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February 13, 2018

Hurstpierpoint Parkland Advisory Board 

MINUTES of Meeting 7.30pm  Tuesday 13 February 2018 at the  Village Centre,  

Hurstpierpoint  BN6 9UY 


Stephen Hand – Chairman   David Evans  Malcolm Llewellyn  Claire Majsai  Stephen Hoyles (Clerk) Michael Nailard   David Brown   Tony Whitbread    Helen Brangwyn  Adrien Bischoff-Dyson  John Wilkinson  Steve Whitehead   Donna Willis   

Chairman Stephen Hand welcomed those to the meeting and explained that Claire Majsai was now attending as a Member of the Parish  Council.  In due course a replacement representative of the public would be appointed.    

PAB17/11.  Apologies for absence and declarations of interest:  The following apologies for absence had been received prior to the meeting and were accepted:  Rachel Felton, Amanda Geel, Patrick Haworth.  John Wilkinson declared an interest in item  PAB17/18  Cyclepath, in respect of the route  at Hurst Wickham.  There were no other declarations of interest.   

PAB17/12.  Minutes of the meeting of the Parkland Advisory Board  11 July 2017:  The Board received and approved the minutes.   

PAB17/13.  Family and Lifelong Learning  – opportunities for the Parkland:  The Board received a presentation by Board members Claire Majsai and Helen Brangwyn: 1.  Memorable visits to the parkland 

  1. 2. What do we want to achieve? 
    • • Greater enjoyment and knowledge of the natural world and the local countryside 
    • • Increased enjoyment of and participation in physical activity 
    • • Improved mental health through spending time outdoors  
    • • Sharing of “folk” knowledge and traditions 
    • • The parkland to be enjoyed by people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities 
    • • Feeling of “ownership” so the land will be respected and cared for by all 
  1. 3. How will we achieve this? 
  2. • Interest:   Preserve and increase “interesting features” which children find intriguing (examples elsewhere include the “horsey tree” the rough path leading to Latchetts Lane, overgrown pathways etc.) 
  3. • This will be enhanced naturally in years to come as trees are planted and grow and as more wildlife (hopefully!) moves into the area 
  4. • Accessibility:  Millennium path is a model i.e. functional way of getting from a to b, blends into landscape, suitable for buggies, wheelchairs and passable in all weathers.  Path should be around the edge (allowing for wider hedgerows?) where people currently walk not across the middle of big field.  Footpath opposite health centre should be made very accessible.  Seating area with views between area of big field between phone mast and millennium gardens to link to the above by a very accessible path/board walk.   
  5. • Events:  Co-ordinated monthly events e.g. themed nature walkabouts led by “experts”.  Fun activities aimed at particular groups e.g. elderly.  Parkrun?  Beating the Bounds? 
  6. • Schools, pre-schools and community groups:  Talk to them and existing users – how do they use it currently?  

Introduce and support settings and groups to use the parkland e.g. walkabouts for staff and group leaders.   

  1. • The Launch:   Parkland Celebration Picnic.  Family picnic with linked groups e.g. Sussex Wildlife tTust, in gazebos. Half hourly walkabouts to explore whole area (like a university open day but more fun)  
  2. • Publicity:  Regular Hurst Meadows up-dates in Village Voice and Hurstlife on social media – e.g. what’s new in, what to look out for this month. Ask users to share photos etc.   
  1. 4. Suggested ideas for Action Plan: 
  2. • Hand-drawn map of parkland (including millennium gardens) to be commissioned to be used in publicity asap  
  3. • Agree date and nature of Launch (this meeting?)  
  4. • Launch to be publicised in Hurstlife etc (using the map above) 
  5. • Programme of monthly walkabouts to be agreed to start by June 
  6. • By end of summer term members of board (C and H?!) to have spoken to key staff in all educational settings and shared maps and info (and offered walkabouts?) 
  1. 5. A Few Additional Queries:   
  2. • Is there a pathway from the new development directly into the parkland?  Safety – alternative to families walking up Cuckfield Rd from Chalkers Lane (needs to be considered when paths planned).  Pavement/path from Cuckfield Road to college planned?  The future – more land?   

