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October 18, 2018

MINUTES of a meeting of the Hurst Meadows Management Committee held at 8.00 pm on Thursday 18 October 2018 in the Village Centre, Hurstpierpoint. 

Committee Members present:  Allan Brown (Chairman) 

Malcolm Llewellyn  (Vice Chairman) 

Stephen Hand  

Claire Majsai 

Julia Shorrocks 

Steve Whitehead 

In attendance:  

Nick Sinclair Facilities Manager 

1 Member of the public 

PA18/021.  Apologies for Absence and Declarations of Interest:  There were no apologies recorded prior to the meeting and no absences.  There were no declarations of interest.   

PA18/022.  Minutes of the meetings of Parkland Management Committee 16 August 2018:  The Committee received and adopted the minutes which were then signed by the chairman.     

PA18/023.  Adjournment for questions from the public:  The Committee AGREED to adjourn the Meeting in accordance with Clause 1(d) of Standing Orders, in order to receive questions from members of the public. 

RESOLVED: The meeting is adjourned to receive questions from members of the public. 

A member of the public advised that he was a resident of Layton Fields and took an interest in the proposals for planting at Buckwilly Field.  It was stated that the residents did not want the views from their properties to be impaired and would support a scheme which reduced the amount of new planting.   

The meeting then resumed.  

PA18/024.  Progress Report No 8:  The Committee was asked to consider the Progress Report.  (Ref:  BRIEFING 

NOTE Parkland Management Committee – Progress Report No 8    11 October   2018)   

RESOLVED:  The progress report No 8 is noted with the following corrections 

4.2  ‘Herris’ security fencing is replaced with ‘Heras’ security fencing. 

4.4  The waste bin collection contract started on the 18 October 2018. 

PA18/025.  Buckwilly Field (Highfield Drive meadows) – additional planting:  Further to the decision of the Committee at its meeting 16 August 2018  (Minute PA18/020) a meeting took place 21 September 2018 with a resident representing some residents of Layton Fields, the new development backing on to Buckwilly Field.  The residents oppose the proposed planting as it would impede their views out of their gardens.  The point has been made that the proposals were in line with the planning permission, including the Rydon Homes’ plan of 2014, before the houses were built.  The Committee is therefore now asked to consider whether a compromise layout might be acceptable, whereby some planting of trees is retained, but the hedgerows limited.  (REF:  Buckwilly Field  planting sketch  v2 –  10 October  2018 ;  Extract 

Rydon Homes Design and Access Statement Apr 2014  )   

RESOLVED: The Committee AGREED a recommendation for the revised planting scheme to be considered by the Hurst Meadows Advisory Board. 

PA18/026.  Wilderness  and Tilley’s Copse Woodland acquisition:  The Council had authorised  (27 September 

2018) and the Chairman and VC have signed the transfer documents and the transfer process is in hand.  The next stage would be to install fencing and access points, as agreed by the Committee at its meeting 16 August 2018.  A risk assessment would also be undertaken to identify any trees or areas requiring remedial work.   

RESOLVED: The Committee noted the transfer progress and AGREED a review of works required and risk assessment is to be carried out after the land transfer is completed.  The specification for fencing and other preparatory works to be considered by the Committee in due course. 

PA18/027.  Hurst Meadows Income/Expenditure :  The Committee was asked to note the record of income and expenditure for Hurst Meadows.  The Committee questioned whether the a106 funds yet to be received were based on the original figures or indexed for inflation.  The matter was raised of improvements to Latchetts Lane between the Meadoes and Collage Lane, and whether funds could be taken from the Hurst Meadows budget to fund possible improvements (REF:  Inc Exp Schedule  11 October 2018) 

RESOLVED: The Committee noted the income and expenditure. 

PA18/028.  Marchants Close boardwalk access:  Further to the subject considered at the previous meeting of the 

Committee (Minute PA18/010) the Committee was now asked to consider further revisions to the access boardwalk.  This followed a meeting with the MSDC Tree Officer in September 2018 and requests for changes to the landscaping.  In addition the Tree Officer had requested an arboriculture method statement to be submitted, for which the Council’s consultant PJC had quoted £600 + VAT and it was recommended that this is accepted.  The revised drawings also 

included an artist’s impression.  It was now proposed that a meeting is arranged with residents of Marchants Close, to present the proposals, in advance of lodging a planning application.   

In discussion the matter of the type of railings was raised, and it was questioned whether they should match the post and rail fences elsewhere on the Meadows, and it was agreed that this would be investigated.  It was agreed that the ‘kissing gates’ should be removed but ‘staggered’ gates provided to allow bikes and double buggies to pass through.  The Committee agreed that the proposals would be put to the Advisory Board and to Council before presenting to local residents, preferably in December 2018.  If possible the MSDC Tree Officer would be invited to attend to support the proposals.   

The committee also noted the possible issues surrounding a planning application, the Parish Office will explore the requirements and covenants in more detail, consulting MSDC planners where appropriate.  It was suggested that that the works should not be started until the new financial year and provision shall be made in budget  2019/20.  (REF:  PJC Arboriculture Method Statement quote – 11 October 2018;  Landscape general Arrangement Plan vB ; Landscape detailed planting vA; Landscape detail vA;  Proposed landscape 3D sketch ,  all 11 October 2018) 


  1. (1) The Committee APPROVED the Marchants Close Boardwalk landscape design with the following changes: 
    1. (a) The materials for the handrails are investigated  
    2. (b) The kissing gates are removed andthe Marchants Close end of the boardwalk to include 2 staggered gates. 
    3. (2) The quotation for the arboriculture method statement from PJC for £600+VAT is accepted. 

PA18/029.  Hurst Meadows Management Plan:  A meeting took place 11 October 2018 between this Committee Chairman/Vice Chairman, Parish Office staff and three members of the Advisory Board, to establish an annual 

management plan.  The Plan would cover the routine cutting and husbandry of the grass areas, hedgerows and trees.  It is intended that this would be considered by the Advisory Board at its meeting 20 November 2018.  

RESOLVED: The Committee noted that Hurst Meadows Management Plan is currently being developed, for presentation to the Hurst Meadows Advisory Board (20 November 2018). 

PA18/030:  Other matters: 

  1. (1) The Committee noted that Buckwilly Field had not been cut this year.  It was advised that a cut would be carried out once preparatory works start on the Apple Orchard in February 2019.  
  2. (2) The Committee noted the steps to St Georges Green from Latchets Lane (St Georges Lane) were in a poor state and are treacherous when wet or muddy.  Parish Office to explore options to improve the safety of these steps, with any costs taken to Finance Committee. 
  3. (3) The Committee asked that the colour of the waste bins in the Marchants Close area is to be discussed before an order is placed.  Provision is to be put into next year’s budget to pay for 4 bins with associated collection (2 x at Marchants Close and 2 x at the entrance from Edgerley Meadow into the Little Park Development). 
  4. (4) The Committee asked that the exact alignment of the intended access gate at the northern end of Edgerly Meadow is to be established and investigation into how the Meadows and the Bovis Development integrate is carried out.   

There being no other business the Chairman closed the meeting at     8:41pm  Chairman  

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