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January 1, 2018

MINUTES of a meeting of the Hurst Meadows Management Committee held at 8.00 pm on Thursday 31 January 2019 in the Village Centre, Hurstpierpoint. 

Committee Members present:  

Malcolm Llewellyn  (Chairman for the meeting) 

Stephen Hand  

Claire Majsai 

Steve Whitehead 

In attendance:  

Stephen Hoyles – CLERK TO THE COUNCIL 

Nick Sinclair – Facilities Manager 

2 Members of the public 

PA18/031.  Apologies for Absence and Declarations of Interest:  The following  apologies for absence were received prior to the meeting and accepted:  Allan Brown, Julia Shorrocks.    In the absence of the Committee Chairman the Vice-chairman took the chair for the meeting.  There were no declarations of interest.   

PA18/032.  Minutes of the meetings of Parkland Management Committee 18 October 2018:  The Committee received and adopted the minutes which were then signed by the chairman.     

PA18/033.  Adjournment for questions from the public:  The Committee AGREED to adjourn the Meeting in accordance with Clause 1(d) of Standing Orders, in order to receive questions from members of the public. 

RESOLVED: The meeting is adjourned to receive questions from members of the public. 

A member of the public advised that he was a resident of Layton Fields and took an interest in the proposals for planting at Buckwilly Field.  It was stated that the residents did not want the views from their properties to be impaired, but were also concerned about the public viewing in, and would support a scheme which reduced the amount of new planting.   

The meeting then resumed.  

PA18/034.  Progress Report No 9:  The Committee was asked to consider the Progress Report.  A question was raised regarding the Marchants Close access and it was noted that the next step would be a pre-application meeting with  a planning officer of MSDC, followed by a public consultation and an application.  Construction was planned for autumn 2019.   (Ref:  BRIEFING NOTE Parkland Management Committee – Progress Report No 9    23 January 2019)   

PA18/035.  Hurst Meadows Advisory Board (20 November 2018):  The Committee noted the meeting and  considered the recommendations:   

PA18/035.1  Buckwilly Field planting (Minute  HM18/19):  The Board considered the proposals for new planting in the Field and noted the BRIEFING NOTE and layout plans.   The concerns of some residents in the new Layton Fields development were reported, noting that they were concerned that their views out of their properties would be interrupted by the planting.  It was noted that the Parish Council was keen to act as ‘good neighbour’ and would wish to find a compromise if possible. Discussion took  place and the Board agreed that a planting scheme was necessary, both for planning and environmental reasons, and to properly screen the new development from views form the Meadows and the College Lane Conservation Area.  It was also agreed that continuous hedgerow was important from both an aesthetic  and habitat aspect, and that it should be used to partly screen the development boundary and to nurture  flora and fauna.  It was noted that any planting would take several years to mature, during which time planting within the private  gardens would also mature  After discussion it was agreed that the proposed plan for the trees was accepted, and that a continuous hedgerow should be provided, but with sections that would be kept to below 1m in height.   The Council’s Meadows Management Plan would include provision for regular trimming.  Subsequent to the meeting a revised Planting plan (V4)  has been produced showing the hedge to  be kept below 1m high.   

The Committee noted the report from the Advisory Board and the comments earlier in this meeting and, after consideration, agreed to accept the recommendation.  It was noted that the development management company had retained a 1m wide strip of land outside the boundary fence and that any new planting should be outside this line.  It was also noted that some planting would be arranged to discourage walkers from entering the 1m strip between the new hedge and the boundary fence.   (REF:  BRIEFING NOTE:  Buckwilly Field planting  14 November 2018; Buckwilly Field planting plan  V4   23 January 2019 ).  

RESOLVED:  The new planting proposals for Buckwilly Field are adopted, that the hedgerow should be continuous, and with sections kept below 1m in height to enable some views out from the development. (Ref  Plan  23 January 2019 V4) 

PA18/035.2   Management Plan (Minute HM18/21):  The Board was asked to approve the Management Plan  for the routine annual maintenance of the meadows and woodland.  This Plan had been produced following inputs from some members of the Advisory Board, with particular skills in the conservation and management of hedgerows, grassed areas and woodland.   

The Committee noted the report from the Advisory Board and agreed that the Management Plan would be adopted to enable day-to-day management of the Meadows to proceed.  It was further agreed that the Plan  would be reviewed after 

12 months, as additional planting takes place and as some existing habitats mature and develop, and also as further proposals are offered by the Advisory board.  It was understood that two members of the Board would be preparing proposals for further refinement to the Management Plan in due course.   (REF:  Hurst Meadows Management Plan 2018   –  November 2018 V2 ) 

RESOLVED:  The Hurst Meadows Management Plan (v2 November 2018) is approved.   

PA18/036.  Community Orchard – appointment of contractor:  The Committee was asked to approve the appointment of a contractor for the planting and maintenance of the 40 saplings.  The contract included hedging and temporary fencing, and weekly watering for 36 months.  Five contractors were invited to tender and two received.  The lowest tender price was £7,475 + VAT for the installation plus £1,775 + VAT for the ongoing watering.  However, the Council had applied for a water supply connection (SE Water) which, if installed would reduce this cost.  The actual figures would depend on the quotation from SE Water.  (REF: Greenscene Landscapes offer 19 December 2018)   

RESOLVED:  Greenscene Landscapes are appointed for the installation and maintenance of the community orchard at a cost of £9,250 + VAT.  

PA18/037.  Hurst Meadows Income/Expenditure :  The Committee noted the record of income and expenditure for Hurst Meadows.  The matter of improvements to drainage around the Meadows entrance at Latchetts Lane was raised and suggested that budget provision was made.  The matter would be investigated to determine the drainage requirements.   (REF:  Inc Exp Schedule  9 January 2019) 

PA18/038  New Year’s Day 2019 ‘Walkabout’:  The Committee noted the success of the walkabout, organised by Cllr Claire Majsai and Advisory Board member Helen Brangwyn, with around 80 members of the public attending.  It was understood that suggestions were made from some members of the public about a possible wooden bench to be installed at the south side of Fifteen Acre field, and also about the provision of firm paths to better facilitate wheelchairs.  These matters would be referred to the Advisory Board for their views.   

PA18/039.  Enquiries and requests:  The Committee was asked to consider the following:   

PA18/039.1   Memorial tree at Buckwilly Field:  A local resident had requested that a tree is planted in memory of a late local resident.  It had been suggested that one of the new trees in Buckwilly Field was dedicated to the individual, but the question remained of whether a memorial plaque is included.  It was agreed that the Council needed to be careful in considering such requests, as this could set a precedent for a large number of memorial plaques across the Meadows, leading to maintenance issues and perhaps affecting the character of the Meadows.  After discussion it was agreed that a memorial tree could be offered but that plaques would not be accepted.    (REF:  Resident email 8 January 2019  Planting a tree in memory.) 

There being no other business the Chairman closed the meeting at     9.08pm  Chairman  

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