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August 16, 2018

MINUTES of a meeting of the Hurst Meadows Management Committee  held at 8.00 pm on Thursday 16 August 2018 in the Village Centre, Hurstpierpoint. 

Committee Members present:  

Malcolm Llewellyn  (Chairman) 

Stephen Hand  

Claire Majsai 

Steve Whitehead 

In attendance:  



PA18/014.  Apologies for Absence and Declarations of Interest:  The following apologies for absence were received prior to the meeting and accepted:  Allan Brown, Julia Shorrocks.  There were no declarations of interest.   

PA18/015.  Minutes of the meetings of Parkland Management Committee  21 June 2018  :  The Committee received and adopted the minutes which were then signed by the chairman.     

PA18/016.  Adjournment for questions from the public:  There being no members of the public present the Committee was not required to adjourn the Meeting in accordance with Clause 1(d) of Standing Orders.   

PA18/017.  Progress Report  No 7:  The Committee  considered the Progress Report.  It was noted that there were two or three dead trees  on the east boundary of Hovel Field, which had been noted in the recent Tree Survey but did not require early attention.  With regard to the Community Orchard, it was agreed that the local specialist would be invited to attend the November meeting of the Advisory Board.  It was also suggested that a local schoolchild could be invited to plant the first apple tree, when the contract was let for its installation.  (Ref:  BRIEFING NOTE Parkland Management Committee – Progress Report  No 7    8 August   2018)   

RESOLVED:  The progress report No 7 is noted.   

PA18/018.  Marchants Close  boardwalk access:  Further to the subject considered at the previous meeting of the Committee (Minute PA18/010) the Committee was now asked to consider the revised, widened access boardwalk.  The cost estimate for the wider version was £20,000 + VAT, and the reduced version would be a saving of about £2,000+ VAT.  It was noted that the design included a ‘kissing gate’ but that the Committee had previously asked for this not to be included, and this would be deleted.  A staggered entrance (to permit wheelchair/buggy access, but discourage motorbikes) would be provided at the Marchants Close end.   It was intended that the next steps would be to:  a) seek confirmation from the District Tree Officer that the design is acceptable;  b)  hold a meeting with nearby residents to explain the proposals (The designer had been asked to produce 3-D sketches t assist the public consultation);  c)  prepare and submit a planning application.  It was to be noted that the woodland was currently in the ownership of Bovis Homes, but that the land transfer was expected shortly.  (REF:  Boardwalk Marchants Close, general arrangement plan  2.8.2018   )  RESOLVED:  The Marchants Close Boardwalk design  is approved. 

PA18/019.  Trinity Road / Health Centre access:  The Committee was asked to confirm the arrangements for improving the access footpath.  Further to the report  to Committee (21 June 2018  Minute PA18/013)  the Committee was now asked to confirm the appointment of a contractor and the agreement with WSCC.  Quotations had been received from the Council’s retained contractors for the installation of a new footpath surface and repairs to the brick retaining wall, which met the specification set by WSCC Rights of Way department.  Following negotiation, WSCC had agreed to fund  

£4,895.83 of the cost, with the £1,000.00 balance being met from the Parish Council Hurst Meadows budget  (Code 6014).  It was noted that this work was being carried out on land owned by WSCC.  A comment was raised about the left arisings  from recent tree cutting by a neighbour.   (REF: WSCC ROW dept email 2 August 2018;  Barcombe Landscapes quotation  30 July  2018; Any Garden quotation 25 July 2018 )     


  1. (1) Barcombe Landscapes is awarded the contract for the installation of a new footpath surface at Trinity Road, at a cost  of £5,300 +VAT 
  2. (2) Any Garden   is awarded the contract for the repairs to the brickwork at the Trinity Road access, at a cost  of   £595.83 +VAT 
  3. (3) The combined cost of the works  is met by a contribution of £4,895.83 from WSCC (Rights of Way dept) and £1,000.00  from the Parish Council Hurst Meadows budget.   

PA18/020.  Buckwilly Field (Highfield Drive meadows) – additional planting:  The Committee was asked to approve additional planting on the boundary as detailed on the sketch plan.  Advice had been taken from an Advisory Board Member who has researched the details.  It was reported that the resident neighbours in Leyton Fields had been advised of the proposals, and one had objected to the hedge on the northern boundary of his property, saying that it impeded his view into  the Meadows.  However, the Committee confirmed that the purpose was also to partly shield the view of the new properties from the Meadows, so should remain, but the height would be managed, as a compromise.  The estimated cost for the purchase and planting was £1,200 + VAT and, to ensure that the items are ordered in time for winter planting, the Committee was asked to approve the expenditure not greater than this sum before a contractor is selected.  

(Budget code  6013).  (REF:  Advisory Board Member email and  31 July 2018;   Buckwilly Field  planting sketch  –  8 

August 2018 )  )   

RESOLVED:  The Buckwilly Field boundary planting plan is approved, at a cost not exceeding £1,200 + VAT.  

PA18/021.  Wilderness  and Tilleys Copse Woodland acquisition:  The Council was expected to shortly receive 

the land by way of legal transfer, together with part of the commuted sum, in accordance with the s106  Planning Agreement with Bovis Homes.  The Committee was therefore asked to confirm the proposed arrangements for the management of the woodland for consideration and comment by the Hurst Meadows Advisory Board, as follows:  

  1. (1) Woodland Zone 1 –  Wilderness:   This area between Marchants Close and Iden Hurst is ancient woodland  and includes a series of redundant ponds (thought to be former trout ponds) and significantly boggy zones.  The area also contains steep banks and some fallen and decaying trees and branches.  This is a good wildlife habitat and strong efforts should be made to conserve the existing flora and fauna.  It is therefore proposed that arrangements are made to restrict public access but allow free access by wildlife (deer, fox, badger, and smaller wildlife).  The area would therefore be fenced with post + wire but also providing tunnels for fox and badger.   
  1. (2) Woodland Zone 2 –  Tilleys Copse:   This area, north of  Iden Hurst and immediately to the east of Fairfield Recreation Ground, is also ancient woodland, but more open in nature and with less hazards at ground level.  There is also a public footpath through the middle of the woodland and it is extensively used by walkers.  It is therefore proposed that the area is not fenced, but that the footpath is clearly designated and walkers discouraged from taking other routes. Any evidence of informal paths being made through the woodland would be discouraged by the placing of broken branches and fallen trees.   

In discussion it was noted that there was a footpath connection from the NW corner of the Little Park Bovis development into  Tilleys Copse, and this should be tied into  the layout for Tilleys Copse.  It was also noted that the series  of  defunct fish ponds in the Wilderness  might be suitable for some regeneration, and that the Hurstpierpoint Flora and Fauna Woodland Group would be asked to investigate.   

(REF:  Wilderness  and Tilleys Copse Woodland  Zones  aerial map  8 August 2018) 

RESOLVED:  Hurst Meadows Advisory Board is asked to comment on the proposals for the ongoing management of the Wilderness and Tilleys Copse woodland, following its acquisition  by the Council.   

There being no other business the Chairman closed the meeting at   8.52pm  Chairman  

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