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April 18, 2018

Hurstpierpoint Traffic & Parking Joint Councils Group   

NOTES of a meeting held at  9.00 am Wednesday 18 April 2018 at the Village Centre, Hurstpierpoint. 



Steve Whitehead (HP&SCPC Member) 

Rosemary Burns  (HP&SCPC Member) 

Stephen Hand  (HP&SCPC Chairman) 

Joy Dennis  (WSCC Member) 

Colin Trumble (MSDC Member) 

John Wilkinson (MSDC Member) 

Richard Speller (WSCC Highways officer) 

Sarah D’Arcy (co-opted: High Street Traders representative) 

Stephen Hoyles (CLERK to the PARISH COUNCIL) 

1.  Cuckfield Road:   

It was noted that the s106 Agreement for the Little Park  development required a traffic review of Cuckfield Road  after the 70th housing occupation and again at the end of the development, to assess the need for any traffic calming.  The review would be undertaken by the developer.  It was suggested that this approach was flawed and it was agreed that MSDC would investigate the s106 and planning conditions to confirm the requirements.  

              ACTION:  J Wilkinson  

Discussion took place on the merits of undertaking an earlier traffic survey.  It was suggested that WSCC could provide a traffic volume ‘loop’ for about £150 per week, to provide data.  HP&SCPC agreed to consider requesting the service.  

(Contact Colin Gasson WSCC)  

                      ACTION:  HP&SCPC 

It was noted that there were no recent record of casualties, but that anecdotal advice suggested that the road was difficult to use.  Discussion took place on the experiences of West Street, Burgess Hill, which had successfully provided for staggered parking on both sides of the road, to manage traffic flows and speeds.  This would require a WSCC TRO, for which the ration for South Mid Sussex was 3 per year.  Alternatively, HP&SCPC could make an independent TRO application, as Hassocks PC were currently doing at a cost of between £5000 and £10,000.   

It was agreed that R speller and T Lank would together walk the road and agree potential solutions to the current problems.   

            ACTION:  T Lank/ R Speller 

2.  Weald Close:   

A resident had presented to a recent Parish Council meeting the matter of damage to verges due to carparking.  It was noted that this was a frequent concern across the county, with  multiple car households and general lack  of on-street parking.  An example of a solution was  Chantonbury Road, Burgess Hill, where the verges had been partially ‘grasscreted’ to good effect.  However, no public authority was in a position to fund this type of work  for a relatively small close.  It was suggested that the residents and the local housing association could consider self-funding the paving of the verges and/or the central island area in Weald Close.  The resident would be advised of the decision.  

                      ACTION:  HP&SCPC 

  1. 3. Western Road: 

Joy Dennis raised a concern about the bend at the north end of the road, where on-street parking was reducing forward visibility.  However, it was agreed that this did not represent a sufficient priority for action.   

  1. 4. Albourne Road:   

Concerns had been raised about the poor surface condition, but it was reported that WSCC had resurfacing in its Works Programme for 2018/19. 

  1. 5. High Street:   

The Traders representative expressed concern about gridlock and poor driver attitudes.  Suggestions included the colouring of the road surface, to inform drivers that they were entering a different area, but this was considered impractical.  Discussion took place around the matter of advising drivers ‘not to enter space unless exit is clear’ and cross-hatching key areas.  The use of HGVs in the High Street was a concern, but it was confirmed that this was a police enforcement matter and not likely to be effective.  

The status of the loading bay (split between loading  (am) and carparking (pm)) was discussed and agreed that it caused confusion.  The Traders would prefer it to be loading only and hatched accordingly.  (It was noted that the split arrangement had previously been requested by the Traders, to ensure additional carparking.)  

It was agreed that investigations would be made into the ‘entry/exit’ signs and hatching, and the loading only bay.  These matters would be subject to a TRO.           

                      ACTION:  HP&SCPC 

  1. 6. Malthouse Lane:   

Concern had been expressed about the poor state of the road surface and drainage.  It was reported that there had been two fatalities in recent years which clearly raised the level of concern.  It was noted that the accidents were not thought to be due to road surface but rather to road alignment, where drivers cut across the bends and met other traffic head on  in the middle of the road.  Improving the road surface might only increase speeds and risks.  There was also concern about the possible impact of further development in Burgess Hill, increasing the use of the Lane as a rat-run.   It was agreed that WSCC would examine the current status of the road.  

                      ACTION:  WSCC 

  1. 7. Brown Twins Road:   

A resident had complained about illegal parking in the hammerhead at the end of the road.  However, it was noted that this had previously been reported to the Parish Council which had judged this not to be a priority.   

  1. 8. Sayers Common, Reeds Lane, London Road:   

The road surface condition at the northern end of London Road was very poor, and it was agreed that WSCC would 

investigate.                      ACTION:  WSCC 

There were concerns about the carparking on Reeds Lane, but agreed that no action be taken for the time being.   

  1. 9. A2300:   

Joy Dennis had sent comments on the provisional proposals for the dualling and junction improvements.  A formal public consultation was expected in August.   

  1. 10. Village Gateways:   

HP&SCPC advised that the Council had approved the brief and was intending to implement the project in the current year.  A budget of £20,000 had been provided.  It was reported that a local resident in Sayers Common had attempted to take the matter forward individually and had reportedly engaged a contractor, but had assumed the Council would fund.  However, it was agreed that the Parish Council had the authority, accountability and the budget to progrees the scheme.   

  1. 11. TRO action:   

It was agreed that HP&SCPC would consider forming a TRO Working Group to specifically address a new single  villagewide TRO to  include:  

  1. • High Street  entry/exit and hatching 
  2. • High Street  loading bay change 
  3. • Cuckfield Road  parking management 

It was noted that WSCC would consider, by exception and through its moderation panel, additional TROs beyond the South Mid Sussex ration of 3 per year.   

                    ACTION:  WSCC/HP&SCPC 

  1. 12. Removed tree  junction Trinity Road/Cuckfield Road:   

This large tree in the WSCC footway had been removed in 2017.  It was agreed that a replacement was desirable and that it was thought that Hurstpierpoint Society might fund.   

                    ACTION:  J Wilkinson 

There being no other business the Meeting closed at  10.30 am.   



Members of the Joint Group: 


Steve Whitehead (HP&SCPC Member) 

Rosemary Burns  (HP&SCPC Member) 

Stephen Hand  (HP&SCPC Chairman) 

Allan Brown (HP&SCPC  VC) 

Joy Dennis  (WSCC Member) 

Colin Trumble (MSDC Member) 

Richard Speller (WSCC Highways officer) 

Steve Lewsey  (MSDC Parking officer) 

Sarah D’Arcy (co-opted: High Street Traders representative) 

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