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Hurstpierpoint Highways & Cycleways Joint Councils Working Group

MINUTES of the meeting held at 3pm Monday 28th October 2019 at the Village Centre, Hurstpierpoint BN6 9UY.



Joy Dennis (WSCC Member)

Richard Speller (WSCC Highways officer)

Stephen Hand (HP&SCPC Member)

               Peter Griffiths (HP&SCPC Member)

               Julia Shorrocks (HP&SCPC Member)

               Malcolm Llewellyn (HP&SCPC Member)

In attendance:


1.  Apologies for absence and declarations of interest: The Working Group received the following apologies for absence: Andy Mouland (Transport Improvements Officer WSCC).There were no declarations of interest.

2.  Minutes of the meeting of 9 April 2019:  The minutes were received and accepted.  (MINUTES of the meeting 9 April 2019). It was agreed there is no necessity to have a representative from Hurstpierpiont Traders on the Working Group, given their involvement on the Community Engagement Committee.

3.  Community Highway Scheme (CHS):  The meeting received an update on progress of the CHS, as agreed at the meeting of 9 April 2019.  The process would then be as follows:

(1)  Richard Speller to present scheme to WSCC Moderation team – 1 November 2019. Once passed the scheme will go onto WSCC Annual Delivery plan for 2020/2021.

(2)  Parish Council can part fund, which would involve any contractor obtaining a Highways Licence.

(3)  Parish Council would need to initiate a public consultation period of three weeks. If less than 5 objections received scheme can be approved, more than 5, the scheme would need to go to CLC for a decision. Next CLC meeting is February 2020.

(4) WSCC can recommend designers that can also manage a public consultation.

4.  A2300 upgrade – impact on surrounding lanes:  Cllr Dennis (WSCC) reported to the meeting: 

Formal approval for the upgrade is expected. Discussions taking place around permanent solutions for access to/from the lanes – Jobs, Stairbridge, Bishopstone and Pookbourne. TRO already issued for some restrictions. TTRO issued, as part of developer plans, for Jobs/Bishopstone Lane – access only to prevent usage as a ‘rat-run’. Bolney & Ansty Parish Councils to monitor traffic/speeding issues around Cuckfield Road northbound.

Cuckfield Road/Gatehouse Lane junction (Sportsman Pub) – Cllr Llewellyn raised the issue of there being no refuge area on the north side of the junction.

Cllr Dennis to investigate permanent solutions to prevent HGV’s turning left out of the Business Park. Junction engineering currently allows this to happen.

Cllr Dennis to provide feedback responses to complaints received regarding vegetation removal. Three oak trees have been saved. Balancing pond to be enlarged.

Quiet Lanes – Cllr Dennis reported that a proposal for a quiet lanes policy will go to next County meeting. Quiet lanes designation is currently outlined in the neighbourhood plan. She is investigating if this can be fed into satellite navigation systems.

5. Update on Stone Pound Crossroads work:

The committee thanked Cllr Dennis for her hard work. It was raised that the old ‘cats eyes’ are still in place at the junction. Cllr Lank requested that all signage is now removed from the site. Cllr Llewellyn raised the issue of there being no ‘keep left’ sign when travelling eastbound.

6. Proposed cycle routes from Hurstpierpoint village to the new community recreation facilities and The Triangle.

Cllr Llewellyn presented new cycle route maps, east/west through Hurstpierpoint and north/south to Burgess Hill, with three possible options for north/south.  Cllr Griffiths declared an interest in option 1. Cllr Dennis to take options to Andy Mouland & team for discussion/advice on how to make safe routes. Possible choice was a combination of routes 1 & 2 (north/south).  Cllr Dennis reported that cycle routes to the new recreation area and the Triangle are part of the Burgess Hill sustainability plan.

(ref: cyclepath routes A3 attached)

7. Repairs throughout the High Street:

Cllr Llewellyn reported that kerb stones along the High Street have been lifted by HGV’s & buses having to drive over them. Richard Speller reported they are repaired under a general contract. To embed in concrete would be too cost prohibitive. Need to report on Love West Sussex for contractor to come and inspect.

8.  Issues raised by residents:  The Group considered matters raised by residents and to agree any action, where appropriate, as follows: 

(1) Manor Gardens – Cllr Dennis reported there is no legal obstruction with parking on pavements, although inconvenient to wheelchair users. Cllr Shorrocks raised that there had been reports of tyres being slashed along Western Road, which could be connected to the parking issues.

9. Information Item:  Concerns were raised to Richard Speller regarding the proposed polo field at Naldretts Farm and the traffic issues that could result from this going ahead. It was explained that WSCC is not the planning authority.

The meeting closed at   4.50pm

Members of the Joint Group:


Stephen Hand (HP&SCPC Chairman)

Joy Dennis (WSCC Member)

Colin Trumble (MSDC Member)

Richard Speller (WSCC Highways officer)

Steve Lewsey (MSDC Parking officer)

Malcolm Llewellyn (HP&SCPC Member)

Julia Shorrocks (HP&SCPC Member)

Peter Griffiths (HP&SCPC Member)