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Neighbourhood Plan Working Group

October 9, 2012

NOTES of a Meeting held at 7.30 pm. Tuesday 9 October 2012 at the Village Centre,
John Lowman (Chairman) Greg Driver David Evans Stephen Hand
Judith Marsh Rodney Jackson Neil Milton John Wilkinson
In attendance:
Stephen Hoyles (CLERK to the COUNCIL)
Dale Mayhew (Dowsett Mayhew Planning consultants)

  1. Apologies for absence and declarations of interest: The following apologies were received prior to
    the meeting and accepted : Rosemary Burns. There were no declarations of interest.
  2. Minutes of the Meeting of the Neighbourhood Plan Working Group (Sub-committee) 4
    September 2012 and matters arising:
    2.1 The minutes were accepted as a true record and signed by the Chairman.
  3. Review of information: The Group noted the following:
    3.1 Meetings held: The Working Group noted that the following have taken place:
    (1) Cllrs John Wilkinson and John Lowman, and the Clerk , met representatives of Rydon homes on 5 September 2012
    to learn about their proposals for housing development and public open space.
    (2) Cllrs John Wilkinson and John Lowman, and the Clerk , met representatives of Village developments homes on 11
    September 2012 to learn about their proposals for housing development and public open space.
    (3) Cllrs John Wilkinson and John Lowman, and the Deputy Clerk , met representatives of Glenbeigh Developments
    homes on 27 September 2012 to learn about their proposals for housing development and public open space.
    (4) John Wilkinson reported that he had attended a meeting on 8 October 2012 held by the Burgess Hill action group
    opposed to the ‘Northern Arc’ development proposals. Around 120 people had attended.
    (5) The Clerk reported that he and the Planning consultant Dale Mayhew had met Claire Tester of MSDC on 9 October
    2012, to exchange information on progress. The District Plan is effectively currently on hold, pending a resolution on
    the future of the SE Plan. The District Council is currently in an exchange of views with neighbouring district and city
    authorities regarding strategic housing numbers. MSDC advised that they would be withholding £10,000 of the
    £20,000 ‘Frontrunner’ monies to fund the verification and referendum processes. The Committee were surprised and
    disappointed at this development.
    3.2 Development proposals: The Working Group was asked to note the following developments:
    (1) Kingsland Laines, Sayers Common: The application for 120 dwellings was refused permission by MSDC on 4
    October 2012.
    3.3 Other matters:
    (1) The Council Chairman advised that he had received a letter from the local Health Centre advising that the facilities
    had sufficient capacity to serve an additional 200 homes in Hurstpierpoint. The committee was also advised that a
    meeting was planned with St Lawrence School on 11 October 2012. (Ref: Mid Sussex Health Care ltr 27 September
  4. Sustainability Appraisal – Scoping Report: The Working Group was asked to consider and recommend
    the draft report for approval by Council at its meeting on 11 October 2012. The Report would be issued to the statutory
    consultees and other local interest groups, for their comments within a 6-week consultation period, ending 30
    November 2012. The Sustainability Appraisal would be based on this Scoping Report and be an ongoing collection of
    data, demonstrating the process by which Neighbourhood Plan policies are developed. It is a necessary part of the Plan
    process. Committee members were asked to identify any possible inaccuracies and advise the Clerk by 16 Octobwer
  5. (Ref: HP&SCPC Sustainability appraisal Scoping Report – Dowsett Mayhew – October 2012)
    RECOMMENDATION to COUNCIL: The Draft Scoping Report is approved for
  6. Landscape Character Assessment- draft Report: The Working Group was asked to consider the draft
    Report and to offer comments before the final version is produced. This report would form part of the evidence base
    from which the Neighourhood Plan policies are derived. It is expected that the Landscape consultant will present the
    report at the November meeting of the Working Group. Meanwhile, if Committee members have identified any
    inaccuracies, they were asked to advise the Clerk by 16 October 2012. (Ref: HP&SCPC Landscape Character
    Assessment Draft Report – October 2012 – HAD consultants)
    RESOLVED: The Committee Chairman and the Clerk would collate comments on the
    Landscape Character Assessment- draft Report and advise the consultant.
  7. Parish 2031 – Public Exhibition: The Working Group noted the content of the Public Exhibition to be held
    from 12 October 2012. The exhibition would be available for all Councillors (including District and County Ward) to
    view prior to the Council Meeting on 11 October 2012. Committee members made comments on the proposed
    questionnaire, which would be adjusted accordingly. A draft ‘hand-out’ was briefly considered and agreed that Cllrs
    John Lowman and Stephen Hand would look to refine and simplify before finalising for the start of the exhibition.
    (Ref: Draft Posters, Questionnaire and handout – Public Exhibition October 2012)
  8. Other matters:
    7.1 Parish Plan and survey of young people: The Committee was advised of a request from Community
    Affairs Committee (Meeting 27 September 2012 Minute CA204) for consideration of a survey of young people
    alongside the questionnaire at the Public Exhibition. The Committee was advised that it was not practical, and might be
    confusing, to introduce a further survey at this late stage. The Committee was also reminded that two other youth
    surveys had been undertaken in the last two years (for the Parish Plan and by the Youth Council) and there would need
    to be a clear objective in carrying out a further one . The Committee agreed that it was not appropriate to hold such a
    survey as part of the Parish 2031 process and the Community Affairs committee would be advised of this decision.
  9. Next meeting of the Working Group: 7.30pm Tuesday 6 November 2012
    The meeting closed at 9.45 pm

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