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July 10, 2018

Hurst Meadows Advisory Board 

MINUTES of Meeting 7.30pm  Tuesday 10 July 2018 at the  Village Centre,  

Hurstpierpoint  BN6 9UY 


Stephen Hand – Chairman   David Evans   Rachel Felton    Claire Majsai  Michael Nailard   David Brown     Tony Whitbread    Helen Brangwyn   John Wilkinson  Steve Whitehead  

In attendance:   

Allan Brown  (Parish Council) 

Malcolm Llewellyn (Parish Council) 

Stephen Baldey  (Hurstpierpoint Society) 

Georgina Judd 

Stephen Hoyles (Clerk) 

The Chairman  introduced  Stephen  Baldey  (substituting for Patrick Haworth from Hurstpierpoint Society),  Malcolm Llewellyn (Parish Councillor member of the Hurst Meadows Manangement Committee), and Georgina Judd (local resident expressing interest in the Board vacancy).   

HM18/01.  Apologies for absence and declarations of interest:  The following apologies for absence had been received prior to the meeting and were accepted: Adrien Bischoff-Dyson,  Amanda Geel,  Patrick Haworth,  Donna Willis. There were no declarations of interest.   

HM18/02.  Minutes of the meeting of the Parkland Advisory Board  13 February 2018:  The Board received and approved the minutes which were then signed by the Chairman.  It was noted that the ‘walkabout’ successfully took  place  on 3 March 2018.   

HM18/03.  Hurst Meadows Management Committee meetings 20 March 2018  and 21 June 2018:  The Board noted the minutes.  (REF:  Minutes of Hurst Meadows Management Committee  20 March 2018  and 21 June 2018 ) 

HM18/04.  Hurst Meadows Progress Report No 6:  The Board noted the Progress Report.  In particular the following were considered:  

  1. (1) The allocation of  surfaced (brown) paths and mowed grass (green) paths.  It was noted that the contractor was currently on site and awaited confirmation of the allocation.  There had been a number of comments from Board and Management Committee members regarding the allocation, following the award of contract and the work  starting on site.  Different views were expressed, from the need for a good all-weather surface to facilitate prams/buggies, to the need to preserve the more natural environment.  It was agreed that two sections of brown paths in Fifteen Acres field would change from brown to green, for the time being, and the matter would be reviewed following the experiences of winter 2018/19.   

AGREED:  The allocation of brown  and green paths in Fifteen Acre field was agreed.  

  1. (2) The proposed Hurst Meadows launch:  The comments in the minutes of the Hurst Meadows Management committee (21 June 2018  Minute PA18/007) were noted, and the concerns about over-emphasising the launch were considered.  After discussion it was agreed that the launch would comprise a  series of walkabouts, each directed to sections of the community, with the first being later in September 2018 (the date to be confirmed) and directed at families.  It was noted that this would be a more effective way of ‘socialising’ the Meadows and educating the community about their existence and benefits.  Suggestions were made of using local estate agents to promote the events  on their boards, a photographic competition, and including the event in the Hurst Festival programme.  Claire Majsai, Helen Brangwyn, and Rachel Felton  agreed to arrange the first event with support from the Parish Clerk.   

AGREED:  The Hurst Meadows launch to  comprise a series of targeted walkabouts, starting September 2018.   

  1. (3) Recent grass cutting:  the recent cutting was noted and the concerns expressed that it had been too severe and damaged some wildlife habitats.  It was reported that the intention had been to  ‘top’ the dock and thistle growth to militate seed dispersion, but that the Parish Council had not been sufficiently precise in its instructions to the contractor and a more severe cut had taken place.  The possibility of raking the cuttings had been considered, but was costly  and presented the problem  of disposing of the arisings, as they would be potentially contaminated with dog waste.  It was noted that lessons had been learned and that a yearly  management plan should be devised, with appropriate input from those experts on the Board.   

AGREED:  An annual management plan would be prepared for future maintenance of the fields.   

(REF:  Parkland Progress Report 13 June 2018 ) 

HM18/05.  Comments from residents:  The Board noted the email received from a resident of College Lane, and also the comments made by members of the public attending the Hurst Meadows Management Committee (21 June 2018  Minute PA18/006) regarding privacy and alleged security issues along the boundaries of Buckwilly field.  The Board agreed that it would seek to find solutions which met some of the concerns of residents, but also preserved the purposes of the Meadows as a quiet public place.  Board supported the footpath link into the existing right of way at the NE corner, but agreed that a path route should be directed away from the eastern boundary as much as reasonably possible.  It was noted that some residents supported the footpath link as being a safer diversion from the bend on the College Lane road.  The principle of some hedge and tree planting along the boundary of the houses in Leytonfields (Highfield Drive) was also supported, for the mutual benefit of both the Meadows and the residents.   (REF:  Email  College Lane resident  13 June 2018) 

HM18/06.  Community Orchard:  The Board considered the proposals for the location and layout of the orchard.  Discussions had taken place with expert Martin Sadler, at the Management committee (Minute PA18/012) and with residents of College Lane (Management Committee  Minute PA18/006).  As a result it was intended that the orchard adopts a less formal layout and is generally open to access.  (In the initial stages the area would be temporarily fenced to protect the saplings.)   Reference was made to the layout sketch.  The matter of providing an information board, describing the history and objectives of the orchard, was raised.  (REF:  Community Orchard  Location –  5  July 2018  ) AGREED:  The Board approves the location and layout for the Community Orchard.   

