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Neighbourhood Plan Working Group

March 6, 2012

Meeting of the Neighbourhood Plan Working Group (Sub-committee)

held 7.30 pm. Tuesday 6th March  2012 at the Village Centre,  Club Suite,  Hurstpierpoint. 



Rosemary Burns 
Greg Driver
David Evans 
John Lowman
Neil Milton 
John Wilkinson

In attendance:

Jo Kearns (Deputy Clerk)

1. Apologies for absence and declarations of interest: No apologies for absence were received from members of the Working Group and no declarations of interest received in accordance with the Code of Conduct.

2.  Notes of the Meeting of the Neighbourhood Plan Working Group 6th February 2011.  

Notes of this meeting were received and accepted. 

3.  Neighbourhood Plan.

MSDC reported that on 5th March, Claire Tester from Mid Sussex District Council emailed to report that all 7 bids from Mid Sussex for the Neighbourhood Planning Frontrunner funding were successful, Hurstpierpoint included.

An additional site proposal had been received at MSDC in response to the draft District Plan consultation and should be considered therefore alongside those submissions previously submitted.  This site proposal is in Sayers Common, between the new A23 and the old A23.

The working group reiterated that its position remains unchanged – whilst the Neighbourhood Plan consultations are progressing, with public meetings, over the next few months, no further comments can be made by the Parish Council on the proposed site submissions made to the Council by the Mid Sussex District Council.

3.1 Report by Cllr J D Lowman on the Public Meeting held on Monday 20th February in the Village Centre.

The attendance at the meeting had been approximately 30 persons, plus representatives of the Council.  Mr Lowman commented further on points that were raised at the public meeting and attendees were invited to complete forms provided to give their opinions on the “Vision Statement” and the other issues within the “where we live…” leaflet, previously circulated.

3.2 Next Public Meeting – Housing Meeting 26th March 2012, Village Centre. 8.00 pm.

Current development proposals:  Update

Cllr Milton reported on a recent meeting of the Hurst Society at which it was agreed to submit to this meeting a list of additional deliverable and achievable sites which are not already in the public domain.  Hurst Society has also confirmed that they are to bring forward proposals for the possible extension of existing conservation areas and listing of additional properties.  These can be considered under issues relating to heritage at the meeting that will take place in April.

4.  Current Development Proposals: Update:  

Information has been received from MSDC concerning an initiative to help the regeneration of High Street shopping areas.  Bids are being sought for funding but within a very short timescale. It was considered that it would not be possible to meeting this timescale and that our High Street proposals were unlikely to have sufficient priority within the remit of this initiative.

RECOMMENDATION TO COUNCIL: In view of resource and timescale implications, this should not be followed up.

5.  Further matters not on agenda:   It was considered that Cllr Stokes should be asked to attend the next  meeting of this committee in order to report on the input into Section 6 of the Neighbourhood Plan concerning education, amenities, sports and culture.

There being no further business the meeting concluded at 9.00 pm.

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