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Minutes of the Highways & Cycleways Joint Council Working Group

Held at 3.00pm on Monday 19 April 2021 via Teams Video Conferencing


Malcolm Llewellyn (H&SCPC Chairman) – Chair of Meeting

Joy Dennis (WSCC Member)

Colin Trumble (MSDC Member)

Richard Speller (WSCC Highways: Area Manager Highways (Eastern)

Sarah Groom (H&SCPC: Clerk to the Council)

1. Apologies for absence and declarations of interest: Apologies for absence were received from Cllr Tony Lank (H&SCPC) and Andy Mouland (WSCC Highways: Senior Local Transport Improvements Officer). There were no declarations of interest.

2. Minutes of the meeting of 8 June 2020: The minutes of the meeting of 8 June 2020 were agreed and accepted.

3. Place & Connectivity Programme and proposed cycle routes: The Working Group had been sent an update from Andy Mouland who has sent his apologies (attached as Annex A). The Group discussed the proposals for:

i. The east/west cycle route from Sayers Common via Albourne, Hurstpierpoint and to Hassocks:

The Parish Council had not been consulted on the plans that are going to tender in the Autumn, nor sent the plans that accompanied the comments from Andy Mouland. They would welcome sight of them. Cllr Llewellyn explained the Parish Council had serious concerns regarding the routes that were walked through in September 2019; in particular the corners at the junction between St George’s Lane/Hassocks Road and again at Randiddles. A parallel route had been suggested avoiding the Millenium Garden and going via Hurst Meadows, St George’s Lane Twitten, High Field Drive, College Lane to the junction with Wickham Hill. There were also concerns about the crossing on the Cuckfield Road from Manor Road and the changed parking arrangements on Trinity Road. Solutions for Randiddles Corner were discussed and Cllr Llewellyn reminded those present that the target group was children getting to and from school and not the serious adult cyclists that would stick to the main road. Richard explained the grant money may require Design Guide standards to be met. Cllr Dennis will follow this up with a detailed discussion with Andy and Richard and feed back more information.

ii. Connection in the north of the parish to Hurstpierpoint village and Sayers Common:

Cllr Llewellyn understood this work would explore how the parish residents could connect to Burgess Hill and Cllr Dennis agreed, including access specifically to the Triangle and new community sports facilities which will actually be built in the parish. Cllr Dennis understood four options were being considered and these will be shared with the Parish Council when she sees them. WSCC confirmed they are leading on this work not MSDC. Richard suggested Paul Jackson Cole be invited to the next meeting and will pass his contact details to Sarah. Cllr Llewellyn is keen to understand the linkages, so that the routes can be supported within the parish.

Cllr Dennis reported that the whole of Gatehouse Lane is going to be designated 30mph (instead of derestricted) in the next 12-18 months. Richard explained a Consolidation Order will correct what was omitted previously when Gatehouse Lane was made a no through road. Malthouse Lane speed signage was discussed briefly but would be picked-up under item 5v below.

4. Safer Re-opening of High Streets: The Group reviewed the reasons for the COVID measures being introduced into the High Street last June, to allow for social distancing in queues outside the post office and

chemist. Richard thought that they will be in place until funding ends on 30 April 2021 when MSDC may instruct the barriers and temporary ramps to be removed. Consideration was given to the value gained from these measures. It was agreed that removing the two parking bays outside the shoe shop and chemist had provided vital extra space so vehicles could pass more easily and that there had been no reported incidences of vehicles having to mount the narrow north side pavement to get past. It was agreed that the possibility of keeping it would be explored. Richard observed the delicate balance to be found between all the road users and shop keepers. Cllr Llewellyn felt the layby outside the post office had been very useful as a safe space for queuing, but may not be needed in future. The priority give-way schemes in the High Street were briefly discussed which work well when everyone is considerate but become blocked when people aren’t, or if drivers of large lorries and delivery vehicles park outside the Mansion House, limiting the carriageway and line of sight for drivers.

5. Section 106 Funding for Community Highway Schemes (CHS): Cllr Llewellyn asked how the Parish Council can access S106 funding in order to deliver the following community highway schemes. Cllr Dennis has asked Sam Mason to help clarify where the Section 106 funds will come from. Richard suggested that WSCC Team take on the responsibility for the community highways scheme including the design stages as the list of requirements is now very clear. The Parish Council should take the first step and make an application for the CHS via the WSCC website listing all of the items below (include removing the parking bays outside the shoe shop and chemist in the High Street – less the disabled bay) and identifying the S106 funding sources. Further comments were made as follow:

i. High Street: Remove the white lines at West Furlong Road and the 24 hour loading bay at the New Inn: Following the discussion under item 4 it was concluded that the parking bay outside the shoe shop and chemist would ideally stay closed off as it helps ease the flow of vehicles and that this requirement should be added.

ii. South Avenue: To mark 5m parking bays in existing parking zone and create 3 further spaces between South Lane & High Street.

iii. Manor Road: Designate 5m parking bays in existing parking zone on south side.

