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September 20, 2016

Traffic & Parking Working Group   

MINUTES of a meeting held at  7.30 pm Tuesday 20 September 2016 at the Village Centre, Hurstpierpoint. 


Tony Lank  (Chairman)  

Stephen Hand  

Rodney Jackson 

Steve Whitehead In attendance: 

Peter Griffiths (WSCC Member) 

Stephen Hoyles (CLERK to the COUNCIL) 

Paul Mayne (Assistant Clerk)  

TP16/009.  Apologies for absence and declarations of interest: The following apologies for absence from members of the Working Group were received and accepted:  Judith Marsh.  The following declarations of personal  interest were made in accordance with the Council’s Code of Conduct:  Rodney Jackson  (Item  TP16/012.  Progress review:(1)  Cuckfield Road).   

TP16/010.  Minutes of the meeting of the Working Group 7 June 2016:  The Minutes were received and accepted and signed by the Chairman.    

TP16/011.  High Street Scheme  –  Post scheme review:  The Working Group  was asked to note that the 

Strategic Policy Working Group received and considered the working draft post-scheme report received from WSCC Highways.  This Report had been requested by the Parish Council, as an independent professional highways assessment of the working of the High Street, post-scheme, and to identify any remedial works that might be required to meet the original objectives and improve public perception.  A meeting took place on 9 September 2016 with WSCC local member and the report author with MSDC local members.  At the meeting the following matters were agreed for further action and consideration:  

  1. (1) A High Street Joint Review working party is formed, comprising:  Stephen Hand (Chairman of HP&SCPC), Tony Lank 

(Chairman  of HP&SCPC Traffic Working Group),  Stephen Hoyles (Clerk),  Peter Griffiths  (WSCC Local Member), 

Richard Speller (WSCC Highways), Colin Trumble  (MSDC local Member), Anthony Watts Williams (MSDC local Member).  The objectives are to assess further evidence for possible adjustments to the High Street layout, and ensure changes are implemented.  It will next meet  on 10 October 2016.   

  1. (2) The following tasks were agreed for immediate action:   
    1. a) Cross-hatch painting on the existing loading bay area, to emphasise the Bay.  (ACTION:  WSCC) 
    2. b) Consider changes/additions to road signage, to improve understanding of traffic operation.  It was agreed that any proposals would be presented to the public before implementation. (ACTION:  WSCC/HP&SCPC) 
    3. c) Improve parking enforcement of High Street (ACTION: MSDC) 
    4. d) Complete the s278 Agreement  (ACTION:  WSCC/HP&SCPC) 
    5. e) Consider introduction of more durable  ‘knock-down’ flexible bollards to replace existing (ACTION:  WSCC) 
    6. f) Investigate temporary CCTV monitoring of High Street traffic and pedestrian movements, to gather factual evidence of issues.  (ACTION:  WSCC) 

WSCC had agreed to prepare a press release, explain the work being undertaken.  The Working Group  noted that the WSCC draft report was not yet in a form to be published, but would be presented to the WSCC CLC in due course.  It was agreed that the collection of actual data was essential, rather than placing reliance on anecdotal reports.  It was also noted that the above-mentioned tasks were now underway but it was not reasonable to set a timetable for completion, due to a number of uncertainties at this stage.  (Ref:  WSCC Southern Mid Sussex County Local Committee- Report and discussion paper – HPP Rev3  August 2016)   

TP16/012.  Progress review: 

  1. (1) Cuckfield Road:  Further to Minute TP15/019  (Meeting 8 December 2015) the Working Group noted that pothole repair work is undertaken by WSCC on a responsive basis.  It is understood that WSCC are considering a reconstruction of the road base, possibly in the year 2017/18 but this has yet to be confirmed.  The Parish Office has requested WSCC Highways to undertake a  traffic management feasibility study, in line with the Neighbourhood Plan (Aim  Transport 3 – Cuckfield Road) and in response to the requirements of the new Little Park Farm housing development.  The Working Group noted that the s106 Planning Agreement relating to the housing development at Little Park Farm  (MSDC Planning ref 14/04141) made provision for a traffic management scheme on Cuckfield Road, and also an undertaking to monitor traffic speeds on Iden Hurst.  There was some concern that the reconstruction of Cuckfield road and its traffic management scheme should be properly coordinated by WSCC.  It was therefore agreed that the Parish Council would request WSCC Highways to progress the Iden Hurst monitoring, the traffic management feasibility and the planning of the reconstruction. 

