking the A23 diversion route. A question was raised regarding satellite navigation routes, can an addition be made to maps to show the road closure. It was suggested that notification letters need to be sent out to all Hurstpierpoint residents. Cllr Dennis explained that a letter is going out from the developer but it is not decided yet which residents will receive the letter. The committee thanked Cllr Dennis for her hard work to minimise disruption.  

C19/023.2 Mid Sussex District Council   (MSDC) 

Cllr Jackson reported that the first full council meeting of the new council had taken place this week. There were reports on Gatwick Airport expansion, affordable housing targets, Haywards Heath 6th form college opening, Burgess Hill Martlets redevelopment.  

A concern was raised regarding the future provision of 6th form education at St Pauls Catholic College – Cllr Dennis is to investigate. 

Cllr Trumble reported that he is now Chairman of Mid Sussex District Council. He reported that the annual Civic Service will take place on 8th December in Hurstpierpoint and the MSDC nominated charities are Woodlands Meed SEN school in Burgess Hill and Royal Marsden Children’s Ward. 

C19/024 Committee and Working Group minutes:  The Committee Chairmen will introduce each 

Minutes, which the Council is asked to receive and where appropriate, consider the RECOMMENDATIONS:  

24.1 Finance + General Purposes Committee  (6 June 2019)   

  1. a) F19/12 Internal Audit:  The Committee received the Internal Audit Report for the Year to 31 March 2019 and noted the Action Plan (page 9) the respective responses as follows:   
Point Forward / Action needed  Auditor notes  Council response 
I identified 4 transactions wrongly accrued into the 2018-19 financial year, amounting to £3,862.    These should be transferred to 201920 as the invoices show these relate to services delivered after 1 April 2019. I advised the accounts should be adjusted to correct this error.  Completed  and the 2018/19 accounts updated.   
The Council may need to consider setting up a reserve for Court Bush Hall to fund future repair costs, although I note the Council has included £9k in the 2019-20 budget to cover such costs  Use unspent budget to fund repairs reserve    This will be included in the earmarked reserves allocation at the end of 2019/20.   
I noted 2 expenditure transactions amounting to £1k wrongly coded to an income ledger code.  These should be journaled to the relevant expenditure code.    Completed  and the 2018/19 accounts updated.   
I note that the bank statements for the Cambridge And Counties accounts were not those for 31 March. I recommend that these are obtained prior to submission of the accounts to the external auditors.  I recommend that these are obtained prior to submission of the accounts to the external auditors.    Now obtained.   

RESOLVED:  The Internal Audit Report for the year ending 31 March 2019 is approved.  

  1. b) F19/013 Annual Financial Risk Management Review 2019/20: The Committee was asked to RECOMMEND to COUNCIL to receive and adopt the Annual Financial Risk Management Review 2019/20. (Ref: 

‘Governance + Accountability for Smaller Councils   March 2017 Section 5 (Risk management); RESOLVED:  The Annual Financial Risk Management Review 2019/20 is adopted. 

  1. c) F19/014.  Annual Risk Assessment 2019/20:  The Committee was asked to note that the Annual Risk Assessment of Council owned property has been undertaken and to RECOMMEND to Council that it is confirmed that it is complete.  (Ref:  HP&SCPC Risk Assessment and Inspection Records 24 April 2019  RESOLVED:  The Annual Risk Assessment 2019/20 is adopted.  
  1. d) F19/015 Internal Audit – Review of effectiveness of Internal Control 2019/20:  The Committee was asked to review the Internal Control systems and accordingly RECOMMEND to Council.  Internal Control 

Arrangements (Regulation 6 of the Accounts and Audit Regulations 2015)  

RESOLVED:  The Internal Audit – Review of effectiveness of Internal Control 2019/20 is adopted.  

  1. 24.2 Planning Committee (28 May 2019 and  20 June 2019)– nothing to report 
  1. 24.3 Community Affairs Committee (30 May 2019) – Committee Chair reported that the Memory Moments Café held its first meeting on 20th June. Subsequent meetings are to start on a monthly basis from 4th July and all Cllrs were encouraged to attend where possible.  
  1. 24.4 Court Bushes Community Hub Committee  (4 June 2019) – The latest plans for Court Bushes 

Community Hub were reported – keys to be ‘suited’ for improved security, so each hirer can only access particular areas. Concerns were raised around security issues following an attempted break in. Cllr Jackson to investigate with MSDC whether they had any arrangement with a security company while the building was under their management. The current arrangement whereby a member of the Parish Council office is called out in the event of an alarm trigger is unsustainable. The question of what is the purpose of the Clarion Housing employee was raised and would it be useful for that person to attend the next Community Affairs Committee meeting. 

