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Hurstpierpoint Traffic & Parking Joint Councils Working Group
MINUTES of the meeting held at 11.00am Tuesday 9 April 2019 at the Village Centre, Hurstpierpoint BN6 9UY.
Rosemary Burns ((HP&SCPC Member)
Joy Dennis (WSCC Member)
Colin Trumble (MSDC Member)
John Wilkinson (MSDC Member)
Richard Speller (WSCC Highways officer)
In attendance:
Stephen Hoyles (CLERK to the PARISH COUNCIL)

  1. Apologies for absence and declarations of interest: The Working Group received the following apologies for absence: Stephen Hand (HP&SCPC Chairman); Steve Lewsey (MSDC Parking officer).
    There were no declarations of interest.
  2. Minutes of the meeting of 3 December 2018: The minutes were received and accepted. (MINUTES of the meeting 3 December 2018 ):
  3. Community Highway Scheme (CHS): The meeting received an update on progress of the CHO, as agreed at the meeting of 3 December 2018 and lodged 7 March 2019. WSCC advised that the CHS had been scored and with 4.4 points had passed the threshold of 4.0. This being based on an assumed project cost of £10,000. The process would then be as follows:
    (1) Consideration by WSCC Moderation team – 17 April 2019.
    (2) Appraisal report submitted to the local CLC in September 2019, for information only.
    (3) WSCC budget for CHS proposals in 2019/20 is £1.5M. All schemes are listed by score and the cut made at this expenditure limit. This cut would be made early 2020.
    (4) Assuming the scheme makes the cut, then it proceeds to design in 2020/21, including any TRO consultation.
    (5) Subject to any changes or reversals following the TRO consultation, the scheme is implemented in 2021/22.
    The Group expressed some concern at the protracted timeline, and also the uncertainty of passing the technical moderation and financial cut-off stages. WSCC explained that the Parish Council could jump the process by self-promoting the scheme, as recently undertaken by Hassocks PC. In this instance the PC commissions the designs and then submits a TRO application to WSCC. The costs of the design, TRO and implementation fall to the PC.
    After discussion, the Group agreed that it would await the outcome of the technical moderation stage and the subsequent report, to then assess the likelihood of the scheme progressing further. A decision could then be made as to whether to self-promote.
    ( REF: Community Highway Order (CHO) application 7 March 2019)
  4. A2300 upgrade – impact on surrounding lanes: Cllr Dennis (WSCC) reported to the meeting:
    (1) There were concerns about the sufficiency of pedestrian crossings on the upgraded road, noting that there were only refuges at each of the roundabouts.
    (2) The Blackstone Lane junction was still being considered as to whether it was in-only or out-only.
    (3) A cyclepath along the south side of the road was being considered, but it was noted that this could result in the removal of much of the existing hedgerows. The meeting expressed concern at this prospect and thought that the balance was in favour of retaining the hedgerows and accepting a north-side cyclepath only.
    (4) An east-west route for a bridlepath was being explored, using the routes of the existing footpath to th south of the A2300.
    (5) The Cuckfield Road (north of A2300) was being monitored. Although the current casualty record was low, there were concerns that the road would take increased traffic in future and may require some traffic management.
    (6) The section of Cuckfield Road, from the A2300 south to Gatehouse Lane was a concern. Suggestions were made that a speed limit of say 40mph should be introduced. The junction with the new Business Hub was also a concern, and it was agreed that physical changes should be made to prevent HGVs from turning south out of the Hub. There was also concern about the potential number of DPD courier vans emanating from the new distribution depot, and turning south onto Cuckfield Road.
    (7) It was noted that consideration was being given to introducing temporary speed limit orders on some of the adjoining lanes, during the construction phase.
    (REF: A2300 Upgrade proposals 2018)
  5. Issues raised by residents: The Group considered matters raised by residents and to agree any action, where appropriate, as follows:
    (1) Danworth Lane: Request to discourage HGVs by use of signage. The Group agreed that whilst this was inconvenient the actual volumes did not seem to justify any action at this stage. There is a general presumption against introducing more signs on to roadsides, without very good reason. (REF: Item 5.(1) Traffic Issues in Danworth Lane – email trail 20 February 2019)
    (2) High Street – road marking: Suggestion of yellow-hatched area by Lloyds Pharmacy. The Group agreed that box –hatching would not be readily seen from the easternmost stop point and would not therefore be effective. The matter of a temporary trial of traffic lights was discussed, and differing views were expressed about the level of problems in the High Street, and the options for making changes. (REF: Item 5(2) Road Marking Suggestion – email trail – 28 March 2019 )
    (3) Parking at Manor Gardens: Concerns expressed about lack of residents’ on-street parking. The Group agreed that whilst this was a concern for residents, any displaced parking would only move the problem and not solve it, and no action was justified at this time. (REF: Item 5(3) Parking at Manor Garnes – email trail – 27 March 2019)
    (4) Wickham Hill: Council members report that some residents complain of speeding. The SID was in place 6 December 2018 to 2 February 2019 and the data was available. The Group noted the position and that the SID results showed typical speeds of 35mph in the 30mph zone. However, it was acknowledged that any remedies were not obvious. Nevertheless it was agreed to site the SID again a point further east, to obtain some comparative data. (REF: SID data Dec 2018 Wickham Hill)
  6. St Lawrence School: The Working Group noted the request by the School for two Pelican Crossings, one on Trinity Road and one on Cuckfiled Road. (REF: St Lawrence School ltr 29 March 2019)
  7. Hurst College : The Working Group noted the recent requests made by the College to Cllr Dennis, and as reported to Council 28 March 2019 (Minute C18/114(2) ) as follows: The school had requested a 20mph limit on the roads around the area. They had been impressed with the new gateways and were considering an additional gateway on the approach to the school.
  8. High Street Traders representation: The Group noted that there was currently no direct representation from the High Street traders group, but would continue to engage wherever possible.
    The meeting closed at 1.00pm
    Members of the Joint Group:
    Tony Lank (HP&SCPC Member) CHAIRMAN OF GROUP
    Steve Whitehead (HP&SCPC Member)
    Rosemary Burns (HP&SCPC Member)
    Stephen Hand (HP&SCPC Chairman)
    Allan Brown (HP&SCPC VC)
    Joy Dennis (WSCC Member)
    Colin Trumble (MSDC Member)
    Richard Speller (WSCC Highways officer)
    Steve Lewsey (MSDC Parking officer)