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Hurstpierpoint & Sayers Common
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Hurstpierpoint Highways & Cycleways Joint Council Working Group

At 2.00pm Monday 8th June 2020 via Zoom Video Conferencing




Peter Griffiths (H&SCPC Member)

Stephen Hand (H&SCPC Member)

Julia Shorrocks (H&SCPC Member)

Sarah Groom (H&SCPC: Clerk to the Council)

Joy Dennis (WSCC Member)

Richard Speller (WSCC Highways: Area Manager Highways (Eastern)

1. Apologies for absence and declarations of interest: Apologies for absence were received from Cllr Malcolm Llewellyn (H&SCPC), Cllr Colin Trumble (MSDC) and Andy Mouland (WSCC Highways: Senior Local Transport Improvements Officer). There were no declarations of interest.

2. Minutes of the meeting of 28 October 2019: To receive and accept the minutes. The minutes of the meeting of 28 October 2019 were agreed and accepted. The matters arising which weren’t on the main agenda were:

i) The Community Highway Scheme: The scheme was turned down by the WSCC moderator as they understood that the Parish was intending to self fund. Section 106 money has been identified and MSDC need to confirm the money is available for this use. Cllr Dennis will follow up with the MSDC Infrastructure Officer, Elizabeth Lancaster.

ACTION: Cllr Dennis will kindly speak to the MSDC infrastructure Officer regarding the Section 106 funding earmarked for Traffic Issues in the parish.

ii) Stonepound Crossroads Cats Eyes: Now the junction has moved and the lanes have changed, some original cats eyes remain in the wrong place and there are concerns that this is unsafe for road users especially cyclists. Richard Speller presumed that these were intended to have been removed as part of the works.

ACTION: Cllr Dennis will kindly follow this up to ensure the cats eyes are removed.

iii) High Street: The repair and refixing of the Hurstpierpoint High Street kerb stones, which were not bedded in concrete originally, are included in a maintenance contract so there are no extra costs each time they are repaired.

3. A2300 upgrade and impact on surrounding lanes: Cllr Dennis gave an update on the current work by WSCC on the upgrades to the A2300. Weekly progress updates are circulated by email by the Liaison Officer. There will be continual lane changes throughout the works. There is not now a formal slip road off Stairbridge Lane in to the A2300. It is a smaller give-way turn due to the safety implications of traffic driving straight out onto the road with insufficient visibility. Any more land purchased at this point would have been too restrictive on neighbouring properties. There will be no roundabout for Jobs Lane which had been requested.

Concerns that a rat-run would be created in Jobs Lane may have merit, so temporary 40mph signs have been erected to help slow traffic. Cllr Griffiths asked about the use of speed-bumps but these can only be used on illuminated roads. Andrew Griffith MP has been to view the site with Cllr Dennis and spoken to residents south of the road about their access. Horses may find the road more difficult to cross temporarily but all the bridleways will be secured and improved. Richard Speller reported good progress had been made on the ground works as the exceptionally dry weather had helped.

Cllr Dennis reported the tenders for the works to the Jane Murray Way extension and roundabout were awaited. The work at the Goddards Green Sportsman Pub is underway to create a safe crossing from pub to beer garden over the Cuckfield Road.

Cllr Lank asked about the left hand turn out of the Hub (where the DPD Depot is located) into Cuckfield Road and Cllr Dennis said this matter had been referred to Cllr Trumble to organise a meeting with the business park companies. Vehicles turning left and heading into Hurstpierpoint cannot be stopped but a new highway scheme (CHS) could be proposed. Vehicles may think it is a shortcut but they soon find the village roads too difficult to navigate. The weight restrictions are not enforced. Signage at the exit from the business park needs to reinforce the no left turn message to drivers.

4. Proposed cycle routes from Hurstpierpoint village to the new community recreation facilities and The Triangle. An update from Andy Mouland on the Sayers Common to Downlands School cycle route was provided. Colleagues will be undertaking stakeholder consultation this year following the completion of preliminary design work in late 2019/20. Following the stakeholder consultation, the ambition would be to progress to the detailed design phase.

5.Repairs throughout Hurstpierpoint High Street: Richard Speller and Sarah Groom had just attended a meeting to discuss the safe reopening of high streets with regards to any temporary changes to the road or pavement layout needed to assist with social distancing measures. The parish council will assess this on 10 June and WSCC can attend site visits after that if needed. Cllr Shorrocks reported the poor surface outside the Nationwide Bank. Any concerns should still be reported in the usual way. Supplies of some asphalt had been delayed during lock-down.

6. Issues raised by residents: The Group considered matters raised by residents, as follows:

i) Speeding: Residents of Wickham Hill have expressed concerns about speeding. Cllr Lank and Cllr Dennis met with the residents via Zoom and discussed the actions taken to date. Notes of the meeting were taken. Although the residents had wanted repeater 30 signs on lamp posts this was not permitted by WSCC. A 30mph circle painted in the road was requested instead. Richard Speller recommended SLOW signs as a better alternative. (NB There is already such a sign at the top of the hill). A further alternative of “30mph” signs on the Village Gateway signs has also been suggested, and may be the best option. A speed indicator device (SID) was effective and Cllr Dennis suggested the parish council consider purchasing their own. The residents had been happy to see the Police speed guns out on Saturday morning. New cycle lanes would also help slow traffic if and when they are planned for.

ii) MSDC Parking enforcement had resumed: Cllr Shorrocks wanted the white Mercedes that parks on the verge at the flats reported.

iii) Sayers Common Speeding: Sussex Police and a community speed watch team were monitoring speeds at Sayers Common in recent weeks.

7. MSDC’s Burgess Hill Place and Connectivity Programme Consultation: A public engagement programme is running until 25 June 2020 regarding Burgess Hill schemes that include town-wide green links. This includes two links to Malthouse Lane near Tesco and one to Gatehouse Lane. The original Steering Group had been

very useful but had not apparently met since Homes England took over the Northern Arc issue and Cllr Dennis will check the date of the next meeting. Any comments by Parish Councillors should be sent back to the Clerk by 15 June 2020 for submission before the deadline.

ACTION: The Clerk will acknowledge receipt of the consultation and submit any comments by the 15th June.

8. Latchets Lane Footpath: The drainage repairs for the Latchets Lane foot path are being programmed in by the WSCC Rights of Way Team. Although the surface will be made good this project does not incorporate upgrading the footpath to a cycle way at this stage.

The meeting finished at 3.30pm.