  1. 24.5 Village Centre Committee (11 June 2019) – nothing to report 
  1. 24.6 Reeds Lane Play Area  Working Group  (25 June 2019) It was reported a quote has been obtained but it was addressed to Sayers Common Village Society rather than Hurstpierpoint & Sayers Common Parish Council so was returned for amendment. 
  1. 24.7 Strategic Policy Working Group (CONFIDENTIAL Minutes 28 May 2019) – nothing to report  

C19/025 Community Highway Scheme:  Further to the report to Council 25 April 2019 (Minute C18/130) the Council is asked to  agree that Highway Authority WSCC is asked to progress the Scheme and to be promoted by the Parish Council.  The current arrangement is that the Scheme has been lodged for consideration by WSCC to become part of their forward programme  However, following advice from Hassocks PC who  are pursuing a similar process, it is understood that there could be considerable delay, and no  certainty that the Scheme would be approved.   The Council could therefore request that it promotes the Scheme, which would then be managed by WSCC, but paid for by the Parish Council.  It is broadly estimated that the cost, to include the TRO application, the preparation of plans and the implementation would be in the range £10,000 to £15,000.  There is no provision in the Council’s 2019/20 budget, but there are funds for highway improvements in s1066 fund allocations for the Parish.  It is therefore proposed that WSCC are asked to  progress the Scheme on this basis and that application is made for s106 funds to meet the costs.  (REF:  Minutes of Traffic & Parking Joint Councils Group meeting 9 April 2019, minute 3).   

RESOLVED:  A request is to be made to WSCC to progress the Council’s Community Highway Scheme (April 2019) and application is made for s106 funds to meet the cost.  It was recommended that an explanation of the proposal is reissued. 

C19/026 St Lawrence School – Trinity Road pedestrian crossing:  Council is asked to comment on proposals being put forward by St Lawrence School for a pedestrian crossing on Trinity Road, and to decide whether it is willing to support the scheme.  One advantage would be to prevent the current high levels of illegal parking which takes place a drop-off times.  However, a question that might be raised is whether a crossing on Cuckfield Road would justify a higher priority.  (REF:  WSCC  email 6 June 2019 – Trinity Road Pedestrian Crossing.  )   

RESOLVED: Council will support a pedestrian crossing on Trinity Road, and believe there is a strong case to support a Cuckfield Road crossing in addition.  

C19/027 Website – Accessibility Regulations 2018:  New Regulations have come into force requiring public body websites to meet standards of accessibility for those with impaired vision or other conditions.  For existing websites the new standards must be in place by 23 September 2020.  The council is also required to adopt an ‘Accessibility Statement’.  The Council has been advised by the current web platform provider that the exisiting website does not confirm, and has also advised that they are unable to meet the new requirements, and will therefore withdraw their support from mid-2020.  The Council is therefore required  to  produce a new website by that time.  (This was reported to Community Affairs Committee 30 May 2019 (Minute CA19/014).  It is therefore proposed that the Community Affairs Committee is asked to approve a specification and select and appoint a suitable design contractor to deliver a new compliant website by June 2020.  (REF:  NALC LO9-18 – 

The Public Sector Bodies (Websites & Mobile Applications) (No 2) Accessibility Regulations 2018) RESOLVED:  Community Affairs Committee is to approve a specification and select and appoint a suitable design contractor to deliver a new compliant website by June 2020. 

C19/028  Information items, correspondence received and requests:   Council is asked to note: C19/028.1 Sussex Downs Classic Sportive – cycle event – 7 September 2019:  (REF:  Sussex Downs Classic cycling event 7 September 2019 – ukcycling events  June 2019) 

C19/028.2 South Downs National Park Authority – Ballot:  The Council has a right to up to two votes for Parish Council members to be appointed to the Authority. 

RESOLVED: The Council agreed to support candidates Karen Healy of Fulking Parish Council and Mark Lewis of Storrington & Sullington Parish Council. 

C19/028.3 CPRE Sussex – Summer Review 2019:  (AVAILABLE IN THE PARISH OFFICE) C19/028.4 MSALC AGM  11 July 2019:  

C19/029 Kingsland Laines development, Sayers Common:  Following the granting of planning permission for 120 houses at Kingsland Laines the site is now being built by Linden Homes.  The developer has now approached the Council asking for permission for temporary construction access along the track dividing the two sections of the Reeds Lane Recreation Ground (north side), all owned by the Council.  The proposal is to  widen the track, by removing the eastern hedge, and increasing the turning splay onto Reeds Lane.  WSCC Highways have been consulted and have apparently approved the proposal from a technical highways perspective.  A right of access exists along the track but the registry plans indicate a width which would be insufficient for construction traffic.  In any event the removal of the hedge and construction of the splay would be b0eyond the right of access.  The finished development access is directly from the London Road.  It is suggested that there is no direct benefit to the Council, and considerable disruption to the recreation ground amenity and use of Reeds Lane, and the proposal is therefore rejected.   (REF:  Linden Homes email  and plan 19 June 2019). 

RESOLVED:  The request to use the Reeds Lane recreation ground access track is to be refused.   

C19/030 CONFIDENTIAL Matters:   The Council is asked to close the meeting to the public and the press under the Public Bodies (Admissions to Meetings) Act 1960 to discuss the following items: 

C19/030.1 Appointment of Clerk.  A recommendation is brought to Council from the Staff Panel regarding the transition towards the appointment of a permanent clerk.   

C19/030.2 Appointment of Assistant Clerk:  A recommendation is brought to Council from the Staff Panel regarding the appointment of an assistant clerk 

There being no other business the Chairman closed the Meeting at 9.52 pm.  


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