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Minutes of the Highways & Cycleways Joint Council Working Group

Held at 3.00pm on Monday 14 June 2021 via Teams Video Conferencing


Tony Lank (H&SC PC) – Chair of Meeting

Malcolm Llewellyn (H&SC PC)

Julia Shorrocks (H&SC PC)

Joy Dennis (WSCC Member)

Nick De Sousa (WSCC Highways: Assistant Highways Manager East Team)

Sarah Groom (H&SC PC: Clerk to the Council)

1. Apologies for absence: Apologies for absence were received and accepted from Colin Trumble (MSDC Member) and Richard Speller (WSCC Highways: Area Manager Highways (Eastern).

2. Terms of Reference: It was noted by all that at the last Parish Council meeting it was agreed to add the remit of footpaths into this Working Group, should matters arise that need discussing.

3. Minutes of the meeting of 19 April 2021: The minutes of the meeting of 19 April 2021 were agreed and accepted.

4. Place & Connectivity Programme and proposed cycle routes: In the absence of Andy Mouland, the Working Group had not been provided with update from him. The Group discussed the following:

i. Connection in the north of the parish to Hurstpierpoint village and Sayers Common:

Cllr Dennis was meeting Paul Jackson Cole on 15 June 2021 and will discuss how the parish’s villages could link to the new leisure facilities being provided as part of the northern arc development. There are four options that have not yet been shared with the Parish Council but which it would like sight off in order to contribute to the decision made.

ii. The east/west cycle route from Sayers Common via Albourne, Hurstpierpoint and to Hassocks:

There had been no further communication from Andy Mouland following the last meeting. Cllr Dennis was due to meet with Andy and will provide an update. Cllr Llewellyn had shared initial comments/concerns with Andy’s team over their preferred routes through Hurstpierpoint that appeared to have been overlooked and he was concerned that he had read the work was due to be commissioned in September. Those comments and concerns had been provided via Cllr Dennis as the Parish Council was not directly consulted on the proposals. It is acknowledged by all that the formal cycle path could not run through the High Street. Cllr Llewellyn reported that the Hurst ReThink group have shared the results of their recent cycleway survey. He added that by keeping the Parish Council informed we can help channel the message.

ACTION: Cllr Dennis would send a briefing note, updating the meeting on the progress associated with these two projects, which would be circulated with the minutes.

5. Community Highway Scheme (CHS): The Clerk confirmed that following discussions with MSDC’s S106 Office and Richard Speller, she had submitted the CHS on-line to WSCC on 2 June 2021. Cllr Lank reminded the meeting that a previous version had been submitted in 2019 and scored 44 points. This took the scheme above the critical 40 points cut-off, although the application had been turned down because the panel understood that we would fund the scheme from S106 funding, rather than through WSCC. The new scheme is very similar with a few tweaks and, as discussed at the previous meeting, it is intended to fund entirely through s106 monies, and to be managed and delivered by WSCC. A moderation panel will judge whether to allow the scheme to proceed. The second stage is design and costings. Cllr Dennis confirmed she was

generally supportive of the proposals which were obviously subject to the detailed study. Nick De Sousa will confirm the date of the moderation meeting and whether any additional supporting evidence was required from the Parish Council. The initial submission was a top level view only. He will consider which items may be maintenance items that could be completed sooner (this could still take 4 months) such as re-marking all the white lines through the High Street up to the mini-roundabout at Crossways. He also intended to instruct that the solid line on the east side of the “Keep Clear” outside West Furlong Lane be removed. The carriageway markers and parking bays outside the shoe shop were discussed and it was agreed a walk through the High Street would be arranged with Tony Lank, Richard Speller, Nick De Sousa and John Cunningham, Traffic Officer.

ACTION: Nick De Sousa will confirm the date of the CHS moderation meeting. (The High Street site meeting was subsequently arranged for 28 June).

6. Updates: A number of brief updates were discussed as follow:

i. Speed Indicator Device (SID): Cllr Lank reported that five locations had been agreed. The proper process was being followed for permissions and licences. Residents were being consulted where the SID may be positioned outside their property. ACTION: Nick De Sousa will provide the guidance sheet on the requirements.

ii. Directional Signs for Court Bushes Community Hub: ACTION: Nick De Sousa agreed to pursue two signs off the Cuckfield Road (within four months) and the Parish Council will provide the third.

iii. Marchants Close No Through Road Sign: Richard was previously going to investigate the large ‘no through road’ sign for Marchants Close due to new traffic trying to access Bramble Park which is not possible. Nick De Sousa said this fell outside the remit of the WSCC’s 2019 directive. It was pointed out by the H&SC PC Cllrs that the very small no through road sign attached to the street name sign is obscured by parked vehicles and does not satisfy the requirement.

iv. Review of Conflicts on New Way Lane: Richard previously agreed to investigate a temporary (18 month) clearway order covering the entire length of New Way Lane. This proposal had been superseded following a review by WSCC. ACTION: Latest update to be provided by Cllr Dennis.

v. DPD Depot, Cuckfield Road: Cllr Dennis will request an update at her meeting with Paul Jackson Cole.

vi. College Lane (Southern Section): MSDC’s Drainage Officer had initially reviewed the wrong location. The correct location has been restated and all have been advised to provide photographic evidence to the MSDC Drainage Officer showing the ponding that occurs on the road after any significant rainfall.

7. Speeding on Cuckfield Road, Goddards Green: The Clerk at Ansty and Staplefield Parish Council had asked H&SC PC to join them in writing to Homes England for funding to introduce traffic calming measures. WSCC were in support of this proposal, so the Parish Council will obtain a copy of the Ansty and Staplefield Parish Council letter and agree a response (and copy in MSDC) at its next Planning and Environment Committee meeting.

ACTION: The Clerk will obtain a copy of the Ansty and Staplefield Parish Council letter and would add the item to the next P&E Committee agenda.

8. Any Other Business: Cllr Dennis also wished to raise a concern about speeding over the A23 from Albourne into Hurstpierpoint. This was a matter that had been raised in the past but as the bridge is the responsibility of Highways England, the matter had never been concluded. Parish Councillors Sampson and Griffiths had been involved.

ACTION: Cllr Dennis would speak with Cllr Peter Griffiths.

9. Date of Next Meeting: The next meeting is at 3pm on Monday 20 September 2021 using Teams