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Minutes of the Highways, Cycleways & Footpaths Joint Council Working Group

Held at 3.00pm on Monday 22 November 2021 via Teams Video Conferencing


Cllr Tony Lank (H&SC PC) Chair                                             Cllr Julia Shorrocks (H&SC PC)

Cllr Malcolm Llewellyn (H&SC PC)                                       Cllr Allan Brown (H&SC PC)

Cllr Joy Dennis (WSCC)                                                             Richard Speller (WSCC Highways)

Andy Mouland (WSCC Highways)                                        Thomas Collins (WSCC Highways)

Sarah Groom (H&SC PC-Clerk to the Council)

1.  Apologies for absence: Apologies for absence were received from Cllr Bob Sampson (H&SC PC), Cllr Colin Trumble (MSDC) and Nick de Sousa (WSCC Highways).

The Chair paid tribute to the late Cllr Peter Griffiths (H&SC PC) who sadly passed away last week.  Peter had been a member of the Working Group, although had been unable to attend in recent months. He had made significant contributions to the work of the Group and was a previous WSCC Cllr and a serving Parish Cllr.

2.  Minutes of the meeting of 20 September 2021:  The minutes of the meeting of 20 September 2021 were agreed, with one amendment to 4i which should read Hurst Meadows instead of Hurst Gardens. 

3.  Cycle Routes:  With agreement, the Chairbrought forward the Cycle Routes agenda item as Andy Mouland and Thomas Collins were both present. 

3i)           The east/west cycle route from Sayers Common via Albourne and Hurstpierpoint to Hassocks:

Andy Mouland presented a very useful map of the links of the proposed route, which would be distributed after the meeting (attached).  Each link was explained and an update given: 

  • Link 1 (Sayers Common to Albourne) was not yet designed but it was envisaged there would be a shared footway/cycleway off the road for these links when it is designed in 2022/23.
  • Link 2 (Albourne to Hurstpierpoint) will be designed in 2022/23 and will need to conform to the LTN120 design guide. It includes raising the parapets on the A23 bridge and this scheme is expected to cost £1.5m.  Funding is not yet identified.
  • Link 3a to 3b (Hurstpierpoint High Street) remains available for those cyclists that wish to use it, but would not form part of the formal Cycle Route.
  • Link 3.5 (St George’s Green/Hurst Meadows) had been re-designed following Parish Council input to avoid a route through the Millennium Garden, which is well used by young children.  The route through Trinity Road to Manor Road was another area of key concern due to the proposed parking outside the Primary School which is gridlocked every morning and afternoon.  WSCC confirmed this route was still being looked at.  The Parish Council was concerned about keeping the public on board if links of a route are confirmed before adjoining links are agreed.
  • Link 4 was a major concern for the Parish Council due to the dangerous Randiddles Corner.  Thomas Collins will send the Parish Council his observations.  The Parish Council’s preferred route is College Lane/Highfield Drive and then the St George’s Lane twitten to St George’s Green.
  • Links 5 & 6 could take the form of signage and line painting on Wickham Hill and Hassocks Road the centre line removed, so motorists recognise they are sharing the road with the cyclists. 
  • Link 7 has been completed.  The work to deliver Links 8a and 8b and 9 from Stonepound Crossroads to Dale Avenue, Hassocks and that part of Link 3.5 around the Millenium Garden would take place in financial year 2022/2023.

ACTIONS:  Andy Mouland to provide a copy of the east/west route plan.  Thomas Collins to share his comments on Link 4 (Randiddles Corner).

3ii)          Connection from the centre of Hurstpierpoint north to the Triangle Leisure Centre and Tescos:

  • The WSCC “Growth Team” are working with MSDC on Phase 2 of the Place and Connectivity Programme for 2022/23 and 2023/24, which this falls under. 
  • There will be a WSCC Member Steering Group meeting in January 2022 which Cllr Dennis will be present at and will kindly represent the Parish Council’s views. 
  • A plan had been circulated that illustrated a potential route across Hurst Meadows from the north west corner of the Millennium Garden to Bramble Park/the south east corner of Iden Hurst.  This will now be sent to Nick Scott at WSCC Public Rights of Way.  The land is owned by the Parish Council, except for the shared link of the existing PRoW FP63Hu, but support would be required to find the most cost effective design solution and to secure permissions.  Richard Speller suggested various options of complexity from a permissive path, to an adopted public right of way, through to a cycleway which is adopted by WSCC as part of the Highway network (Section 38 Notice).  Cllr Llewellyn confirmed the Bramble Park paths will not be adopted by WSCC.  If wishing to pursue a S38, Andy Howard would be able to provide advice on the process and fees applicable.  Required standards are set out on the WSCC website (CHS pages) and Nick de Sousa could advise on suitable design companies.

ACTION:  The Clerk to send the proposed route through Hurst Meadows (north/south) to Nick Scott (Public Rights of Way).

4.  Community Highway Scheme (CHS):  An update on the Community Highway Scheme was requested following its submission by the Parish Council on 2 June 2021.  Amendments had been made since the submitted version.  The moderation meeting had been held and the outcome would be announced soon.  Richard Speller confirmed he was happy to meet Council Representatives to discuss the further amendments and progressing the scheme once the outcome was known.

 ACTION:  Outcome of CHS moderation meeting to be announced by WSCC.

5. South Avenue, South Lane and Pitt Lane:  Cllr Llewellyn had met with Richard Speller on site and established that the double yellow lines on Pitt Lane had been marked by the Parish Council many years ago without a corresponding Traffic Regulation Order to allow enforcement.  A contractor has now been appointed by the Parish Council to resurface Pitt Lane and South Lane and a TRO will be sought for Pitt Lane, so future compliant DYL’s can be enforced.  MSDC will need to support this proposal so Claire Onslow should be consulted, and it should be added to the CHS.

A very positive meeting was held with the resurfacing contractor and residents offered very positive feedback on the plans.  Richard Speller was thanked for reviewing the proposals and had confirmed the Parish Council could resurface South Lane outside the Old Coach House which is not owned by the Parish Council.

WSCC had confirmed it was responsible for the trees on the verges along the east side of South Avenue  plus those on the western side below the bowling green and the entrance to South Lodge Cottage,  the owner of which will need to submit a Section 278 Notice to WSCC to make a connection to the Highways drainage system and enhance the drainage off the Recreation Ground.

ACTION:  The Parish Council will consult MSDC Car Parking to enquire whether they would enforce the double yellow lines if a TRO was established.

6. Updates:  A number of updates were discussed briefly as follows:

  1. Speed Indicator Device (SID):  Cllr Lank gave an update on the installation of the SID.  It had been on Albourne Road and initial data has been downloaded (attached).  Extra posts and collars had been difficult to source and very expensive.  SID likely to be moved next to the post outside the Players Theatre. 
  2. Signage to Court Bushes Community Hub:  A follow up from Nick de Sousa was requested.
  3. A large ‘No Through Road’ T sign was still wanted for Marchants Close. The Parish Council may be able to fund it.
  4. BOVIS Traffic Survey: Cllr Trumble was kindly following up on this matter.

ACTIONS:  The Clerk to circulate the SID data.  Nick de Sousa to follow up on Court Bushes and Marchants Close signage.

7. Date of Next Meeting: The date of the next meeting will be confirmed once the outcome of the Community Highways Scheme application is known.