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March 22, 2016

Traffic & Parking Working Group   

MINUTES of a meeting held at  7.30 pm Tuesday 22 March 2016 at the Village Centre, Hurstpierpoint. 


Tony Lank  (Chairman)  
Allan Brown 
Rodney Jackson 
Stephen Hand 
Barry Stokes (co-opted member) In attendance
Harriet Rumball (St Lawrence School Governor)  (to item TP15/024) 
Stephen Hoyles (CLERK to the COUNCIL) Paul Mayne (Assistant Clerk)  

TP15/022.  Apologies for absence and declarations of interest:  The following apologies for absence were received before the meeting and accepted:    Julia Shorrocks,  Peter Griffiths (WSCC  Ward Member),   Richard Speller 

(WSCC Highways).  There were no declarations of interest in accordance with the Council’s Code of Conduct.   

TP15/023.  Minutes of the meeting of the Working Group  8 December 2015:  The Minutes were approved and signed by the Chairman.   

TP15/024.  St Lawrence School Walking Zone:  The Working Group received a brief presentation by Harriet 

Rumball, a member of the School Governing Body on a possible walking zone for the children.  There are currently about 

520 children attending, of which 60% walk to school, 20% arrive by car-share or other means, and 20% by car.  The Governors are looking to encourage more walking to school and would like parents/guardians to drop the children 5 to 10 minutes walk from the school.  This would require carparking at perhaps 4 or 5  ‘nodes’ around the village.  Cars would be parked for 20  or so minutes while the parent walked their child to school, and returned to the car.  The governors wished to know how they might consult affected residents and what issues might arise.  In discussion, the Working Group  confirmed its support in principle to the proposals and suggested that the nodal points be identified.  The School could then issue letters to affected residents, advising of the proposals and seeking comments.  The Parish Council would be likely to support such proposals.  It was agreed that the School would draft a letter to residents, for comment by the Council.  The Working Group thanked Ms Rumball for her presentation.   

TP15/025.  High Street Scheme:   

  1. (1) Post scheme review:  Arrangements had been made with WSCC (as Highway Authority) to undertake an independent post-scheme review, to assess the general operation of the scheme following the changes made in August 2015.  The Working Group was reminded that the three-stage safety audits had been completed satisfactorily.  The 

Working Group were advised that a meeting had been held earlier in the day with the Working Group Chairman and Clerk, meeting Richard Speller  (WSCC Highways).  It had been agreed that WSCC would undertake a review of the operation of the High Street, to suggest any minor alterations that might improve the operation, and to identify any significant shortcomings.  The observational review would be carried out at different times of the working week, and during school term time.  Key stakeholders would be interviewed and a review of the Parish Council log of public comments (currently 47) would be undertaken.  WSCC would produce a report which would be presented to the WSCC CLC, hopefully at its meeting on 17 May 2016.  The Parish Council would have sight of the report and an opportunity to comment, before it was published.  The work would be undertaken by WSCC at no charge to the Council.  (WSCC Highways).  (Ref:  HP&SCPV email 8 January 2016  -High Street post-scheme review) 

  1. (2) High Street Economy:  The Working Group  was asked to consider the following suggestions put forward by the High Street Economy Working Group at its meeting 10 March 2016, as follows:    

High Street Economy  priority action list:   

Level 1. (to be considered for evaluation (including cost) for possible implementation as soon as possible): a) Parking signs at each entry to the Village detailing car parks. 

b) Brown Twins 3 hour parking changes and /or 3-hour carparking on South Avenue.   

The Working Group noted that, following recommendation by the Group (Minute TP15/018 meeting 8 December 2015) confirmed by Council (Minute C15/080 (3)  meeting 23 December 2015)  a request was made to MSDC to convert about 