HM18/07.  Graphic Design of ‘Hurst Meadows’:  The Board was asked to comment on the graphic map of Hurst Meadows.  It was intended that this map would be used for the permanent notice/interpretation boards, the website and possibly an app.  The Board noted that the field names stemmed from  historic tythe maps  and agreed that the names should be adopted.  (REF:  Graphic map of Hurst Meadows  –  June 2018 ) 

AGREED:  The Board approved the graphic map of Hurst Meadows and the historic field names.  

HM18/08.  Cyclepath network:  Further to the Board’s decisions at its meeting 13 February 2018  (Minute  PAB17/19) the Council’s Cyclepath Working Group at its meeting 19 June 2018 considered the possible route through part of the Meadows as follows:   

  1. (1) Hurst Meadows:  a route would be proposed, from Marchants Close (Hovel Field) generally following the southern boundary of  Hurst Meadows, alongside Millennium Garden, and through St Georges Green.  The length along the existing public ROW footpath  in Fifteen Acres Field  would be dual-use, but all other parts of the route would be dedicated cyclepath.  It was nevertheless acknowledged that cycle/pedestrian conflicts were likely to be few.  
  2. (2) Little Park Bovis development:  Investigations are made into confirming the north-south path alongside the western  boundary  of the development, from Hovel Filed to Tilleys Copse, as a dual-use route.  It was noted that it was not known what planning conditions applied.   

 (REF:  Cyclepath  map rev 2   8 Feb 2018)   

AGREED:  That investigations are made into the following:   

  1. (1) Hurst Meadows: from Marchants Close (Hovel Field) through to St Georges Green.   
  2. (2) Little Park Bovis development:  north-south path alongside the western  boundary of the development, for dual-use 

The Board was therefore asked to consider the possible cyclepath route as shown on the proposals map.  It was suggested that some parts of the route would be ‘dual use’  (cycle and pedestrians) but others would be principally for cycles only (or they would have assumed priority).  In discussion the Board was generally supportive of the suggestions for cyclepath routes and agreed that there could be some shared (cycles/pedestrians) along some sections.   (REF:  

Hurst Meadows Cyclepath proposals map  3 July 2018)   

AGREED:  The Board confirmed its support for the cyclepath routes, subject to clarification on matters of detail, including gates, forms of access and shared paths.   

HM18/09.  Marchants Close access:  The Board considered on the proposals for the pedestrian access from 

Marchants Close.  At the Management committee meeting 21 June 2018 it was suggested that a wider access (from 1.2m to 2.0m ) might be provided to improve passing, and the consultants had been asked to offer an alternative design, which was still awaited.  It was noted that matters to be considered were the visual impact and the impact on the designated ancient woodland, which might militate against the wider version.  Consultations were taking place with the Planning Authority Tree Officer and it was intended that a meeting with Marchants Close residents would take place, to explain the proposals, following which a formal planning application will be made. The Board supported the principles of the design  (REF:  Marchants Close boardwalk access design – PJC  20 June 2018 )   

AGREED:  The Board approves the Marchants Road access basic proposals, but with a decision on the dimensions to be considered in due course.   

HM18/10.  Waste Bins:  The Board was advised that the Management Committee had approved the installation of 6 general/dog waste bins around the Meadows, as detailed on the location plan.  It was expected that these would be installed in the autumn, with a weekly collection round.  (REF:  BRIEFING NOTE and map:  Hurst Meadows Waste bins location  27 June 2018 ) 

HM18/11.  Other matters:  

  1. (1) Trinity Road  access:  It was noted that the Parish Council were in discussion with WSCC (who owned and maintained the path) about repairs to the brick walls and providing a firm surface to the path, with a view to the Council arranging for the work to be undertaken and the cost met by WSCC.  It was reported that there were two large trees on the path and consideration should be given to their removal.   
  1. (2) Board Membership:  It was noted that the Board had been in place for two years and the Terms of Reference now required 5  non-Council members to step down, but they could offer themselves for reappointment for a further three years.  The purpose was to  provide an opportunity for members to step down and, if appropriate give opportunity to new candidates.  The appointments were in the gift of the Parish Council.  Board Members were therefore invited to offer to  step down and be considered for reappointment by contacting the Clerk.  It was further noted that there was one vacancy for a local resident, and the Council would consider applications.   

There being no other business the meeting closed   9.20 pm.   


Dist:  cc:  Parish  Council Members 

Parish Council  Special groups representatives Members of the public  representatives 

Stephen Hand Patrick Howarth  (Hurstpierpoint Society) Donna Willis 

David Evans Michael Nailard (Woodland Flora + Fauna Group ) Helen Brangwyn 

Amanda Geel David Brown (St Georges Millennium Garden ) Adrien Bischoff-Dyson 

Stephen Hoyles (Clerk) Tony Whitbread  (Sussex Wildlife Trust ) Rachel Felton 

Steve Whitehead John Wilkinson  (Mid Sussex District Council 

Malcolm Llewellyn  

Claire Majsai 

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