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Minutes of the Highways & Cycleways Joint Council Working Group

Held at 3.00pm on Monday 20 September 2021 via Teams Video Conferencing


Cllr Tony Lank (H&SC PC)-Chair of Meeting

Cllr Malcolm Llewellyn (H&SC PC)

Cllr Allan Brown (H&SC PC)

Cllr Bob Sampson (H&SC PC)

Cllr Joy Dennis (WSCC)

Cllr Colin Trumble (MSDC) Joined at 3.26pm

Sarah Groom (H&SC PC-Clerk to the Council)

1.  Apologies for absence: Apologies for absence were received from Cllr Julia Shorrocks, Cllr Peter Griffiths (H&SC PC), Andy Mouland & Richard Speller (WSCC Highways). 

2.  Minutes of the meeting of 14 June 2021:  The minutes of the meeting of 14 June 2021 were agreed. 

3.  Community Highway Scheme (CHS):  An update on the Community Highway Scheme was requested following its submission by the Parish Council on 2 June 2021.  A subsequent High Street site meeting with Nick de Sousa on 28 June identified a few minor amendments.  A small number of maintenance items had been completed sooner, following that meeting.  Nick De Sousa was also due to confirm the date of the CHS moderation meeting.  Cllr Dennis kindly agreed to check when this is. She is also reviewing the process to find a more effective way of reviewing CHS submissions.  Cllr Lank explained that following the constructive meeting with Nick de Sousa, a small number of revisions had been made to the scheme as per the attached updated list.  It was noted that the request from Hurstpierpoint College for traffic calming and a 20mph zone through the School had been refused.  Cllr Dennis felt this was a good example of how the system may not be working as well as it could.  Noting the College had not consulted the parish council, Cllr Dennis was intending to add consultation with the relevant parish council into the CHS process in future.  Cllr Lank asked if the process of identifying S106 funding streams could also be reviewed as this was also a very frustrating part of the process.  (Cllr Trumble joined the meeting.)

The Sayers Common London Road crossing is to be funded from the Linden Homes (Sayers Meadow) development and that money was now sitting with MSDC.  WSCC can therefore now develop the scheme and take it forward.

ACTION:  Cllr Dennis to confirm the date of the CHS moderation meeting.

4.  Place & Connectivity Programme and Proposed Cycle Routes:  In the absence of Andy Mouland, the Working Group had been provided with a very brief update from him to confirm feedback on the east west cycle route was being analysed.   The Group discussed the following:

  1. The east/west cycle route from Sayers Common via Albourne, Hurstpierpoint and to Hassocks:

A very useful site meeting had been held with Tom Collins who had re-engineered the route through St George’s Green and Hurst Meadows.  An updated design plan had been produced and Cllr Llewellyn had submitted feedback by the deadline.  The public consultation is currently being analysed.  Cllr Dennis hopes the Dale Avenue, Hassocks section will be completed first, up to Hurst Gardens but the Trinity Road/Manor Road/Albourne Road section will follow.

  1. Connection in the north of the parish to Hurstpierpoint village and Sayers Common:

A meeting is being arranged to discuss how the villages could link to the new outdoor leisure facilities being provided as part of the northern arc development.  Cllr Dennis will ask Andy Mouland to confirm when the Parish Council will be consulted.  Tom Collins had advised which route the Parish Council should take to seek support for this route through Hurst Meadows, and Cllr Dennis will confirm the details.

ACTION:  Cllr Dennis to confirm the application process for support with this project.

5. Updates:  A number of updates were discussed briefly as follow:

  1. Speed Indicator Device (SID):  Cllr Lank gave an update on the installation of the SID.  The site on Albourne road was agreed.  Permission was also granted for one post at the Players Theatre.  To ensure the SID benefited from being in the correct locations, additional temporary posts (and sleeves for them to stand in) were required and this was being followed up.
  2. Review of Conflicts on New Way Lane:  All agreed the road had been much quieter during the week if not at the weekends and no further action was required.
  3. BOVIS Traffic Survey: Cllr Lank repeated his view that without a base figure this survey would seem a waste of time and there was no point chasing for it.  The SID would provide useful data in future. 
  4. DPD Depot, Cuckfield Road: All agreed the issue seemed to be under control and no further action was required.
  5. Malthouse Lane Ditch Clearance: After recent flash flooding the road was impassible.   New traps had been installed a few years ago and Cllr Dennis would ensure these would be cleaned.
  6. College Lane (Southern Section):  MSDC’s Drainage Officer had confirmed the current arrangements are fit for purpose and councillors will be monitoring the impact when it next rains.