12  long-term parking spaces to 3-hour spaces at Brown Twins carpark.  MSDC had responded by questioning the Parish Council’s carpark survey which cited a lack of long-term spaces, not short-term spaces.  The reason for the original request was that the new 20-space carpark at St Lawrence School was understood not to be fully used, and long-term demand should be transferred to that site, releasing demand at Brown Twins.  However, it was now understood that the School carpark was being utilised and the reduction of further long-term spaces was not desirable.  In light of this information the Working Group agreed to withdraw this recommendation, but then reconsidered the matter of 3-hour parking elsewhere.  It had been reported that the High Street Traders, at their meeting 25 January 2016 had pressed for the Trinity Road short-term spaces to be changed from 2 to 3-hour parking.  The Working Group expressed concern that the current arrangement of restrictions applying only until 4.00pm might have the effect of ‘blocking’ the 

spaces for the whole afternoon.  However, it was agreed that the owner/operator of the carparks, MSDC, would have to consider the implications and accordingly make other changes, such as extending the monitored period to 6.00pm.  It was therefore agreed to RECOMMEND to Council that the requested changes for Brown Twins carpark be withdrawn and that MSDC are asked to investigate changing the current 2-hour limit to 3-hour at Trinity Road carpark.   (Ref:  

MSDC email  carparking – 3 February 2016) )  

  1. c) White line cross hatching on the unloading bay outside the New Inn. 
  2. d) Modification to the ‘build-out’ in the pavement around the Mansion House steps. 
  3. e) Not applicable to this Working Group.  
  4. f) Installation of posts/bollards on sections which are prone to cars mounting the pavements. 

It was agreed that items c), d) and f) would be considered following the Post-scheme review by WSCC.   

Level 2. (to be medium term aspirations) 

  1. a) Review of High Street traffic changes as a result, and in conjunction with, the upcoming WSCC post-scheme review. 
  2. b) Review and consider all possible options for parking at the east end of the village:  Attention was drawn to the BRIEFING NOTE  which explored some previous parking options around South Avenue Recreation Ground.  (Ref:  

BRIEFING NOTE  temporary carparking 18 March 2015))   

  1. c) General enforcement issues, to include MSDC warden cover, and a community enforcement officer:  It was agreed that this was under the jurisdiction of MSDC and should be referred to them for consideration. 
  2. d) Contact police regarding HGV limit enforcement and dangerous/antisocial driving practices in the village. 

Level 3. (To be longer term items requiring research and feasibility studies) 

a) Court Bushes Park and Ride possibilities:  It was agreed that this was a major scheme involving land and operations under the jurisdiction of MSDC and which is beyond the scope of the Parish Council to progress. b) Street appearance improvements and changes. 

It was agreed to RECOMMEND to Council that the above items in Levels 1,2 and 3 are investigated, except for Level 1 – c) (enforcement issues)  and Level 3 – a)  (Park and ride scheme).   


  1. (1) That the earlier request to MSDC for short-term spaces in Brown Twins carpark is withdrawn, following advice about the satisfactory use of the St Lawrence School carpark, and that MSDC are asked to investigate changing the existing 2-hour spaces to 3-hour at Trinity Road carpark.   
  1. (2) The above items in Levels 1,2 and 3 are investigated, except for Level 2 – c) (enforcement issues)  and Level 3 – a)  (Park and ride scheme)  and Council is asked to  endorse this approach.   

The Working Group were also advised that a meeting had been held between the Clerk and Assistant Clerk and resident Mrs Dunckley earlier in the day.  Mrs Dunckley had planned a public meeting on 11 April 2016 in Hurstpierpoint to address concerns about falling trade in the High Street, which she believed was primarily due to the High Street scheme.  The clerk had explained the lengthy background and consultation process leading up to the implementation of the scheme and the other factors that were impinging on the retail trade generally.   

TP15/026.  Progress review: 

(1)  Cuckfield Road:  Further to Minute TP15/019  (Meeting 8 December 2015) the Working Group noted that pothole repair work remains to be undertaken by WSCC and that further information on the traffic management study is awaited.   (2)  Chalkers Lane:  Further to Minute TP15/019  (Meeting 8 December 2015)  the Working Group noted that the additional footpath has not yet been installed.  It was understood that WSCC were intending it to be in the Integrated Works Programme for 2017/18, which could lead to further delays.   It was agreed to explore the possibility of s106 funds being available to bring the project forward.    

There being no other business the Meeting closed at  9.08 pm.   


Members of the Working Group: 

Barry Stokes (Co-opted Group  Member)   Gill Blackburn (Co-opted Member) 
Tony Lank (HP&SCPC Member)    Stephen Hand  (HP&SCPC Member) 
Julia Shorrocks (HP&SCPC Member) Richard Speller  (WSCC Highways)   Rodney Jackson (HP&SCPC Member) 

Cc:      Members of Council 

               Peter Griffiths (MSDC District Ward Cllr)  

  District Council Ward Members 

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