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Hurst Meadows Management Committee

March 20, 2018

MINUTES of a meeting of the Parkland Management Committee  held at 8.00 pm on Tuesday 20 March 2018 in the Village Centre, Hurstpierpoint. 

Committee Members present:  Allan Brown (Chairman) 

Malcolm Llewellyn 

Martin Machan 

Julia Shorrocks  

Claire Majsai 

In attendance:  


PA17/017.  Apologies for Absence and Declarations of Interest:  The following apologies for absence were received prior to the meeting and accepted: Tony Lank,  Stephen Hand.   There were no declarations of interest.   

PA17/018.  Minutes of the meetings of Parkland Management Committee  16 January 2018:  It was agreed that Claire Majsai should be recorded as being a member of the Committee.   

Minute PA17/014 (1): The matter was raised of the possible footpath access at the NE corner of the Highfleld Drive Meadows, and it was noted that this would be investigated. 

Minute PA17/014 (2):  The matter was raised of the possible height restrictors at the College Lane track entrance, and after discussion it was agreed that these would not be installed.   

The Committee then received and adopted the minutes which were then signed by the Chairman.   

PA17/019.  Adjournment for questions from the public:  There being no members of the public present the 

Committee was not required to consider whether to adjourn the Meeting in accordance with Clause 1(d) of Standing Orders.   

PA17/020.  Hurst Meadows Parkland Advisory Board – Meeting 13 February 2018:  The Committee noted the minutes of the meeting.  (REF:  Hurst Meadows Parkland Advisory Board – Minutes of Meeting 13 February 2018) 

PA17/021.  Progress Report  No 5:  The Committee considered the Progress Report.  Discussion took place on the benefits of some lengths of boundary hedge being ‘laid’ rather than allowed to grow freely.  It was agreed that the Hurst Meadows Advisory Board is asked to advise on which areas and lengths might apply.  (Ref:  BRIEFING NOTE Parkland Management Committee – Progress Report  No 5    12 March  2018  )   

RESOLVED:  The Parkland Management Committee noted progress report No 5.   

PA17/022.  Graphic Design of Hurst Meadows:  The Committee was asked to approve the appointment of a Graphic Designer to prepare a map  of the Hurst Meadows for publicity, including leaflets, website and app.  A brief had been prepared and three invitations issued and three responses received.  Quoted prices ranged from £1275 to £4950.  Taking into account value for money and appropriateness of relevant experience it was recommended that HRS Creative (Lewes) is appointed for the work.  Examples of previous work were tabled at the meeting.   (REF:  BRIEFING NOTE:  

Graphic Design of Hurst Meadows – appointment of designer:  14 February 2018) 

RESOLVED:  HRS Creative (Lewes)  is appointed as graphic designer for Hurst Meadows at a 

cost of £1,275 + VAT. 

PA17/023.  Marchants Close  boardwalk access – appointment of designer:  The Committee was asked to 

approve the appointment of a designer to prepare proposals for a timber boardwalk.  Invitations had issued to three firms and one proposal received.  The submission was from a company previously used by the Parish Council for tree surveys.  The Committee discussed the principle of the boardwalk and the matter of both pedestrian and cycle access from 

Marchants Close.  It was understood that the planning permission for the Little Park (Bovis) development required that both pedestrian and cycle access was provided.  It was also understood that the land transfer to the Parish Council provided for right of access along the farm access road, into the field. It was agreed that these matters would be investigated and where necessary confirmed.  The designer would be asked to consider whether shared cycle/pedestrian access could be provided on the boardwalk, or whether separate cycle access would be better on the farm access track.    (REF:  

BRIEFING NOTE:  Marchants Close  boardwalk access – sketch  9  March 2018) 

RESOLVED:   PJC Consultancy   is appointed as boardwalk access designer for Hurst Meadows at a cost of £1,622.90 + VAT. 

PA17/024.  Hurst Meadows publicity launch 2018:  The Committee noted the advice of the Advisory board and the initial suggestions for a publicity launch.  After discussion is was agreed that the preferred date would be Saturday 8 September 2018, and suggestions were made that the local Scouts would provide the marquee, the Sussex wildlife Trust might want to have a stall, that hourly ‘tours’ are organised around the Meadows, that a birds-of-prey display could be included.  It was agreed that the Briefing  Note would be updated and the Advisory board asked for their comments.  It was 

also suggested that a small working group of councillors/Advisory board members could undertake the organisation.   

(REF:  BRIEFING NOTE:  Hurst Meadows publicity launch 2018    March 2018) 

RESOLVED:  A publicity launch is held on 8 September 2018 and comments are sought from Hurst Meadows Parkland Advisory Board.   

PA17/025.  Other matters:  The Committee noted the following:   

  1. (1) ‘One child one tree’ initiative:  The Committee Chairman was investigating how this might be taken forward for Hurst Meadows.  
  2. (2) Dog waste bins:  It was agreed that high priority was given to siting new bins around the Meadows.  It was acknowledged that the MSDC contractor was unlikely to increase their rounds to include additional bins, and therefore the Parish Council’s waste contractor  (currently serving South Avenue Recreation Ground) might be instructed.   (3)  Committee name:  It was agreed to RECOMMEND to  Council  that the Committee name is changed to ;Hurst 

Meadows Management committee.   

RECOMMEND to Council:  The Parkland Management Committee is name-changed to Hurst Meadows Management Committee.  

There being no other business the Chairman closed the meeting at  9.16  pm    Chairman  

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