iv. Cuckfield Road: A) Move 30mph signs 70m north, at the north end. B) Single yellow lines where there are no double yellow lines (DYL) at 4 locations. Cllr Trumble reminded the Group that the intention was to move parking to both sides of the road to give drivers heading north more opportunities for a right of way occasionally. Zig-zags had been discussed. C) Possible mini roundabout and DYL at Iden Hurst junction. The traffic surveys were not completed. They will be carried out when traffic levels are back to normal (currently at approx. 70%).

v. College Lane/Malthouse Lane: Create 30mph zone between the College and south to the houses and put a white line in the middle of Malthouse Lane on the left hand bend (going northwards) north of the College: Richard explained that there were not 30mph signs along the length of College Lane as that would indicate to drivers that it is safe to drive at 30mph along the full length of the road. So where “de-restricted” areas are left, the Highway Authority has not set a speed limit and it places the emphasis on the driver to drive safely according to the conditions of the lane. College Lane/Malthouse Lane is a quiet country lane with lots of hazards, so in some places much less than 30mph would be safer. Cllr Dennis and Paul Jackson Cole will investigate the possibility of advisory speeds on the sharp bends. If it was decided to incorporate into the existing 30mph zone the short section of College Lane that is currently derestricted, repeater 30mph signs could also be considered. Cllr Llewellyn thanked Richard for the explanation which was very helpful.

vi. Brighton Road: Double yellow lines to create parking restriction/pull in bay on east side of say 20m some 30m north of entrance to Washbrooks Farm.

vii. Reeds Lane, Sayers Common: A) Extend double yellow lines at London Road end for 20m. B) Use double yellow lines to create pull in zone 20m on south side. C) Access only 7.5 tonne signs at London Road end.

viii. London Road, Sayers Common: Pedestrian crossing over London Road near Community Shop and cycle lanes.

Any changes to Traffic Regulations Orders require three weeks of consultation and operate on an ‘objections’ basis. If there are no more than 5 objections, the scheme proceeds otherwise it gets debated. It was agreed that information would be provided to residents on what was planned, rather than re-consult on each item.

6. Other updates:

i. Speed Indicator Device (SID): The Parish Council had purchased a Stocksigns Message Maker Sign of its own and will produce an implementation plan that includes proposals for locations for its use, interrogation of the data and a publicity plan for the general public. Richard advised speaking to the Traffic Officer who will visit and advise on locations and issue a free S115 licence so we can install it at the agreed locations. Blank posts are currently available for any extra sites required.

ii. Review of Additional 30 mph Signs on Wickham Hill: The additional signage, paid for by residents, on Wickham Hill had been installed successfully. The Police speed checks have also helped. The SID may also help change drivers behaviour.

iii. Directional Signs for Court Bushes Community Hub: Richard will speak with colleagues about the new white signs to direct people to Court Bushes Community Hub or Recreation Ground. There were signs at the Willow Way entrance for the Recreation Ground until that road was realigned some 20 years ago.

iv. Marchants Close No Through Road Sign: Richard will investigate the request for a large ‘no through road’ sign for Marchants Close due to new traffic trying to access Bramble Park which is not possible.

v. Hurst College 20mph signs: The Group noted the aspiration of Hurstpierpoint College to have a 20 mph zone/signs on College Lane. Richard has been advising them to commission a consultant.

vi. Nationwide Bank on High Street: Cllr Llewellyn repeated the need for the large road sign to be cleaned. Cllr Dennis will ask Tim Boxall.

vii. Review of Conflicts on New Way Lane: The impacts on verges and hedge rows have been detrimental due to increased usage. Passing places are also being parked in. Cllr Trumble suggested a car park at the Clayton end of the lane or the Vineyard might consider providing spaces and charge for parking. Cllr Dennis supports a ‘clear way’ sign with signage at each passing place stating “No Parking”, which will be considered. The Police could then enforce it. Richard agreed to investigate a temporary (18 month) clearway order covering the entire length of New Way Lane.

viii. BOVIS Traffic Survey for Bramble Park on Cuckfield Road: As mentioned under 5(iv)C – MSDC’s Planning Officer will ensure the BOVIS Traffic Survey on Iden Hurst/Cuckfield Road will be completed in due course. Cllr Dennis reported the Iden Hurst footway over the “causeway” into the new development is crumbling in places and missing outside No 32. Tim Boxall is speaking with BOVIS and Cllr Dennis will forward the email on the subject to Cllr Llewellyn. Richard explained the Section 38 Agreement will contain exactly who has adopted responsibility for each area of the road, footways and culverts.

ix. A2300 upgrade: Good progress is being made although the time scales have been affected by changes in personnel. Completion is now due at the end of Autumn 2021 (rather than Spring 2021). Work is about to start on the connection to Jane Murray Way using the same contractor.

x. DPD Depot, Cuckfield Road: Cllr Trumble offered to speak to the Depot Manager to help reduce the number of left turns into the village. All companies on site to be included not just the DPD firm.

xi. College Lane (Southern Section): MSDC’s Drainage Officer had intended to serve notice on the land owner where the road was flooding but there was confusion over the exact location which needs correcting. It is the ditch on the west side of College Lane that needs clearing. Cllr Dennis is also looking at a flooding issue on Malthouse Lane.

7. Date of Next Meeting: The next meeting is at 3pm on Monday 14 June 2021.

Annex A – Update from Andy Mouland