6. South Avenue Drainage Proposals/Trees:  Cllr Llewellyn had been looking into the current provision of drains on South Avenue and provided maps showing the location of gullies and drains on the public highway.  The black lines showed land registry parcels/ownership.  There are no gullies on the High Street end of South Avenue and when it rains all surface water sits outside Marcus Grimes.  There are gullies on the Parish Council owned sections at Lodge Cottage, the Cemetery Gates and Downsview bungalow where the road has suffered water erosion from the run-off of the Recreation Ground, play area, bowling green and Highways section of South Avenue.  The proposal is to redesign the gullies perhaps installing an ACO drain and gully trap and Richard Speller is attending site on 30 September to investigate.  Cllr Dennis suggested an Operation Watershed bid but Cllr Llewellyn felt tit was too complicated and laborious for this scheme.  (Richard Speller is also assisting with a similar Reeds Lane scheme.)

Other shared issues on South Avenue are clarifying the responsibility for the care and maintenance of the pollarded lime trees, in particular in the bank by the bowling club which shows as Parish Council ownership but is possibly part of the Highways verge responsibility.

The Parish Council is planning the re-surfacing of South Lane and Pitt Lane and would be grateful for advice on signage, traffic calming measures and the quality of the surface proposed.  Part of South Lane in front of the Old Coach House is not in Parish Council ownership but Cllr Dennis doesn’t believe this is WSCC’s either.  The Clerk had written to WSCC many months ago for clarification and had still not had a response.  Cllr Llewellyn was keen to explore enforcement of the double yellow line on Pitt Lane.  If WSCC adopted the section from the High Street to South Lane would WSCC instructed MSDC to enforce them?  Cllr Dennis will consider this.

ACTION:  Cllr Dennis will consider whether WSCC could adopt the section of Pitt Lane from the High Street to South Lane and instruct MSDC to enforce the double yellow lines.

7. WSCC Draft Transport Plan Consultation: Cllr Dennis explained it was a high level strategic document and the County welcomed the views of the Parish Council.  The Parish Council would be discussing it at its meeting on 23 September.

8. Parish Action Plan: The Parish Councillors ran through the Working Group’s items on the Action Plan and agreed updates as follows: 

ItemUpdate to be Added to the Plan
20 & 27(20) Continue the Parish Council’s efforts to alleviate car parking problems in Hurstpierpoint & (27) Strong efforts will be made to identify a suitable site for off-street parking, within a 5-minute walk of the High Street, Hurstpierpoint.  Actions to be merged.  Update Sept 2021: The Parish Council is still looking for a new car park but there is no obvious location.
21The Highway Authority shall be encouraged to identify and implement ‘Quiet Lanes’ to reduce vehicular speeds and encourage shared space between vehicles, pedestrians, cyclists and equestrians.  The Clerk to re-confirm the list with Cllr Evans and include as feedback feedback to the WSCC Draft Transport Plan consultation.
22Safety of road and footway users in our rural Parish is of paramount importance and this factor will be core to the detailed policies contained in the Neighbourhood Plan.  Ongoing.  Update Sept 2021: Advice given to MSDC to improve Little Park Farm development’s Transport Plan to safeguard road users around St Lawrence Primary.
23Cuckfield Road: A scheme to manage traffic speeds and parking in Cuckfield Road, between Chalkers Lane and the High Street, will be introduced as part of the housing developments at Little Park and Chalkers Lane.  This scheme remains part of the CHS. The Bovis traffic survey is still being pursued by MSDC.  (Cllr Trumble believes there is a base point for the survey from the developers planning application.)
24College Lane, Hurst Wickham: A scheme to manage traffic congestion, pedestrian safety and parking will be investigated and where practicable implemented.  Update Sept 2021:  30mph scheme included in CHS.
25Goddards Green: Support will be given for a traffic management scheme to be introduced to prevent additional traffic from the Burgess Hill Northern Arc development (DPD Depot), and the proposed Business Park at Goddards Green on the A2300, from using Cuckfield Road and Malthouse Lane.  Update Sept 2021:  The PC has pressed very hard with WSCC so all HGVs turn right out of the Depot.  Positive outcome and will be monitored.  Agreed at 20/9/21 WG no further action required at this time.
26Minor Roads: Schemes will be introduced to improve safety on those roads that are co-used by vehicles, pedestrians, cyclists and horse-riders.  Ongoing:  Update Sept 2021: New Way Lane was investigated during lock-down due to increase in conflicts.  Agreed at 20/9/21 WG no further action required at this time.
27Delete – merged with action 20 above.
28Albourne to Hassocks Cycle Route: Provision of safe cycle route, in conjunction with adjoining parishes. Ongoing.  Update: Sept 2021.  Hurst Meadows section reviewed.  Additional route to be added – north of the village to the triangle via Hurst Meadows.

ACTION:  The Clerk will update the Parish Action Plan for recommendation to Council.

9. Date of Next Meeting: The Clerk will circulate the following dates to check availability for the next meeting using Teams, at 3pm on either:

Monday 8 November or Monday 15 November 2021.  It is vital Nick de Sousa and Andy Mouland attend.