PAB17/14.  Parkland Management Committee  19 October 2017 and 16 January 2018:  The Board was 

asked to note the minutes.   It was noted that the suggestion of a disabled carparking area in St Georges Green was found not to be appropriate, but that further investigations would take place for opportunities around the Bovis new housing development, as it progressed.   (REF:  Minutes of Parkland Management Committee  19 October 2017 and 16 January 2018) 

PAB17/15.  Parkland Progress Report:  The Board was asked to note the Progress Report. The Board was pleased to note the acquisition of the Little Park fields  in January 2018, and noted that the transfer of the woodland to Parish Council ownership was expected within 2 or 3 months.  The preparatory works (fencing, gates and primary paths) were complete on Highfield Drive fields, and were expected to start on Little Park fields in March 2018.   (REF:  Parkland Progress Report  6 February 2018 ) 

PAB17/16.  Community Orchard:  It was reported that with the assistance of local resident and expert Martin Sadler orders had been placed for 40 saplings in 40 indigenous species, which will be available for planting in autumn 2018.  The final location of the orchard had yet to be agreed, and previous suggestions of an area to the NW of the Little Park fields have been questioned due to access issues.  An alternative location on the Highfield Drive parkland was suggested and reference was made to the location plan.  The Board agreed that the location should be in the northern area of the east field.  An area of approximately 3500 sq m is required, or about 60 x 60 m.  Discussion took place on the layout, and the preference was for a less formal  and more spread design.  It was agreed that Martin Sadler would be invited to the next meeting of the Board, to advise on the practicalities of the layout.  In further discussion it was agreed that local residents would be consulted on the precise location, and it was noted that the orchard would be managed such that tree height was limited.  It was also noted that investigations were being made into a possible footpath access at the NE corner of the field, and this should be considered in deciding the orchard layout.  (REF:  Community Orchard  Location – Highfield  6 Feb 2018 ) 

AGREED:  The Board agreed that the location for the Community Orchard should be in the northern area of the Highfield Drive east field.    

PAB17/17.  Graphic Design of ‘Hurst Meadows’:  The Management Committee had agreed to the investigation of appointing a graphic designer to prepare sketches of Hurst Meadows, for the purposes of interpretation boards, website and other publicity.  Detailed proposals would be brought to the Board for consideration in due course, but  meanwhile the Board was asked for make suggestions for the type of displays that might be included in the brief for the designer.  In discussion, it was agreed that the design should include the Millennium Garden and St Georges Green, and that it should be a coloured vertical map, capable of development as the Hurst Meadows developed over time.   

PAB17/18.  Publicity launch:  Further to Minute PAB17/07 (Board Meeting 11 July 2017) the Board agreed to arrange a launch at end June/early July 2018.  This should not involve celebrities, but should include opportunities for local children.  A brief would be prepared for consideration.   

AGREED:  The Board agreed to a publicity launch in late June/early July 2018.   

PAB17/19.  Cyclepath network:  The Parish Council had appointed a Working Group to  investigate the introduction of a network of cyclepaths across the Parish, and linking Albourne to Hassocks.  A Cyclepath Suggestions Map  had been produced, which included a route across the Hurst Meadows parkland.  Discussion took place and it was acknowledged that there was a need for a east-west safe route across Hurstpierpoint, but that there were real  concerns about potential conflicts of use in the parkland.  It was also suggested that cycle routes could increase opportunities for motorcycle access, which was clearly undesirable.  The Board therefore agreed that the Working Group should investigate a route and proposals through the parkland which would ameliorate any potential conflicts, for further consideration.   (Ref:   Cyclepath Suggestions Map  4 January 2018 ) 

AGREED:  The Board agreed that the Cyclepath Working Group should investigate a route and proposals through the parkland which would ameliorate any potential conflicts, for further consideration.    

PAB17/19.  ‘Walkabout’  arrangements:  A further walkabout through  Highfield Drive and Little Park fields was agreed for 10.00am  Saturday 3 March 2018, meeting at the Parish Office, Trinity Road.    

There being no other business the meeting closed 9.25 pm.   


Dist:  cc:  Parish  Council Members 

Parish Council  Special groups representatives Members of the public  representatives 

Stephen Hand Patrick Howarth  (Hurstpierpoint Society) Donna Willis 

David Evans Michael Nailard (Woodland Flora + Fauna Group ) Helen Brangwyn 

Amanda Geel David Brown (St Georges Millennium Garden ) Adrien Bischoff-Dyson 

Stephen Hoyles (Clerk) Tony Whitbread  (Sussex Wildlife Trust ) Rachel Felton 

Steve Whitehead John Wilkinson  (Mid Sussex District Council 

Malcolm Llewellyn  

Claire Majsai 

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