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Hurst Meadows Update – Tree Cutting

March 12, 2021

Following a number of recent comments and complaints about increasing dog and cycle access into
the ancient woodland (the Wilderness), and our worries about the effect on the flora, fauna and
wildlife within the woods, it has been decided to install a post and rail fence and gate along the
southern edge of the woodland. The fence will be installed at between 2 and 3 meters from the edge
of the track leading from Marchants Close to the pedestrian entrance to the Meadows and Bramble

In order to erect the fence it has been necessary to remove a diseased willow which had partially
collapsed into the western edge of the wooded area. Having selected a contractor to carry out the
removal, we were given the chance, at short notice, to have the work carried out today (Friday 12th
March). As we are aware and concerned about this being at the start of the bird nesting period, we
asked, and received undertakings from the contractor that it was standard practice to check the area
for any sign of such nesting activity before work commenced.

Whilst acknowledging that this work is of general concern due to noise etc., we hope residents and
the people using this entrance area from Bramble Park and the Meadows will understand that our
intention is to protect the ancient woodland for the long term benefit of the community.

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