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Minutes of the Highways, Cycleways & Footpaths Joint Council Working Group

Monday 19 February 2024 at 2.00pm in the Village Centre Conference Room


Cllr Malcolm Llewellyn (H&SC PC) Chair               Cllr Julia Shorrocks (H&SC PC)

Cllr Bob Sampson (H&SC PC)                                     Sarah Groom (H&SC PC) Clerk to the Council

Cllr Rodney Jackson (MSDC)                                     Cllr Geoff Zeidler (MSDC)                                            

Cllr Joy Dennis (WSCC)

  1. Apologies for absence:

Apologies for absence were received from Nick de Sousa and Tracey McGovern (WSCC Highways).  Written updates had kindly been provided.

  • Minutes of the meeting of 4 December 2023: 

The minutes of the previous meeting of 4 December 2023 were agreed.

3.         Community Highway Scheme (CHS): 

The Chair thanked and congratulated WSCC on the delivery of the Community Highways Scheme by February 2024, as per their Summer 2023 forecast.  The Parish Council still believes the Keep Clear marking on the High Street at the junction with Pitt Lane would help ease flow in the High Street.  A design had not been shared with the Parish Council for the area outside the chemist on the High Street nor for the London Road crossing.  Cllr Dennis was requested to confirm that the cycle rack posts would still be installed outside the shoe shop and it was noted that the two dropped kerbs was not felt sufficient to assist pedestrians crossing the London Road.

Cllr Dennis to confirm if the Parish Council is required to do anything more to ensure the Pitt Lane TRO can be sealed i.e. the double yellow lines are already marked to Highway standards.

It was noted the proposal for an all-weather surface footpath from Cuckfield Road to Hurst College was at the feasibility stage, and a new proposal to extend the path from the College to the Latchets Lane public right of way entrance on College Lane will be put before Parish Councillors to gauge their support on 29 February 2024.

4.         Traffic Regulation Orders (TRO):

The Parish Council still believes a 7.5 tonne weight limit (except for access) on Reeds Lane would help prevent the lorries that are taking short cuts off the main route (Albourne Road and London Road) and cutting corners through Reeds Lane.  Digital sat-nav technology meant that drivers will be more likely to be required to stick to a designated route and would be penalised for not following the required route.

Sussex Police are currently being consulted on the 30mph zone along Chalkers Lane/College Lane and part of Malthouse Lane.  Cllr Dennis will provide an update.

A safety audit will be completed on the proposal for an extension to the Hurstpierpoint 20mph zone from the Horse Public House to Highfield Drive, and from Washbrooks Farm to north of the St Lawrence School (plus all roads within).  The audit will identify any issues and the scope of the zone.

5.         Cycle Routes

The tree works to enable the east west cycle route start on 20 February 2024.  The Chair requested that the Skylarks nesting on the ground in Hurst Meadows were not to be disturbed during the entirety of the works.  Cllr Dennis confirmed the original route planned through the St George’s Lane twitten is still being progressed alongside the temporary route around Randiddles Corner.

             The cycle route north out of Hurst Meadows to connect to Burgess Hill will be picked up again as part of the Place and Connectivity Programme due to restart soon.  Cllr Dennis will provide an update.

6.         Brief Updates:  A number of brief updates were given as follows:

  1. The new Public Rights of Way Area Ranger had contacted the office but there has been no update since.
  2. MSDC will be asked to enforce parking over the pavement outside the Butchers Shop.  Cllr Dennis to follow up the land ownership query with the Highways Team.  The Parish Council will report offenders to Operation Crackdown.
  3. Plans are progressing with the co-ordination of S278 drainage arrangements on South Avenue.  The Parish Council has appointed a drainage specialist company, Section 24, to inspect and plot all the underground drainage on the southern section owned by the Parish Council, and Wilbar Associates will provide an improved road layout design for surface water run-off from the Recreation Ground.
  4. The Chestnut Grove twitten is a Highways public right of way, which now floods after heavy rainfall due to the neighbours installing a new close boarded fence so the water now has nowhere to drain into.  Cllr Dennis to investigate.
  5. Cllr Dennis will provide an update on the installation of real time bus information at key stops, at the 29 February Parish Council meeting.
  6. The Parish Council have been told they need to apply for lanes to be designated Quiet Lanes or Quiet Ways and it will be discussed at the 29 February 2024 Council meeting.
  7. A resident has requested a pedestrian crossing on the Cuckfield Road near the School.  This has been considered previously and ruled out after a safety audit due to the number of connecting roads and driveways pushing it too far north to be effective.  Cllr Dennis will provide an official response that can be passed on to the resident.
  8. Grass verges were still being parked over at the Highfield Drive Sub-Station and overhanging vegetation at the site needed enforcing.  Action against over-grown vegetation was also required along Brighton Road in order to reveal covered street lights and road signage. Cllr Dennis confirmed a new enforcement team would be tackling these issues with the landowners.  It was reported that cutting back was also required along the Albourne Road and Hickstead Lane.
  9. A resident has raised concerns about exiting from Talbot Mead becoming more dangerous due to inconsiderately parked cars.  The Parish Council will consider submitting a TRO at the 29 February 2024 Council meeting for double yellow lines at the Chalkers Lane, Talbot Mead and Willow Way (north) junctions and on the road side directly opposite.
  10. An Operation Watershed project had commenced in Summer 2022 along Bishopstone Lane and at Flintstones.  The Parish Council was assisting WSCC to access funding via the Operation Watershed fund.  It is understood Section 106 funding was now being used for Flintstones.  Cllr Dennis to explore land-ownership along Bishopstone Lane to help identify responsibilities for maintenance and confirm back whether any further involvement of the Parish Council was required.

7.         Date of Next Meeting: The date of the next meeting is Monday 29 April 2024, 2pm.