It was further noted that the WSCC ‘SID’ device had been installed on Cuckfield Road in the week commencing 12 September 2016, with the assistance of Working Group Chairman Tony Lank, and that the speed and volume data would be valuable in planning any improvements.   

  1. (2) Chalkers Lane:  Further to Minute TP15/019  (Meeting 8 December 2015)  the Working Group noted that the additional footpath has not yet been installed.  However, WSCC reported that s106 funds had been identified to undertake the work.   
  1. (3) Trinity Road carpark:  Further to Council’s decision to request an extension of waiting time at the carpark from 2 to 3 hours  (Council  28 April 2016  MinuteC15/117.4) MSDC have advised that the necessary public consultations are taking place with a closing date of 8 October 2016 and, following the regulatory processes, it was hoped that the new arrangement will be in place in late 2016.  (Ref:  MSDC email Trinity Road carpark   6 September 2016)  
  1. (4) Carpark signs:  The Working Group noted that ‘P’ signs are now in place at the site of the ‘Clifford Dann’ office in the High Street.   

TP16/013.  Other traffic and parking matters:  The Working Group was asked to note the following and agree any action to be taken:   

(1)  College Lane parking:  A request has been received from a resident asking for parking restrictions (double yellow lines) to  prevent parking close to the junction with Wickham Hill.  At present there are 3 to 5 cars frequently parked during the day on the east side of College Lane.  It was alleged that this prevents safe negotiation of the junction.  It is understood that these vehicles are related to the reconstruction of a house on Wickham Hill and therefore the problem may only be temporary.  It was noted that WSCC Highways are significantly rationing the number of TRO’s  and is suggested that they  would be unlikely to agree to additional restrictions.  It was agreed that the matter is passed to the local County Member  but no recommendation is made.   (Ref:  Email  College Lane parking  6 September 2016 – M 


(2)  The Glebe, Trinity Road:  There is continued concern about carparking on Trinity Road, opposite the entrance to the Glebe and the Health Centre.  Requests have been made by the public and the management of the Glebe to  restrict parking in this area.  It is noted that there is also considerable pressure for all-day parking around the centre of Hurstpierpoint, and further restrictions will exacerbate the demand.  It is noted that WSCC Highways are significantly rationing the number of TRO’s  and it was agreed that they  would be unlikely to agree to additional restrictions.  It was agreed that the matter is passed to the local County Member  but no recommendation is made.    (Ref:  telecom  D 

Huntley – The Glebe – 7 July 2016;  Email  14 July 2016  M Emsley)   

  1. (3) Willow Way:  A resident has  raised the matter of ‘speeding’ traffic in Willow Way, Hurstpierpoint and asked for traffic calming measures.  The request suggests speed bumps or similar.  To date no other complaints have been received and there is no data available.  It was understood that the Police have been advised and it must be assumed that they are monitoring the matter.  It was agreed that the matter is passed to the local County Member  but no recommendation is made.    (Ref:  Email Willow Way 0- 27 August 2016 – G Crossland) 
  2. (4) Additional carpark:  A resident had suggested that an additional carpark be provided on land south of the Old Rectory, Brighton Road.  The Working Group agreed that, that this represented a good location, provided that there was a realistic economic justification, but that it was understood that the owners were not willing to consider the matter.    (Ref:  Email and ltr Mt J Georgeson – 11 September 2016)   
  3. (5) High Street – resident’s parking permit:  A member of the public had requested that a resident’s parking permit be made available in the High Street (around nr 107).  The Working Group agreed that this was not a realistic proposition and would not be recommending any further action.   

There being no other business the Meeting closed at 8.25  pm.   



Members of the Working Group: 

Gill Blackburn (Co-opted Member) 

Tony Lank (HP&SCPC Member)    Stephen Hand  (HP&SCPC Member) 

Julia Shorrocks (HP&SCPC Member)   Rodney Jackson (HP&SCPC Member) 

Richard Speller  (WSCC Highways) 

Cc:      Members of Council 

               Peter Griffiths (MSDC District Ward Cllr)  

  District Council Ward Members 

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